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Decadent Rome 61 Anno Domini The masters of the universe have crushed the Iceni rebellion with an iron hand slaughtering and enslaving her peopleFor Philip his existence as a captive means living to hatred He despises his rich young master resenting his life of servitude and the wrestling feats Marcus forces him to perform Bitterness engulfs his soul until he only lives for the day when he will crush the might of RomeThen Christianity enters the picture Taught by a Jewish breadmaker to know the man called Christus Philip begins the struggle to forgive and honor his master But forgiveness is not easy towards one who lives for himselfMarcus Virginius knows nothing but power and pleasure Destined to a successful career serving Nero in the Praetorian Guard he wants no part of Christianity And he is determined to crush Philip’s newfound faith – no matter what it takesJoin Philip and Marcus in their journey of redemption faith and forgiveness Is love enough to conuer hate? And will the light of the gospel ever surmount the darkness of Rome? Persecution abounds – will the two young men survive its terrors and live to experience the bright hope of a new dawn? Endorsement Alicia Willis sketches a stirring tale that delivers a powerful message of friendship forgiveness and God's grace An authentic period piece it leaves you with a greater awareness that God's ways are higher than our ways and we are on this earth for His purposes Anyone with a bend for historical fiction will thoroughly enjoy this book Definitely a moving worthwhile and edifying read Josiah Jost actorwriter with Jostie Flicks

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    Ever since I first saw the cover of this book I've been dying to read this Probably about a year later I've officially read it and while it was hard to wait I'm so glad I saved such a good book It is as good as I expected and First I want to mention the spiritual aspect of this book It is just the type of Christian fiction I wish to have in every Christian book I read I believe authors should be striving to feel their books with God honoring lessons and characters I was extremely blessed by this; by the struggle shown through Phillip and Marcus and yet their faithful stand for GodI'm certainly not a historical genius or anything but the author certainly seemed to depict the time setting very well and I could picture everything perfectly I can't say 61 AD in Rome would be my favorite time in history but it is extremely fascinating to me with the growth of the New Testament churchOhand the romance I am so glad to find such sweet non lustful romance in a book The ending I will not give it away It was wonderful in a sense while deeply emotional for me Actually the whole book brought forth many tears for me I was greatly moved by Phillips stand for the Lord and for Marcus as he struggled with the past that wished to control him Sometimes I got a little annoyed by his constant thinking of things that were before but he was very human How often we forget that when Jesus washes us with His blood our slate is cleanThis book isn't extremely violent although there were a couple scenes that a slave was flogged that made me feel his pain Including this and cleverly handled situations concerning a woman's purity I'd say this book is best for 1617 readers You will not be disappointed by this bookif you are I'm very sorry

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    Oh this book was wonderful exciting amazing inspiring and beautiful all wrapped up into one powerful story I've just discovered a new favorite book as well as a new favorite author

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    Where do I begin? From this book’s heart pounding beginning in first century Roman Britain through its conclusion in the heart of lavish and often cruel Rome the story characters and life changing themes arrested me The author skillfully weaves a tale of heart rending redemption during a time of intense depravity without resorting to sentimentality dwelling on gross graphic details or engaging in tedious moralizing There are few books that move me to tears From the Dark to the Dawn A Tale of Ancient Rome is one of themWhat did I like specifically? Well rounded defined main characters particularly the male characters who act in accord with their time periods and cultures; conversations that seem like they actually could occur; varied point of views adding flavor and perspective; historical details that enhance rather than overwhelm the story; Christ centered storytelling that asserts that Jesus is alive indeed and Lord of all; and a satisfying conclusion that fit the story Some reviewers have asserted that the book doesn’t contain enough action As a fan of historically based actionwar fiction and films I didn’t find this to be the case at all Indeed I found that Willis maintained a near perfect balance in this area The only major disappointment? That the author so finally concludes the tale with her epilogue I would have loved to read a seuel or several seuels after I came to feel so deeply involved in these characters’ livesExcellently planned beautifully executed and never contrived the story of Marcus and Philip will capture your imagination and your heart and will inspire you to greater faithfulness to the Savior of the worldFive out of five stars Highly recommended for ages 15 due to authentic slavesoldier punishmentabuse; as well as minor undetailed scenes involving realistic temptations in the Roman world debauchery etc I applaud the author for handling these themes purposefully and unflinchingly in a God honoring way If used for family reading parents could use these scenes as a jumping off point for discussing genuine Christianity and what following Christ truly entails

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    Long story short You should read this book From the Dark to the Dawn begins in 60 AD just after the rebelling Britons under ueen Boudica are defeated by Roman legionaries Philip the central character is the young son of a chieftain who is sold into slavery with the remnants of his tribe His passionate nature utterly rejects his lot but he finds his match in Marcus his young Roman master who will brook no nonsense from his slavesWhen Philip meets a Christian in Rome he learns of a powerful concept Forgiveness Could he ever learn to forgive his master for his cruelty and submit himself contentedly as a slave? Can he survive the battle of wills within his own soul? And could the love of Christ ever touch someone as hardened as Marcus?What stands out the most to me in this story is Alicia Willis's understanding of human nature Her characters are intensely relatable sometimes scarily so Philip and Marcus feel and act like real flesh and blood people with flaws ups and downs and moments of heroism that captured my imaginationThe best part of From the Dark to the Dawn is its unapologetic Christian message I think it portrays a very accurate picture of Christianity under Nero's reign when persecution was intense but the gospel spread rapidly through every class and station Thumbs up to Alicia for crafting a tale which is both enjoyable and God glorifyingThe story evidences meticulous research and gives a great feel for life during this time period I would have liked to see a little bit action but the action seuences that do exist were well written I laughed and teared up multiple times while reading which is not a common occurrence I definitely recommend this book

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    This was one of the best books I've read in awhile At first I was not captured by the story but uickly I got pulled in as Phillip had a struggle a tiny bit similar to something I've dealt with; finding a balance between submission to authority and not holding to your principles Marcus soon got me as well and I found myself having trouble putting the book down Every character was amazingly well rounded the whole plot felt very believable and so did the ending I loved how much this book really felt like it could happen The characters that come to Christ are not instantly perfect Christians they have struggles and make mistakes Even to the very end of the book characters were still growing and changing Two tiny things irritated me but they didn't take away much from the story The first was that four girls are described the exact same way and view spoiler when Marcus buys Moriah every single person thought he was doing it for the wrong reasons I wished at least Phillip who knew Marcus would trust him hide spoiler

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    This is the story of Phillip a 13 year old Iceni warrior who has just seen his tribe wiped out by Suetonius in the battle against Boudicca He is taken to Rome and sold as a slave to the house of Marcus Virginius a wealthy senators son who enjoys the decadent life that his status affords It is a battle of wills Phillip hates his life as a slave and struggles with his intense hatred of all Rome stands for Marcus is a hard loyal and spoiled son who intends on teaching Phillip who is masterAnd then in a chance meeting while Phillip is on the run he meets Daniel who tells him about Jesus What follows is life changing and in a time when Nero rules and Christianity is anathema Phillip must balance his new life against the dangers that he would certainly face if he were caught His witness will have an impact on those who know himThis book is about faith and it is the main theme of this book along with love and redemption and the ability to endure in the face of persecution The witness for Christianity was strong and the Gospel message was accurately and powerfully written I cried several times while reading it It was a very poignant and touching story The pacing was perfect the characters fleshed out and the historical information of the time was spot on This one comes highly recommended

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    Wow I loved this book I am not fond of stories about ancient Rome so at first I had a slightly hard time getting into it; but when Christianity entered the story I was hooked It was beautiful—the complex but fast moving plot the interwoven journeys of Philip and Marcus and the others the faith building prayers and teachings of the characters This is a glorious example of how fiction inspires people’s lives Each time I picked it up to read I was encouraged in my faith and in my desire to give my all to God The best kinds of books are the ones that strengthen your walk with the Lord and that you hate to put down Miss Willis writes with such passion and maturity; every Christian should read this maybe teens and older though due to content Reading about how our brethren stood despite persecution is something we today need to ponder The historic details were interesting and ample I think if had been included it might have detracted a bit from the plot and the characters felt completely realistic for their time If you like historical fiction do yourself a favor and read From the Dark to the Dawn

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    Since posting my original review I've come perhaps belatedly for which I would like to offer sincere apologies to exercise a little restraint in how and when I review books by other Christian authors Accordingly I'm withdrawing this review Feel free to contact me personally if you would like my honest opinion on this story; I'd be happy to chat

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    Age Appropriate For 15 and up for violenceBest for Ages 15 and upMy Endorsement From Darkness to the Dawn encouraged me in my own walk with God and touched my heart deeply It is not easy to read but hard to put down Emotionally difficult yet inspiring It is a book the reaches down into the depths of pain and climbs to the heights of joy It is a book that pulls the reader closer to the heart of GodI regret it has taken me so long to write this review However I didn’t want to just throw this one together I wanted to make sure my review was worthy of this incredibly awesome book that I was privileged not only to review but also endorseThis is not a typical historical fiction It does not contain frothy romance or flawless heroes This book is not a light afternoon read nor is it easily discarded It is hard gritty and inspiring tale of faith true love and redemptionThis tale starts in Britain as the Roman’s finish subduing the Britons under ueen Boudica Phillip and his father are taken as prisoners and sold to wealthy a Roman Philip is very bitter and rebellious toward Marcus and his master He begins to look for ways to escape or even kill Marcus That all changes when Phillip encounters the new religion of Christianity Phillip starts to change and his master noticesI must admit that there were times in this story when I had to take a break The Romans were a violent people and took pleasure in many pass times that would disgust even many secular American’s of today However unlike another book I read not too long ago this story did not go into so much detail that I wouldn’t want to read it However It wouldn’t be nearly as powerful without the grittiness and the harshnessPhilip was easy to like and easy to feel a connection to You see all he suffers in the beginning and the threats made against him later on because of his faith and yet he stands strong He is not perfect even as his faith grows he has moments of weakness He was a very real characterMarcus was eually real but as I am sure the author intended I really disliked him at first It took me a long time not to hate him but as I saw change in him he grew on meI have only to complaints about this book One I didn’t realize that there was a glossy of terms in the back This would have been helpful as there was a lot of terms and Latin especially in the beginning that I had no clue what they meant Two at one point in the book everyone assumes that one of that characters had bad motives for helping a girl I would have liked at least one character to acknowledged that his faith had changed him and not have assumed the worstThe romance was good and wholesome It didn’t dominate the story and that was just fine with me It added much to the story without taking over the storyFaith is not an element in this story; it is the thrust of this tale God’s message of redemption Grace and eternal life is always in the forefront Some may find this overbearing but I found it inspiring There are few authors that have the courage make their entire story about faith not just had Christianity as an element to the story I applaud Miss Willis for her courage and I am sure God will bless her and many others for her effortsI highly recommend this for older readers who want to be inspired in their faith and read a good story while doing so I received this book from Author in exchange for my honest review I was under no obligation to write a positive review The opinions in this review are entirely my own

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    This is a remarkable tale of Christianity in the midst of oppressive Ancient Rome Fiery British slave Philip and his Roman master Marcus are catapulted into the perils of serving Christ in Nero's reign amidst much suspense and emotionThe story opens with young Philip being taken as a captive to Rome He is the son of a chieftain with untamed British blood in his veins and we sympathize with his indignation at being made a slave Then as he goes through a change of heart and starts seeking to obey God persecution mounts and we sympathize again All the way through in fact the author has done an excellent job of leading readers along subtly prompting what we should think and feel changing our perspectives right along with the charactersThe story is brimming with emotions that are difficult to put down on paper and the author has successfully enabled us to feel the pain the sorrow the fury and the peace the characters experience rather than just being told about themThe characters themselves are realistic in their struggles with sin not saintly saccharine and thus are both relatable and inspiringHistorical detail and vivid descriptions transport the reader back to Ancient Rome with all of its sights sounds and smells its idolatries grandeur and temptations returning us back to real life with the glow of Italy and a mental sun tanThe Christian witness is very strong drawing the reader in before giving him a front row Gospel message as Philip experiences the truth of redemption References to Roman immorality and cruelty have been handled well but I would still advise discretion for younger teensBittersweet twists keep the story in line with the theme of the entire book that God's ways are not our ways and He can use painful events for good The simultaneous joy and sorrow presented rang true to the kind of thing that would happen in real lifeAll in all I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it as a realistic portrayal of the struggles and joys of living as a Christian