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One vow One curse One thousand moonsWhile Princess Aowyn's six brothers are favored by their father Aowyn is the jewel in her mother's crown When the ueen dies Aowyn takes a vow to protect her brothers and father from the hungry eyes of the ueen's handmaiden Ciatlllait who is than she seemsIn order to save her family Aowyn risks a dangerous deal with the dark creature Sylas Mortas But magic comes with a price and Aowyn soon realizes the one she has paid is too steepOnly true love can reverse the spellbut it will take one thousand moonsSet in a Celtic world Moonlight is the story of faith and true love woven through a breathtaking retelling of the classic folktale The Swan Princess

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    Click to Enter to win YOUR choice of eBooks by Ann Hunter Ends April 9 2014 Love determination strength of character loss loyalty and sacrifice they’re all there in this amazing fantasy novella Moonlight by Ann Hunter is filled with Celtic mythology and a strong young heroine who will win your heart within the first few pages The lone daughter of the king her brothers are far valuable to him especially after the death of her mother when she vowed to always protect her siblings at any cost When evil rears its ugly head and her brothers are cursed to be swans Aowyn makes a pact with magical creature to save them For one thousand days she may not utter a word about their existence as swans or all is forfeited Can Aowyn keep her commitment? When she finds a man who steals her heart she hesitates too long in accepting his proposal and he disappears Should she leave her brothers undefended and follow her heart or should she stay to stop the evil that has crept into her castle How does one choose between the love of family and the vows made for them and the love of a man who may be your destiny?Ann Hunter has created a fantasy world and filled it with a strong heroine who is an amazing role model for children and an endearing character for adults Magic danger death and love all dot this short yet satisfying read With her gift for writing Ann Hunter will sweep you away into a fairytale world that will steal your heart and fuel your imagination no matter what your age A wonderful escape into the fantasy of readingI received a review copy from Ann Hunter in exchange for my honest reviewPublication Date March 3 2014Publisher Afterglow ProductionsGenre Fantasy Coming of AgeNumber of Pages 122Available from

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    This fairytale examines love from every angle The characters all love someone or something and that love makes them selfless brave and patient It also makes them cruel hateful jealous and power hungry It terrifies them It makes them behave foolishly It saves them It destroys them It makes curses and breaks curses It's the most powerful force in the world Moonlight is the preuel to The Subtle Beauty but it is a stand alone novella so you don't have to read The Subtle Beauty to understand it The heroes of Moonlight Aowyn and Xander aren't afraid to take on the bad guys and stand up for what they believe Aowyn is a strong female character who can think for herself and fight just as well as the men Xander can be brash when he's with his fellow soldiers but he loves Aowyn respects her decisions and sees her as his eual Moonlight puts a new Celtic spin on the classic fairytale The Swan Princess I enjoyed reading it

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    I don't know why but as a child I never liked the swan princess film even though everyone else seem to love it Years later reading this book I realize that although I might not have loved the film I do really enjoy this story

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    I really liked this story about a young princess that has to battle an evil witch watch over her magically transformed brothers not speak for 1000 moons and still fall in love together with a prince from another land Nicely written piece of fantasy fiction

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    I love fairy tale retellings

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    Moonlight is the second story by Ann Hunter and is preuel of sorts to her first book The Subtle Beauty I was asked to read an advance release copy of the book and do the review for the book and after reading the book I could honestly say I would have read the book anyway Moonlight is the story of Aowyn and her six brothers as they grow up in the Summer Isle Aowyn is the red headed princess and love of her mother Sulwyn’s heart As the book opens Sulwyn is struck with an illness and dies leaving her father Aodhagain alone at least for a while The ueen’s handmaid Ciatillait swoops in and puts a spell over him so all he sees is her and that is all he cares for Caitillait is so obsessed with the kingdom that she drives the sons out of the castle with magic magic that turns them into swans Aowyn cannot stand to see this happen to her brothers and goes to make a pact with the person who gave Caitillait her power and this man – Silas Mortas – advises that he will return the brothers to their human form after a thousand moons All she has to do is tell no one of what has happened between them In the meantime war breaks out between the Twelve Kingdoms and the Summer Isle and Xander and his brother are sent to fight at the front for their king Rab Blacksteed Xander spots Aowyn after an unfortunate event with two of the swanbrothers and the result is love at first sight As the war rages on Aowyn convinces Xander that they have a common enemy Caitallait who is now in charge of the kingdom after wedding Aodhagain and causing him to have an illness Together they rid the kingdom of Caitillait and Xander professes his love for Aowyn When she does not return his love he leaves and heads back to the Twelve Kingdoms to marry his brother’s fiancé after the custom when your brother dies Aowyn goes after Xander finding that he is her true love and the book ends with a twist that you would not expect I don’t want to give it away This like The Subtle Beauty is a short read but well worth the investment as it will teach your children about love determination and sacrifice It is a great book to read to your children as they are going to sleep as it has everything that a fairy tale should have love fighting magic and a happy ending It heartily deserves the five star rating that I have given it and it will make its way into my children’s bedtime stories when they are old enough to appreciate good reading

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    Review copy given in exchange for an honest reviewThis is a rather lovely retelling of a mash upOf several Celtic legends six wild swans and the four fair children of Lir among them If you haven't read The Subtle Beauty yet then read this one first Although both books do stand alone I think you get a better perspective of Xander's character from reading this one first Aowyn is a great character fey wise and tempestuous Definitely an interesting mix Sylas Mortis also makes a larger appearance in this book What I like about him is that even though he is designated the bad guy he really isn't good or evil He just is he exists in the grand tradition of Celtic fairytales Considering that it's not a long book the brothers are fleshed out and individual enough My objection is what happens to them Wasn't happy about that at all but then we can't have every fairy tale end as we would like it tooI am curious to see two fundamentally weak father figures in this book one because he loves too much and gives into despair and another because he doesn't live at allOverall an otherworldly fantasy read with strong Celtic overtones Definitely one for the fairytale lovers 35 stars

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    I am SO glad I read this story Ann Hunter has done a wonderful job putting new twists on classic fairy tales I read her book The Subtle Beauty and found it to be a sweet moving tale What she has done with Moonlight is even better I absolutely adore and believe in Princess Aowyn She became completely real for me I felt her sorrow and cheered her joy As her family becomes cursed I was angered with her The villains in this tale are very easy to dislike despite that there is an air of mystery surrounding the ultimate purpose to what they do I am also a huge fan of Xander Blacksteed How he grows and learns to believe in himself caused ME to do the same I found him to be a great balance to Aowyn I liked that it took time for her to accept and know him This was not your classic love at first sight circumstance Huge kudos to the author for taking that course with these characters I am eager to read the next book Fallen which I hear is about to be released I would also encourage author Ann Hunter to consider giving us tales based on Aowyn's brothers Proof of purchase com order number D01 1007418 3300327

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    A new take on an old storyThis is the second book in the series I believe that this is better than the first Ann Hunter is a wonderful writer who brings the story to life I love reading a book when the characters are something you can connect with This book is one of the best fairytales I have read in a long time Great job Ann Please keep writing You are uickly becoming one of my favorites

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    LOVED it I love fairytales though and I especially love when people put a good spin on one Admittedly I have never heard of this specific fairytale but I enjoyed it regardless It read like a fairytale and was full of magic and evil and good and love sigh What's NOT to love???