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Abigail Foster fears she will end up a spinster especially as she has little dowry to improve her charms and the one man she thought might marry her a longtime friend has fallen for her younger prettier sister When financial problems force her family to sell their London home a strange solicitor arrives with an astounding offer the use of a distant manor house abandoned for eighteen years The Fosters journey to imposing Pembrooke Park and are startled to find it entombed as it was abruptly left tea cups encrusted with dry tea moth eaten clothes in wardrobes a doll's house left mid play The handsome local curate welcomes them but though he and his family seem to know something about the manor's past the only information they offer Abigail is a warning Beware trespassers who may be drawn by rumors that Pembrooke contains a secret room filled with treasure Hoping to improve her family's financial situation Abigail surreptitiously searches for the hidden room but the arrival of anonymous letters addressed to her with clues about the room and the past bring discoveries even startling As secrets come to light will Abigail find the treasure and love she seeksor very real danger?

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    Warning stock your freezer with frozen pizzas because you won’t be feeding your family until you’ve finished this bookTHE SECRET OF PEMBROOKE PARK is by far the finest to date of author Julie Klassen’s novels Danger Love Intrigue A mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end You’ll find all the ingredients of a historical romance with a gothic flair in this latest releaseHeroine Abigail Foster struggles with feelings of self worth magnified by her younger sister’s beauty When an opportunity presents itself for her to depart from family for awhile and prepare a country home for their residence she jumps on it In the process she discovers a house full of mystery and a very handsome curate to help the solve the puzzleWilliam Chapman is everything a hero should be Compassionate Trustworthy Big biceps More than that though he truly cares about the souls of his parish Abigail’s included Which makes it even harder for Abigail to choose when the former love of her life shows up Don’t worry I won’t give anything away You’ll have to wonder like I did until nearly the end of the storyPEMBROOKE PARK is a fantastic tale sure to make you drop all your responsibilities and hole up on the couch for a few days Plan ahead and have plenty of tea and scones available because seriously you will NOT put this one down

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    I had mixed feelings about this book I liked the setting the nods to Jane Austen and the mystery in general The plot was very well done; I was very invested in unraveling it and had no suspicions or theories as to true motives of any of the charactersHowever a lot of William's and Abigail's actions didn't sit well with me I'm not an authority on 19th century propriety by any means unless a solid love of Jane Austen's work and a tendency to immerse myself in regency period novels makes me an expert But I just couldn't see a devoted man of the cloth or a well bred lady doing the things that they did I mean Lydia Bennet would but she brought shame down on anyone with a teaspoon's worth of sense Freuently inviting a man into your bedchamber being alone with said man in said bedchamber coming upon a half naked man and then staying to chat the super forward flirtatious remarks the sensuous lingering touches these are commonplace and accepted today but 200 years ago? Not so much Definitely not without conseuences I was freuently disappointed in both of them How often William risked her reputation If he really cared for her andor if he had integrity he wouldn't have trifled with her but would have taken the utmost care to treat her like a lady and preserve her good name

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    460 pages? It's hard to believe that this book is really that long because I flew through itMy love of Jane Austen and Jane Eyre made Julie Klassen a uick favorite of mine and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of her books except for The Dancing Master the only one of hers that I haven't read This book I understand is her longest to date; and it is definitely one of her bestI love how this author can take history mystery suspense and romance mix them together and come out with a spectacular story such as this oneI loved the characters I thought they were very well written Several of the characters frustrated me; and I pitied some and wished things had worked out better for them but I can't say I truly disliked any of them other than Clive of course who could like him?As for the mysteries I did figure out some things before they were actually revealed but that didn't take away from my enjoyment Besides can you ever be totally sure you know the truth before you read the last page? ;All in all this book is amazing and I highly recommend it

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    Ahhh that glorious feeling when you manage to escape from real life into a Julie Klassen noveland subseuently end up lost there for days on end unwilling to put the book down sacrificing precious hours of sleep letting all your homework accumulate in an alarming pileAh So worth it The Secret of Pembrooke Park another Klassen masterpiece was a wonderful book which I enjoyed very much as we all know that Julie Klassen writes CF Regency like no other I was drawn into this story from the very first chapters and it provided me with several hours of pleasant enjoyment Though much slower than and less exciting than The Silent Governess or The Tutor's Daughter this novel was in the same vein as The Dancing Master Slow tranuil detailed It was beautifully crafted and the characters were interesting but considering that the story features secret rooms and whispers of treasure I was left a tad disappointed at the lack of adventure The middle chapters became a bit too stagnant and the characters seemed to be going around in circles The whole sub plot with Mr Miles Pembrooke was very implausible view spoilerAfter ALL they hear about the Pembrooke's past and ALL the warnings they receive about the Pembrookes no one bats an eyelid when Miles Pembrooke just comes to stay at the house??? Not buying it hide spoiler

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    I found this book rather confusing The tale begins with a catastrophe Abigail Foster practical and intelligent had encouraged her father's investment in her uncle's bank She blames herself when the investment sours and the family is left virtually destitute Adding to her pain is watching the man she had always been close friends with suddenly become enad of her younger sisterFortunately not everything falls to ruin A solicitor approaches them with a mysterious offer they can live in the country manor of a distant relation fully furnished and complete with servants for the foreseeable future Abigail offers up her dowry so her mother and sister can stay in London and give her sister a season Then she and her father head to Pembrooke Park They are greeted at gun point at their new home the man who had watched the place determined to protect it from vandals Once they convince him of their legitimate right to be there they find their entrance into the new home no reassuring The manor house itself is frightening with dirty dishes left at the table as though the owners had bolted from the house locking it behind them in haste What had happened here? As Abigail cleans and prepares the house for habitation she attempts to learn from the servants the secrets of the manor but she is firmly rebuffed The only rumor anyone is willing to speak of is the legend of the great treasure hidden in a secret room However that room is not the only thing that engages Abigail's attention There is also the handsome local curate who seems to find her uite intriguing as well Hoping to restore the family finances Abigail begins a hunt for the treasure room all the while growing closer to curate William Chapman Then the letters begin to appear Pages taken from a diary of a young girl who once lived at Pembrooke Park and who seems to have very disturbing memories of it indeed Here is where my confusion comes in Just what rank is Abigail's family? Both the mother and father act as though they are be people of great wealth Apparently they can take part in the Season which I understood was for gentry only with the occasional well connected Cit allowed to take part But this family had only the one home in London They hung out with people who worked for a living bankers and architects being chief among them The daughters had a great deal of freedom Abigail is left at the country estate alone with the servants for great stretches of time she is escorted to a party by a single male neighbor whom the family has only a passing acuaintance with she chats happily with a man swimming in his pantaloons allows the same man to admire her bare toes as she dips them in the river and has said man alone in her room on several occasions because he is a minister and she trusts him I simply couldn't place their social class based on their behaviors and I found that very vexing Super annoying was that the flirtatious younger daughter was chastised for her behavior So it's better to be uiet at parties and invite men to your room???The mystery is interesting although it takes uite a long time for us to actually get involved with it I didn't enjoy the romance in spite of a great deal of risky for the Regency behavior simply because I didn't understand everyone's behavior Ultimately I became so obsessed with placing the social standing of the characters and how they came to behave the way they did in the world they lived in that my enjoyment of the book was tempered by the uestions it engendered

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    Dear Ms Klassenmy family has suffered because of you Dinners of under cooked garlic potatoes bedtimes with muttered hurry ups daggers glared at a chatty husband and a jumpy wife and mother every time a strange creak howl moan or crash breaks the silence of our otherwise un haunted houseWhen I read The Secret of Pembrooke Park I was not expecting it to disrupt my world I first read Jane Eyre when I was thirteen and I had the time to curl up in a chair and read it from cover to cover But you need to take a moment to comprehend that your readership is not comprised of thirteen year old youngsters with eons of time stretching before them disguised in the costume of Growing Up Nay We are mothers housekeepers career oriented women and pastors wives To assume that we will be content reading this Gothic and haunting novel in snippets is highly presumptuousSo I propose that you try to compose your following novel in far greater sections of boredom Ones that droll on regarding the nonsensical happenings which drag the story like a horse pulls a plow I recommend you make your heroines far less captivating and dreary Your heroes with stringy black hair or no hair but definitely not the style of a debonair curate of all things It is also with much pleading that I reuest you deign your characters worthy of cottages infested by mice not ghostly mirages by a beetle or may hap a cockroach instead of a family secret that chases your heroine into the depths of the night and sends shivers down her spineDollhouses left as if the child were snatched from their play? Certainly an unfair addition to your prose Plates and tea cups as if afternoon tea were interrupted by a murderous scheming ghost? Highly uncouthThese are the additions of an author seeking to dismantle a normally sane wife and mother This is the matter I must confess to you has weighed on my heart and yet I have been tempted beyond what I am able to overcomeMs Klassen you have joined hands with Charlotte Bronte who engaged a thirteen year old in an imaginary world of sinister story and romanticized lore But again I implore you remember I am now beyond the age of thirty and seven My family my children need me Please remember this when you write againSincerelyMs Wright of Shady Lane

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    35 stars A lovely historical fiction with a well crafted mystery and characters easy to root for I loved most of the characters and traveling with them in and around Pembrooke Park the house sounds beautiful the history of the place was tragic in parts and fascinating Abigail and Leah were my favorites I could see myself being friends with them if I had met them like Abigail I would have intrigued and tempted to look for the treasure as well Who doesn't love a good hidden treasure tale? The romance between Abigail and William was sweet it was cute how they danced around each other I did feel though that it was stretched out a bit too long kept wishing that the miscommunication and misunderstandings wouldn't keep coming up They were resolved fairly uickly but I found myself mentally tapping my foot Especially with view spoilerGilbert paying attention to Abigail and wanting to court her it felt stiff and forced to me He seemed amiable guy but we don't get much a chance to know him hide spoiler

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    Update 3172020 The kindle edition is 79 cents todayThe Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen is a Regency Christian mysterysuspense with some romance and a Gothic feel to it Abigail's family has undergone a financial crisis and she is taking the reigns of getting them newly settled at Pembrooke Park Pembrooke Park is an impressive character in and of itself an abandoned estate that her family is letting inexpensively in exchange for bringing it to life againThe plot for the mystery was extremely well done with layer after layer peeled back over time I wasn't completely satisfied with the romance I really liked the hero and the heroine yet I wasn't eagerly anticipating the next time they were going to interact with each other And romance is what I really look forWhat I likedIt was suspenseful at times but not overly so The characters were all well drawn and some were unusual What I didn't likeThe romance was there but it didn't delight me I had a hard time remembering who certain characters were There was one person mentioned at the end that I couldn't remember at all I recommend The Secret of Pembrooke Park to Regency suspense and mystery fans I wouldn't recommend it to middle school aged youth High school and up as long as the high schooler can handle a bit of tragedy I would always recommend Julie Klassen Always She's one of my favorite authors

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    uickie review I loved it Though this is her longest book to date Julie Klassen kept me in the story the entire time I enjoyed every moment The characters are fleshed out the mystery intriguing and the romance satisfying One of my favorite Klassen novels for sure

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    After her one chance with a childhood friend who she thought to marry her would be suitor turns his eye to her younger sister and Abigail Foster is afraid she will remain a unmarried woman When the family's fiances turn upside down she prays for a miracle which comes in the form of a letter granting her and her family access to the Pembrooke castle Abigail's family are distant relatives of the Pembrooke family and when Abigail arrives she realises there is a lot of work to be done in order to make the castle liveable But as there is no where else for them to go she agrees with her father they will have to make do with what they need to make this work When mysterious letters start to arrive Abigail starts searching for the treasure everyone knows about but a treasure no one wants to talk aboutWill this treasure be what Abigail is hoping for?Or will a decades old rumour be just thatonly a rumor?This is one Inspirational author I always enjoy reading from Her books are never boring or over preachyThere is always a plot to keep you turning the pages wonderful characters and always a heroine with spiritIn The Secret of Pembrooke Park she delivers a sweet Regency romance with awesome castles secrets hidden rooms and of course her characters with charmers and rogues and ones that diffidently will do anything to get their hands on the treasure Well done