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The Bettarinis and Forellis have found rich fulfillment together in medieval Italia But after fighting off countless enemies they now must face the worst foe of all As the Black Death closes in upon them threatening everything and everyone they hold dear Lia and Gabi–and the knights they love–must dig deep within to decide how they might remain safeand if they need to risk it all in order to truly live as they’re called

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    You want to know what I feared? I feared the finale would sag That it would be short or stretch too long That it would be sappy and too easy or that it would depress meAfter all this is the Black Plague we're talking about here And characters I've loved and followed not just for 5 previous books but for the multiple multiple times I've reread those 5 previous booksThis final installment in the River of Time series does none of that The length is mammoth and just right yet I read it in two days The romance and adventure and surging richness of the other books are all present but this is a whole new level of life The characters are mature the stakes are higher the family has grown and the plague is upon themSomething else I feared that everyone would both die Yep I thought maybe Lisa would go and pull a Roth or something and I'd be left heartbroken and have to get rid of the other books because I couldn't even look at them any Well at the risk of being all spoiler y everybody doesn't die But not everyone lives The plague is real people and it's horrible And uncontainable despite the Betarrini's best effortsThis book is one of my favorites and ranks as high as Waterfall when it comes to my favorite in this series Which is fitting since this has got to be my favorite YA series of all time? Why? Because there are secrets and twists and I can never figure out where it's going but I don't care because I just want to get thereFor fans of books that make you think feel cry laugh and smile here's one of the bestDisclosure The author not only gave me the privilege of reading this book pre release but I was able to proofread it as well Which means I was wiping my eyes and fixing the stray typo Best job ever

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    Lisa Tawn Bergren This series has honestly saved my life I found it while I was very depressed and I just completely immersed myself in to the world that Lisa Bergren has created It was perfect for me; you see I have always felt like I was meant to be born in that time period and I always wish and dream of being able to go back in time and do the very thing that Gabi and Lia did I absolutely love the idea of time travel and wish it could happen to me Not to mention meeting my own Marcello that would be very nice indeedI LOVE Italy especially medieval Italy and God every aspect about it was perfect It was like it was written for me I am very very sad that this is the last one but at least I will be able to reread them over and over again These books make me so happy and honestly have probably save me Cheesy I know But it's trueI have thanked Lisa on many occasions and written her many emails to tell her how much I love this series and she has been kind enough to respond patiently and answer my many uestions she is probably terrified of me but oh well At least she knows how much she has impacted my life in such an amazing way Okay now for the actual review I just finished Deluge and I can honestly say that it measured up to all of my very high expectations of this book and I was not disappointed in the least My emotional journey throughout this masterpiece included erratic excitement tears of both sadness and joy heartbreak bursting euphoria and just an utter state of bliss but NEVER disappointment I was terrified also because I was so scared that any of my dear characters would die from the plague but only minor characters still terribly heart wrenchingly sad but I have to say that I was honestly relieved It has been such an amazing journey and adventure with this amazing series and with Gabi Lia Marcello and Luca I have loved every moment of it and enjoyed watching my beloved characters develop especially Marcello and Gabi's love grow I don't really know what to do with myself now that it's all over so I guess I'll just have to keep re reading the series over and over again which I do not mind in the least I highly recommend this book this series to everyone It is a phenomenal vivid paradise rich in historical detail and amazing characters and exciting adventures and beautiful romance that I love escaping in to every time I couldn't imagine a better ending with all of their children together I need a book about them

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    Update 822 This has been released TODAY Now available on I didn't check other sites I love this series can't wait to see how everything wraps up

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    Actual Rating 45 Spoilers in ReviewI mean it with all my heart when I say this is the best installment of the series I recently reread them all finding little faults to mar the way but this one was the most solid visceral and passionate installment The emotions were raw and I could connect with themOne of the major problems that is actually a laughable problem is the fact the girls are so concerned with preserving history and not messing with the course of time so what do they do? They marry men from the 14th century and have babies with them But oh no you can't warn people about the Plague That would affect the time streamOne of the bigger disappointments in the story though is the fact that the actual Plague is rushed through Bergren spends a large chunk of the book with the girls in Venezia trying to find new mystery cousins While the scenes with Caterina and Nicolo ostensible drunken playboys for the win and the doge were great as I got towards the end of the book I realized that Galileo and his brother uselessly clogged the book Had their plotline been removed there could have been some better focus on the plague itself Unless false advertising led everyone not just me to believe the book was meant to focus on the plague Forgive me for thinking the plague was a big dealThat being said the changes in the characters were ones I wholeheartedly supported For instance Marcello becoming an alcoholic as he tries to cope with the Plague That was brilliant because it made sense for him even as noble as he was It made him human again rather than some god Gabi had made him out to be Instead of showing his descent though and showing his own struggles Bergren comes out and says he's drinking and we see him drinking towards intoxication once The way she writes it makes it seem arbitrary and it just seems like she wants to make the situation daring because gasp Our knight in shining armor sometimes shows immorality and weakness Not to support alcoholism but it just seems that if you wanted to add that make it count It's not a once and done thing which is how Bergren's addition of it seemsLia didn't want to marry Luca right off and I think that is perfect It makes her different from Gabriella and it was a good decision Then when she gives birth after someone dies close to her and she gives birth her numbness and emotionless streak was also brilliant It gives her a ghostly persona which is something that gives her dimension in a way However Bergren just passes over the rest of her emotional journey by skipping to an epilogue where everything is okayMost people aren't okay when authors kill off characters in a uick Oh by the way this character is dead sort of way But really to deal with the deaths of certain characters in that manner was truly effective and I actually liked it The author side of me says Well she only killed off four lovable characters I was under the impression we would lose everyone except for a couple of people y'know staying true to the 13 of population thing shrug I suppose in a teenage girl driven fandom you need to keep your prettiesLike I said the biggest disappointment was skipping over the scenes that were still needed for scenes that were arbitrary or filler There was so much I needed to know about these characters There was so much left that they still needed to fill out their emotional journey I needed to see Marcello overcome his alcoholism; I needed to see Lia coming back to life than just one little portrait because again she's an artist it should show in other ways and learning to love her child; I needed to see Alessandra finding purpose as lady of a castello While I adore epilogues that pass to the future to talk about the children of the central characters they come second until we see how these characters resolve their own storiesDon't let that fool you though I loved this in such a way that blows the previous installments away Deluge is the ultimate River of Time book and I mean that So much of the writing shows how Bergren has improved even if there was some that was lacking hence the deduction of 12 a star It was a fantastic read and I was so happy I jumped back in the River Tribe

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    At last the SHE wolves were homeuote by meThese books are not well known in the YA historical section which is uite a shame because they are full of life lessons love joy and sadness Be ready for the last book in this series because the Plague is ready to make her entrance in the lives of Lia and Gabi and she will not go by without a fuss This book is going to be darker than all the others combined but also brings a lot of beautiful and joyful moments in the lives of the She wolvesAlthough I had a bit trouble with reading this last book in the series I still think this series need to be much known in the YA spectrum Believe me it is worth your read

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    Holy shCAN WE JUST WITH LORD BARBATO AND LORD FORABOSCHI BUT MORE SPECIFICALLY LORD BARBATO BECAUSE HONESTLY HOW DOES HE NEVER DIE? OH MY FREAKING GOD HE IS EVERYWHERE Seriously I just KEPT waiting for Lia or Gabi or Marcello or Luca or someone to just take a freaking arrow sword dagger stake garlic chair WHO CARES and just kill him I mean HONESTLY HOW DOES HE KEEP SURVIVING??????? I always find that with YA novels there is always a set of mediocre events that lead up to the climax This novel did not adhere to this belief I had at all Lisa Bergren has a tendency to just throw intense scenes left and right there is no meh events in my opinion they could all have served as a climax in some other authors novel But then there was the plague Can we just give Bergren a hoorah for actually doing a solid job at recording how terrible the plague was?Because there was the feels for Gabi and Marcello especially Marcello when we read about him succumbing to his demons And to be honest? I was kind of shocked as to how complacent Gabi came at that point with Marcello and it wasn't until later when you see their sparks of life come back in MANY of the characters livesAlthough I didn't cry like some other people have shockingly tissues were not necessary tears almost occurred when a major characters death occurred I mean there was one that really took the cake for me but I'll keep it to myself for the sake of not spoiling anything Honestly some scenes were ridiculously sad especially near the end of the book when it came to Lia and Luca's relationship because honestly ALL THE FEELS OCCURRED WHEN LUCA AND GABI WERE TRYING TO HELP LIAI am too sad that this series is over it was the most unexpected and amazing read I have had in a very long time I never though a historical YA would enthrall me as much as this one did so I'm truly giving a round of applause to Bergren for this amazing series

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    Presses playHow do I say goodbyeto what we had?The good times that made us laugh outweighed the badI thought we'd get to see forever but forever has blown awayIt's so hard to say goodbye to yesterdayThank you Boyz II Men This was the only song that I could think of after this book endedOkay okay I may be a little overly dramatic but I feel like it's necessary because I did not want this book to endDeluge was nothing less than epic If you read the previous books or are a complete River Tribe fan ahem Like me This last book will knock your socks offIn this book you see Gabi and Lia really grow into strong women and take on new levels of adulthood This series makes me so proud to be a woman These ladies are always up for an adventure And they know how to take care of business when it comes to the sword bow and arrow I love the ForelliBertarini family They would do any thing to ensure the safety of one another Even when they face death on all fronts they stick together Which is beautiful The bond between them is what really what makes me love this book soo much Plus the fact that Luca and Marcello are totally gorgeous nobel and swoon worthy doesn't hurt things either ; Bravo to Lisa T Bergren for making an awesome series full of love life and adventure I will forever remember this story and the characters And if this ever gets picked up for a film adaptation I will so be at the ready to get my ticket My Favorite uotes ♥ ♥“Indeed” he said thoughtfully “But our duty is to believe in the best hope for the best until that day we must face our own trial Until then we must not succumb to the devil’s claim on our lives He prowls about seeking to undermine us Pressing us to give sway to our worst fears rather than trust in our Creator “I think it’s how we were meant to live” she said “In community Taking care of one another Sharing Loving Celebrating and grieving together I think it’s part of what drew me here What was it about sisters that made us free to share both the harshest and kindest words?Death the Great Eualizer Dad called it Poor or rich Beautiful or plain In the end we were all the same

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    And this is the ending of the River of Time series the last we know of Gabi and Lia Marcello and Luca There’s so much for my brain to process right now For the first part of the book I had a pretty hard time getting into it but once it got to the time of the plague it was harder to put down The romance went into too much detail for my liking Don’t get me wrong I love Marcello and Gabi and LOVE Luca and Lia but I could have done with less detail In my opinion I definitely feel like this is for much older teens and new adults I feel like the author did a very good job with describing just how terrible this plague was I really knew nothing about it until this book but she described what it was like so well that it makes me shudder just to think of it And I can totally relate to Gabi and Lia’s feelings of isolation during uarantineThe ending was sad and brought me close to tears yet I’m so glad that it ended on a note of hope I was afraid I would be left utterly depressed but instead I was left with a beautiful reminder to live in the moment that we have right now and trust God with the rest something I definitely needed to hear right now 3I’m sad to say goodbye to these characters but I do feel that I got good closure So my final thoughts on the series? It was a wild ride a ride I am glad I took and I won’t easily forget

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    After reading the author's warning that there were going to be some deaths in this last book of the series I was hesitant to read it but I finally bit the bullet I'm so glad I did I have LOVED this series and this book was just as good as the othersGabi Lia the knights they love the Forellis and their parents the Bettarinis have settled into a good life in medieval Italia after fighting off countless enemies Gabi is about to have a baby and Lia and Luca are madly in love But Lia is still fighting the fear of what will happen if she marries Luca and then the plague comes How could she handle losing him and possibly a child? As the Black Death closes in upon them they all struggle with their plans to seclude themselves to ride out the storm Are they making the right decision? Could they or should they be doing to help? And will the Plague reach them anyway? If you liked the other books in this series you'll like this one too Yes there are some really sad times but there are also some really good times and there are some twists that you won't see coming And Lisa Tawn Bergren writes these stories with so much clarity and emotion that you just can't help being pulled in to the lives of the characters This is one of the BEST medieval series I have ever read

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    Team Lord Greco