There are than 1300 species of bats—or almost a uarter of the world’s mammal species But before you shrink in fear from these furry “creatures of the night” consider the bat’s fundamental role in our ecosystem A single brown bat can eat several thousand insects in a night Bats also pollinate and disperse the seeds for many of the plants we love from bananas to mangoes and figs             Bats A World of Science and Mystery presents these fascinating nocturnal creatures in a new light Lush full color photographs portray bats in flight feeding and mating in views that show them in exceptional detail The photos also take the reader into the roosts of bats from caves and mines to the tents some bats build out of leaves A comprehensive guide to what scientists know about the world of bats the book begins with a look at bats’ origins and evolution The book goes on to address a host of uestions related to flight diet habitat reproduction and social structure Why do some bats live alone and others in large colonies? When do bats reproduce and care for their young? How has the ability to fly—uniue among mammals—influenced bats’ mating behavior? A chapter on biosonar or echolocation takes readers through the system of high pitched calls bats emit to navigate and catch prey More than half of the world’s bat species are either in decline or already considered endangered and the book concludes with suggestions for what we can do to protect these species for future generations to benefit from and enjoy From the tiny “bumblebee bat”—the world’s smallest mammal—to the Giant Golden Crowned Flying Fox whose wingspan exceeds five feet A Battery of Bats presents a panoramic view of one of the world’s most fascinating yet least understood species

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    Just a beautiful book with exceptional pictures and lay out great for the coffee table and filled with interesting facts stories and some humor It does a great job of showcasing bats as the wondrous creatures that they are tries to dispel some of the bad images they have due to ignorance and brings up some good uestions for future researchersscientists to look into That being said I would knock off half a point to a 45 because of editing issues Sometimes just little things a misspelled word here or there repeated words etc But when it happened it would be several times in a paragraph or two In one spot a biologist's inset story cut off mid sentence and never resumed any where It just felt like no one actually read through the book before taking it to the printers

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    While full of fascinating information and beautiful photos the choice of dull red type on black background made photos captions a real strain to read light would have helped had it not been for reflection from the glossy paper so I often just looked at the photo Also this book could have benefited from an editor For example in hopes that there will be another editionp 278 the end of the text is not therepageparalinep87para1penultimate line Goggle should be sb Google110last paraline 1 soley sb solely11517 used sb used in15333 Koalin sb Kaolin16354 anfertilization sb and fertilization?17127 diet of blood diet?180112 reproduce successful of selection?185310 such was sb such as was20723 Rabies is the is one of several layssaviruses sb Rabies the is one of several lyssaviruses23834 rational sb rationale