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One accidental kiss from Lawry Hampton That was all it took to throw Meredyth Summercourt's world upside down Determined to marry the ever elusive Vance Everstone she simply doesn't have the time or the desire to fall for her best friend But with Vance out of the country and with Lawry at her side nearly every day teaching her what the world is like through the eyes of a little orphan girl named Wynn Meredyth can't deny that what's holding her to Vance is nothing than a desire to redeem herself from her past Will she marry Vance once he returns from Europe? Or will she be strong enough to break free from the tangled web she's convinced she deserves and accept that God's plan for her life includes redemptionand uite possibly Lawry Hampton?

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    I’ve noticed that if you purchase the kindle edition of the book it might take you to the beginning of chapter one to begin reading—but there is a very important PROLOGUE before chapter one Please read the prologue

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    Oh my What a very powerful novel I do believe that the second half of reading The Bound Heart which is a very fitting title I had tears rolling down my face on and off until the endIt has been a while since I have read an emotional story where I truly wanted to put it down because it was hitting so close to my heart I very much related to Meredyth concerning one time in my life and it was hard for me to relive those memories through her storyHowever just as I found and Meredyth does there is such grace forgiveness and love found in God Despite how much that she believed she didn’t deserve any of God’s love God blessed her with His love and cleanliness because He loved her so muchI do recommend this second novel by Dawn as she has such an amazing writing voice with flawed characters who experiences not only love from a significant other but most importantly from God too Plus the romance and the storyline are amazing Be forewarned though that this is a tough novel to read but the ending is so much beautiful because of all that happens within its pages I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review All thoughts expressed are my own and was not reuired to write a positive review

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    I have long held the opinion that only a very well written book can bring both sad and happy tears to my eyes That being said it's official this book is very well written ; I thought at first that I would be able to keep from crying over this story After all I knew it was going to end well and happy But nope I still cried And then I cried over the happy ending tooI think my very favorite thing about this book was getting to see Meredyth grow and change the way she did And the first person pov really enhanced that And Lawry May I just say that Lawry is my new favorite hero? Because he is How could you not love this guy? I couldn't help but think how nice it would have been to see things from his perspective sometimes but the story just wouldn't have been the same if his pov had been included And Wynn Such a sweetheart I did figure out the mystery surrounding her uite uickly didn't seem like much of a mystery to me but that's okay It was still very interesting reading how things worked out with her in the endOne thing that I would have expected to annoy me was how determined Meredyth was that she was bound to Vance and nothing at all could ever change that She was so determined to punish herself Forgiveness wasn't an option for her because she didn't deserve it But I couldn't be annoyed by this because it made sense I could only feel heartbroken over the thought of anyone feeling this way Meredyth's deceitful heart you'll understand that reference if you've already read the book convinced her that she couldn't be forgiven How often our hearts do that to us They totally convince us of something and won't allow God's truth to shine through; and as a result we won't accept forgiveness even though it's already been given This lesson came through so clearly and in a way that brought those tears to my eyes once againThere are some mature topics that might not be appropriate for younger readers But everyone else? Yes definitely read it I highly recommend it I liked it even better than the first book somehow I knew I would Dawn Crandall is very uickly becoming a favorite of mine and I can't tell y'all how much I have enjoyed discovering this author If you haven't read The Hesitant Heiress yet I do recommend reading it first While I suppose it's not necessary in order to understand this book it will help you fit everything and everyone into place and enjoy the story even

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    I totally loved this one So engaging wonderful and romantic I liked how all the same characters from the first book The Hesitant Heiress were also in this one; it saved me the confusion of who is related to whom and how in the beginning that I had encountered in the previous story Picking up where Lawry and Meredyth left off in The Hesitant Heiress The Bound Heart tells their story the story of two childhood friends realizing that there may be a deeper bond than friendship uniting them Lawry Hampton who is good looking kind generous charitable strong and just plain perfect I'm in love with him has loved Meredyth for ever since he could remember but she has always seen him as a good friend almost one of the family since they've been friends since childhood But after a long absence Lawry is determined to woo and win Meredyth and to prove her that her rightful place is as his soulmate Meredyth soon finds her defenses slowly crumpling under Lawry's swoon worthy ways and by that I mean extremely gentleman like behaviour altruistic motives rescuing orphans and a breathtaking accidental kiss but a deep painful secret buried in her heart prevents her from fully giving in to Lawry's attentions Perhaps you can tell where this is goingyep A misunderstanding Always a misunderstanding I found it less enraging than the one in The Hesitant Heiress and in fact I was totally fine with it until the almost end where the author followed the same trope as her first novel and had the heroine brutally reject the hero for reasons that seem logical to her but are in reality completely irrational and omg no why are you doing this we've already been through all of that before stop behaving like a fool and get married to the guy already Hmph The last uarter of the book had me rolling my eyes a lot because of heroine's said foolish behaviour but the rest of the book was overall so good and was so into it that when I look back and think How do I really feel about this book? I feel such a positive It was so awesome Everybody read it kind of feel that I have to give it a five because I know that I strongly recommend it and will definitely read it again someday and be prepared in advance for The Misunderstanding The hero if you haven't already guessed is perfection embodied the heroine was for the most part lively fun and open minded and I loved the new characters that were introduced The cute girl Wynn definitely stole my heart the villain was top of the top villainous and everyone else just fit really well into it all I cannot wait for The Captive Impostor the next book of the series to be released I really look forward to reading Estella's story even though so far I don't really like her nor her potential hero It should be pretty interesting ;

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    review to comeThe Bound Heart is a beautiful story of forgiveness and redemption Meredyth Summercourt's heart is truly bound into a life she feels was set into motion for her one summer day years beforeDawn Crandall has a very distinct writing style that I found myself loving and as I read She writes in first person and writes it very well Meredyth's voice is crystal clear and I loved getting to know her throughout the story The tone of the story is often a bit mysterious which I loved The plot itself kept me guessing there are a few surprises that propelled the action along in a realistic wayAnd can we just pause a moment and talk about one of the most gentlemanly male leads that I've had the pleasure to read about in a while Lawry Hampton was such a kind sweet soul that loved Meredyth in spite of how hard and unforgiving she was toward herself Sometimes it's just nice to have a male lead that is just loyal and constant not distant and cold And make no mistake the romance here is not cheesy nor easy but filled with passion and bumps along the way uite swoon worthy at timesAs for the spiritual aspect of the novel there was so much to appreciate here Sometimes I am the last person to forgive myself when I know that God already has forgiven me my heart ached for Meredyth as she clung to an idea of redemption in the wrong place and ultimately found it in the perfect placeAnd tiny sweet orphaned Wynn What a darling little girl I think one of my favorite things is when she calls Meredyth Meredy talk about making my heart melt I just loved the scenes between those two as well as the mystery surrounding Wynn's parentage usually I call things pretty earlier on but this rather caught me off guardI wholeheartedly recommend The Bound Heart for fans of inspirational historials with a good measure of romance Although I think it can be read as a standalone I recommend reading The Hesitant Heiress first Dawn has connected these families in a very neat way you feel like you've known them all as long as they've known each other I fell very easily into their various relationships and intertwined pastsI am so looking forward to Book 3

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    Dawn Crandall has such a uniue style of writing As I read her books I feel like I'm floating through the story not uite grounded That's the only way I can think to describe it There is the sense that things can change in an instant and I never know what the characters are going to do or are truly thinking or feeling in the beginning but thankfully that is revealed throughout the novel In the first book I saw Meredyth as a strong individual but in this book we are able to understand her insecurities and vulnerabilities It was frustrating that Meredyth didn't allow herself to enjoy falling in love with Lawry and had a misguided perception of redemption that made her feel unworthy of him The spiritual journey she experiences shows how letting go of our own limited expectations of life will allow God to bring to pass wonderful blessings and miracles to the faithfulThank you to the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review Heidi Reads

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    This is a beautiful story of redemption – with an honorable and swoon worthy and I don’t say that lightly heroThe characters Dawn writes simply jump off the page and immerse the reader in the story Lawry was very sweet and steadfast while Meredyth was likable and insecure She was very easy to identify with I thought because her struggles and doubts of self worth are common to women Like Meredyth we ladies sometimes doubt our choices our merit or our futures – but we should find our security and hope in Jesus I believe Meredyth is drawn to Lawry partly due to the love of God that emanates from his character and actions This story shows that all it takes is calling out to God and He will take your burdensThere is a beautiful thread of redemption in the story with surprising drama a few fabulous twists and interesting secondary characters I loved little Wynn and her honest childlike faith She sweetly tied some of the characters together in unexpected ways I also enjoyed the setting of the story with the elaborate events society demanded at the time contrasting with the plights of little children like WynnThis is a great sopho novel from Dawn I can’t wait to catch up with these characters again in the third book The Captive Imposter releasing February of 2015Thank you to Dawn and Whitaker House for providing me with an ebook copy to review This review is my honest opinion

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    I was so excited to receive an advance copy of this book to review This is book number 2 in the Everstone Chronicles series And it was fabulous Just as good as the first if not better It is a tough call I found myself saying I would only read so much and next thing I know I had stayed up way late to finish it Yes it was that good I have found that I really enjoy this authors writing style And I love the characters of this series I can hardly wait for book number 3 I would highly recommend this book to anyone but especially if you like Historical Fiction

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    Honest review on author reuest against a copy of the book and my unwavering enthusiasm and eagerness to experience the era and lives in The Everstone ChroniclesThis review contains spoilers “For what thou art is mine Our state cannot be sever’d; we are one One flesh; to lose thee were to lose myself” I am mesmerized I cannot put into words how I feel after reading this book Speechless There seems a void after having finished this book and that in my opinion is a sign of a good bookThe ability of author Dawn Crandall to pen the basics of pure love in such a simple and touching way is the highlight of the books in the series She has the ability to take us back to the basics of what true and pure love is what it should be which sadly many have forgotten A splendid and superlative journey through a mesmerizing story which is not just about undying love but also about faith empathy steadfastness and awakening about one’s belief in GodThe Bound Heart is the second book from The Everstone Chronicles series and takes us through the story of childhood friends Lawrence Hampton and Meredyth Summercourt Best friends since childhood and unknown to her Lawry has been in love with Meredyth since forever while she has been adamant to marry Vance Everstone whom she holds herself bound to be married to for a sin of their past Unplanned events lead to Meredyth starting to fall in love with Lawry and she is then torn between her lover for Lawry and her presumed duty of marrying Vance The beauty of the book lies in a few things For one it is the unwavering untiring and steadfast love Lawry bears for Meredyth; secondly Meredyth’s own guilt and awakening towards the love of God Along with these what I found the most touching element was Lawry and Wynn’s relationship I cried at the scene where Lawry is trying to convince Wynn about her welfare in staying with Vance while Meredyth is secretly peeping through the door It is for me the best scene of the book “All brave men love; for he only is brave who has affections to fight for” Lawry Hampton What do I say about him? He is indeed a character one just cannot refuse to love and one who teaches others love Wow I mean how can someone fathom such a simple yet powerful character I love him Absolutely Steadfastly waiting for the woman he loves and hoping and praying for his dreams to be fulfilled A man with a heart overflowing with love and empathy ready to accept the love of his life with all her faults There is a serenity to his love for Meredyth Meredyth Summercourt is the darling of fortune Blessed with everything life can offer she lives the privileged life of Boston but with immense guilt in her heart Willing to do good for others she still is apprehensive of what her family might think of her Devoted to marrying only Vance Everstone she rejects all suitors and has her eyes completely shut to Lawry’s feelings Considering herself guilty she feels she is caged in and the feeling of being bound makes her fear letting the barriers fall for Lawry Her POV is brought about in a very interesting manner How she fights her feelings and how hard she tries can be understood by the constant contemplation she undergoes “We loved with a love that was than love” And their love So beautiful They are truly meant to be The portrayal of their relationship after Meredyth starts loving him and her recognition of Lawry’s feelings for herself are indeed a pleasure to read She is guilty that she doesn’t deserve him while he loves her unuestioningly and unwaveringly After much trepidation Meredyth finally allows acknowledgement of their love and what bliss it is indeed in their lives You have to read it and experience it yourself to enjoy it “Groans that words cannot express are often prayers that God cannot refuse” The test Lawry and Meredyth have to go through And not just that the heart wrenching plight of Wynn Roselette is just unmistakably touching Unexpected circumstances again distance them from each other and this is the most emotional part of the book where you constantly have a lump in your throat The beauty of the way Dawn Crandall brings out the characters’ feelings is for what you should make it a point to read this book It just cannot be explained in words Though Lawry Meredyth and even Wynn are suffering my heart went out for Lawry chiefly and even for Wynn Meredyth faces very crucial circumstances herself and the awakening she deserves finally and after much anguish dawns on her “And his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes” Finally the happily ever after After a tumultuous roller coaster ride of emotions they all go through things finally shine bright for them It is worth every minute and emotion you put in this book The last one third of the book I guarantee you you will have a lump in your throat and tears in your eyes One may find that my review is mostly involved with discussion about and venting of my thoughts regarding the story as opposed to any kind of unyielding critiue here But in all honesty this book is perfect Whether it is the story the plot the characters or the writing everything is as it should beAlso the way the author has carried on from The Hesitant Heiress to The Bound Heart feels as if we are seeing the events occurring practically in our own lives How Nathan and Amaryllis have progressed in their lives is one very interesting aspect of this one It’s as if the author has answered the reader’s uestion of how Nathan and Amaryllis have been doing after settling down in Washington It makes the series seem so real While Nichollete’s presence and her story are continued here we also meet the familiar Claudine Abernathy again and Jay Crawford also gives an appearance Further Estella’s struggle is still on I just can’t wait to know what happens with her life in The Captive Imposter Vance Everstone will check your patience but is in fact a very interesting character Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking out for a moving touching tale of love and belonging Even after saying so much I still feel that I haven’t said enough and yet I feel speechless The gist of the matter is GO READ THE BOOK AND FALL IN LOVE WITH LAWRY AND MEREDYTH

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    The Bound Heart Everstone Chronicles Book #2 By Dawn CrandallI loved The Bound Heart Dawn has did it again she has another winner Her first book The Hesitant Heiress was great but The Bound Heart is even betterDawn brings her characters alive You should read The Hesitant Heiress first but The Bound Heart can be read alone I did not have any problems following the story or the characters I loved the main characters Meredyth and Lawry Meredyth has some older brothers and she grew up with Lawry She can tell him almost anything She does not know what she wants Her actions in the past has her feeling that she is not worthy of any man She has been waiting around for years for Vance Everstone to come back and marry her Lawry has feeling for meredyth and cannot understand her feelings for Vance There was times I wanted to scream at Meredyth and tell her that God forgives Will Meredyth listen to God and get her heart right? What will Meredyth do if Vance does come back home? I was given an ARC from the author for my honest review which I have given it