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Child of the Appalachian mountains Tess Spencer has experienced than her share of heartache The Glock wielding knife carrying housewife knows how to survive whatever life throws at her But when an anonymous warning note shows up in her best friend Miranda’s mailbox—a note written in a dead woman’s handwriting—Tess uickly discovers that ghosts are alive and well in Buckneck West Virginia Hot on a cold trail she must use limited clues and her keen insight into human nature to unmask the killeror the next victim might be Tess herselfTinged with the supernatural and overshadowed by the mountains' lush protective presence this twisting psychological mystery is the first in A Murder in the Mountains series

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    Note June 30 2018 I edited this just now because I discovered I'd left the I would recommend to box blankAlthough the author is a Goodreads friend of mine and graciously autographed the book this series opening contemporary mystery didn't come to me as a free review copy; I purchased it as a gift for my wife Barb and it was one that she and I read together My prior acuaintance with Gilbert's work was through her Vikings of the New World duology she's an outstanding new voice in historical fiction Barb's not a historical fiction fan on the whole; but I thought this novel having a West Virginia mountain setting much like the Virginia Appalachian milieu where she grew up and we currently live and featuring a strong female main character might appeal to herA West Virginia native like her protagonist Gilbert sets her novel in her own stamping grounds The fictional small town of Buckneck is in west central WV near the Ohio River; the closest largish town is real life Point Pleasant which she describes with an assurance that suggests she genuinely knows the place At one point she refers in passing to the 1774 battle there between the Virginia militia and the Shawnee Indians during Lord Dun's War which had a resonance for me that battle plays a significant part in Mary Schumann's Strife Before Dawn which I read as a kid The rural country around Buckneck is home to the well to do Spencer clan into which series sleuth Tess now pregnant with her first child has married Like her fairly newly fledged lawyer husband Thomas she's college educated but she didn't grow up in affluence she comes from a trailer park with a father who abandoned her and her mother when she was small and a mother who's in prison for drug dealing She's not a professional detective; but she's observant inuisitive temperamentally inclined to suspect hidden meanings in statements and circumstances and gifted with near photographic memory –all ualities that come in handy for investigation And while she doesn't have a concealed carry permit she does carry a spring knife and sometimes packs a Glock anyway Loyalty to a friend is deeply ingrained in her makeup So when her elderly best friend who's recently begun seeing a widowed gentleman caller gets a note warning her off –written in the handwriting of the man's wife Rose who was pronounced dead 40 years ago Tess takes it on herself to investigateTwo narrations alternate here Rose's in italics and past tense at the beginning of each chapter and Tess' own in present tense and normal script in the main body of the text The reader actually gets the hang of this arrangement uickly The mystery is well constructed and baffling and very little is as it initially seems Only one thing is sure –secrets have been concealed for decades and they're ready to impact the present Amateur snooping mixes with very well evoked daily life in contemporary Appalachia drawn with affection and sensitivity The characters are absolutely real and life like even the minor ones As a Christian author Gilbert eschews objectionable language or lewd sexual content but the religious content of the book is low key and simply theistic than specifically Christian The Spencers are a Christian family but Tess herself despite being exposed to church as a kid starts off as a young woman who's not even entirely sure if she still believes in God She's also not without a certain amount of emotional baggage from her formative years and she's got a hot temper that's uick to take offense at times She and Thomas love each other but their marriage isn't without its fights and friction IMO these foibles tend to make her relateable to most readers Christian and non Christian She does have very strong pro life views which are expressed in her thoughts very forcefully at one point; so if that would horrify and offend you this is your “trigger warning” Barb found the novel “dark” overall and it certainly has dark elements; but she also found a good deal of comic relief in Tess' wry narrative voice and freuently laughed out loud at some comments I didn't but I enjoyed the leavening of humor At a thematic level the storyline explores the relationship of mother and child in its various permutations; and there's going to be some character growth by the end always a plusThis is a series I definitely intend to follow –and hope to get caught up to date on sooner rather than later There are so far two seuels

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    Tess Spencer has been thrown some curveballs throughout her life so she is no stranger to pain and heartache She carries a knife and can handle a Glock on any day ready to take on whatever comes her way When an anonymous warning note in the handwriting of a woman long dead appears in her best friend Miranda’s mailbox Tess starts to follow a trail that went cold years ago With very little go on but a handful of clues and her own tenacity Tess attempts to unmask the killer before she or someone she loves becomes the next victimSometimes I fall for a male lead Sometimes I admire a main characters fortitude faith or courage And sometimes I seriously wish that a character is real and would be my best friend because you know that’s a healthy reaction to have toward a fictional character right? Well right or wrong I simply adored Tess Spencer She is so uirky and uniue yet so utterly normal I just wanted to find her and give her a hug and go out for coffee In my head we are totally besties and our husbands should be besties too They could go camping and do guy stuff while Tess and I do something girly and thenoh right she isn’t real Heather has created a character that has lodged in my head like a real person and that to me is a sign of her superb abilities as a writerTess isn’t the only great thing about this novel As someone who tends to shy away from the thrillersuspense genre I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Miranda Warning but since I already trusted Heather as an author it seemed logical that I would enjoy it The setting of Buckneck West Virginia has a very realistic uality to it that seems specific to areas located in the Appalachian Mountains I can’t put my finger on it specifically but it’s the way that the characters related to each other the way they look out for each other and just an overall mysterious uality to the sense of place There is a particularly beautiful set of sentences where Tess describes walking through the mountainous woods describing its magnetism like “gravity for my soul” So true and so simple yet it feels very profound and is very telling of who Tess is as a characterThe plot has a lot of twists and turns – just when I thought I knew what was coming Heather adds another facet to the mystery – the story is compulsively readable and while I’m a uick reader in general I think I read this one in only a handful of sittings I’m also a big fan of first person narration and Heather does it really well Although the story follows Tess there is another character that speaks throughout the story as well and it was easy to differentiate between their two voicesThe secondary characters are all multi faceted and have their individual idiosyncrasies that provide depth and extra layers to the mystery of the story The friendship between Tess and Miranda was so endearing and humorous It is obvious that they have been close for a long time and that Tess won’t let anyone mess with Miranda Throughout the story it is revealed that Miranda took Tess under her wing when she was going through some things years before I liked the way that Heather revealed things about Tess and the other characters but still leaves some things to be revealed later in the series Although I’m sure the revelations were purposeful and planned they feel very natural and realistic within the story Tess and Thomas are so refreshing as a couple; whether it was bantering bickering or a romantic moment all of their interactions feel genuine I really loved his family as well; I’m pretty sure they should really exist tooThough the spiritual aspect of the story is not obvious on the outset it is woven throughout the story gradually and propels to a hopeful ending Tess’s inner dialogue of her fears frustrations and triumphs feel true and real and I found myself relating to her many times besides wanting to be her bestie and all that I highly recommend Miranda Warning for readers that like a mystery with a psychological bend to them It is one of my favorite reads of 2015 and I’m eager to read the continuation of Tess’s story Trial by Twelve

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    This was the first contemporary novel I've read by Heather Day Gilbert and it will not be the last I knew the author was extremely talented from reading her Viking fiction God's Daughter and Forest Child Now that I have seen how skilled she is with contemporary and mystery no less I am even impressed I loved the structure of the book how it was told from two points of view with two different timelines so I was given clues along the way in addition to what Tess Spencer the main protagonist was uncovering herself I enjoyed all the characters and I must say that listening to it on Audible gave it an extra layer of dimension The narrator did a fabulous job of making each voice distinctive I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with Tess in Buckneck West Virginia and can't wait to see what's brewing in the next novel Trial by Twelve

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    Don’t you love it when you find a new fictional character to root for? As all mystery lovers know it’s important to love a series’ main character and I love Tess Spencer the heroine of Miranda Warning She’s intensely loyal she’s both kind and tough she carries a Glock or a knife when she does her sleuthing the woman lives in the West Virginia mountains after all and she is no fool and she says things like “More coffee is never a bad thing”But this book’s plot is also terrific full of unforeseen twists and turns and the writing is top notch The book is rich in every sense of the word rich in characters all of them complex and realistic in details and clues in setting and in suspense Gilbert knows how to ratchet up the tension until you can’t put the book down because you must know who did what and whyI can’t wait for book 2 in the series

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    Tess Spencer's friend Miranda receives a note from her friend who died 40 years ago Tess is wondering who would do this and why and starts to look into Rose's deathIf you would ask me if I prefer 3rd person to 1st person I would always choose 3rd person However the 1st person narrative in this mystery novel were laid out well and drew me in from the start Tess was a uirky fun lovable character with her faults and I found myself smiling at a lot of her sayings and the fights she had with her husband scenes where I could totally picture myself and my husband Not only was the main character very enjoyable but the secondary characters were eually great I adored Nikki JoAt the beginning of each chapter we got a glimpse of events from the past I was totally intrigued with Rose's story and found myself reading page after page whenever I could to see what was happening It also helped that the chapters were short so I was possible to sueeze in a chapter or 2 when I had a few minutes here and thereThe mystery was enjoyable with lots of events and twists The author also did a great job of taking you as reader from disliking one character to totally understand and liking that character by the end of the book The twists and turns were placed at the right times in the mystery There was however 1 or 2 twists which was revealed later in the story which I started to consider as possibilities so I was not totally thrown when these were revealedThis was my first book by Heather Day Gilbert Looking forward to read from Tess and her friends

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    Miranda Warning is an interesting and intriguing mystery readThe story introduces Tess and Thomas Spencer Tess is a Glockpacking knife toting wife who becomes involved in a mystery surrounding an older woman Miranda Miranda befriended Tess when the Spencers moved into the house on her husband’s parents property in the West VirginiamountainsMiranda is dating a widower named Paul His wife died over 40 years ago and was a friend of Miranda Then a handwritten warning is received by Miranda telling her not have anything to do with Paul The warning was penned by Paul‘s dead wife Rose???? How is this possible?? Tess becomes involved byInvestigating which is putting her in dangerThe author weaves the past and present together effortlessly throughout the storyThe characters are dynamic and so realistic that the reader will feel like you know themThe plot has twists and turns that make this a fast paced adventure And the endingWhat a surpriseI received this ebook from book funorg My opinion is my own

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    I'm a little over 50% done with this book and felt the need to write I'm really enjoying this I had just finished a Viking book by Heather Day Gilbert and knew I had another of her books in my cloud stash so I downloaded it and started right in Soonly two things are similar about these two booksfemale lead and use of weapons But the female leads couldn't be opposite In Forest Child the Viking heroine's favorite weapons were her sword her bow and arrows and her small curved knife she kept razor sharp In this story the heroine Tess is modern not nearly as sure of herself as the Viking Freydis she loves her husband and his family and her best friend is an elderly woman named MirandaThis book just cracks me up It's not like it was specifically meant to be a comedy but the way this woman reacts to everything is just plain funny She's clearly not afraid of weapons because she picks up anything close by to use in the event something is a threat I mean I'm halfway through the book and I can count at least seven times she's picked up a weapon of some sort from a Glock to a kitchen knife Threatening notes a long dead friend's words that seem to come from her grave a woman stalking her threats a huge blonde florist named Axel showing up everywhere keep me turning these pagesTess doesn't trust nor care for Miranda's new beau nor does she trust the doctor treating Miranda nor does she trust at least two of the employees at Miranda's nursing home This character 😁Will write later when I get to the endWell finished it and it continued to be just as good as the previous half Plus there were a few surprises I seriously didn't expect I really liked Miranda Warning I just can't get over how different it was from this author's Viking book and that they were both so well done That to me is indicative of an exceptional authorOne thing I might point out is the switch back and forth in voices It's first person and switches from Tess to Rose every few pages Sometimes I had to stop and ponder who's talking?But it was fun well done and I recommend it for a light yet intelligent read

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    Whenever you embark on reading a new author for the first time you don't know uite what to expect Sometimes you are disappointed; sometimes you are mesmerized But I love moments like these when an author writes in such an authentic way full of messy broken characters that point towards grace and hope Heather Day Gilbert has blown me away with Miranda Warning which is part Christian fiction part suspense thriller and part Southern fiction The dialogue is realistic and it is clear that Heather Day Gilbert knows West Virginia well I also enjoyed that Thomas the main character's husband went to the University of Virginia which is where my brother went to college And speaking of characters Tess Spencer was great I found her to be the perfect mix of strength and spunk as well as vulnerable One minute she is carrying a Glock or sawing down a tree with a rifle strapped to her back and the next minute she is leaning on her husband and husband's family for moral support I also loved the realistic marriage and interplay between Tess and Thomas which was a great representation of the stress flirtations disagreements and love that those married can relate to Their marriage is another great example of the messy broken characters that we all can identify with since no person nor relationship is perfectI recently discovered another new author Jaime Jo Wright who's first novel I had read The Curse Of Misty Wayfair also blew me away I can see many similarities between these two authors actually and I must say this we need Christian authors and books that aren't afraid to present realistic authentic gritty powerful and poignant stories to readers So well done Heather Day Gilbert on the first novel of yours that I have read It was a great read and I definitely will read of your booksFor of my reviews please visit my blog at

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    Thought I'd take a break from reading my favorite genre historical fiction This mystery was just what I needed The author kept me in suspense from beginning to end Characters were believable and enduring Reader is led through an investigation with strategic clues that keeps the story intriguing

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    Heather Day Gilbertyou have a new fanStory kept me guessingas I went on Tess'sweapon always on handenjoyable mystery journey35 Shining StarsListened with TTS100% Clean