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A new suitor A shocking discoveryMargaretha has always been a romantic and hopes her newest suitor Lord Claybrook is destined to be her one true love But then an injured man is brought to the castle claiming to be an English lord who was left for dead by Claybrook's men She convinces herself Lord Colin is just an addled stranger until Colin retrieves an heirloom she lost in a well and asks her to spy on Claybrook as repayment Margaretha knows she could never be a spy—not only does she tend to talk too much she's sure Colin is completely wrong about her potential betrothed But she soon discovers her romantic notions may have been clouding her judgment about not only Colin but Claybrook as well She soon finds herself running for her life—and it may be up to her to save her father and her family from one man's wicked plot

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    The heart of the Holy Roman Empire 1413Margaretha is the eldest daughter of Wilhelm and Rose Gerstenberg Duke and Duchess of Hagenheim She’s overshadowed by her adventurous older brothers Valten and Gabe She enjoys riding horses she talks way too much and now she’s entertaining a suitor from across the sea channel a handsome but stuffy and arrogant Englishman named Lord Claybrook Margaretha has very little else going on in her lifeEnter Colin a British youth who wanders into Hagenheim from the forest feverish and left for dead The castle healer tends the lad and Margaretha becomes fascinated by him When his fever breaks he realizes that only Margaretha can speak his language—this is a MAJOR historical inaccuracy which I will be tearing my hair out about shortlyColin reveals to his sole interlocutor that he’s on Claybrook’s trail The man murdered a woman back in England and is now responsible for at least one death on German soil Understandably Colin fears that Claybrook has nefarious intentions regarding Margaretha and her people He asks her to spy on His Lordship Everyone thinks Margaretha is a bit of a ditz so no one will ever suspect herMargaretha doesn’t trust herself to do this job She can neither stop talking for five minutes straight nor keep a secret But she’s the only person present who can speak both English and German argh I’m getting to that and is also willing to help There’s also a priest who can speak a variety of languages but like most Dickerson priests he’s a sniveling coward Another rant for later No sooner has she agreed to the plan that she overhears Claybrook in private audience with the dozen goons retinue he brought from England conveniently reviewing his entire plan to take over Hagenheim kill the Duke and his heir Valten and marry Margaretha by force if necessary to put a flimsy veil of legitimacy on the proceedings Claybrook expects his German uncle a neighboring duke to assist him He thinks he killed Colin on the roadBefore Margaretha can tell her family what’s she’s stumbled into her dad and Valten leave Hagenheim to consult with her mom’s family in nearby Marienburg and Claybrook begins to work his nefarious schemeContent Advisory Violence More carnage than previous installments in this series—not super gory but still a bit jarring in a cutesy period piece like this The book opens with Colin trying to revive his friend John who was brutalized by Claybrook and company We also get descriptions of Claybrook throwing a pregnant girl into the river to hide his having fathered her child Margaretha clobbers assorted lowlifes with whatever heavy object she can find often leaving impressive injuries The Captain of the Guard cuts a few bad guy throats Various hoodlums and highwaymen threaten our heroine with theft and implied rape They get away with the former but not the latter There’s a battle at the end with no significant deaths Sex Colin and Margaretha like each other right away but spend most of the book angsting over it and not communicating with each other because propriety which was very low on the average medieval person’s list of priorities in real life but never mind They kiss a few times toward the end Some brigands leer at Margaretha and threaten to strip her to her undergarments and sell her gown This does not happen Language Nothing Substance Abuse Lord Claybrook is a drunkard because we won’t believe he’s evil unless he suffers from every single vice known to humanity He gets impressively sloshed the night before the battle and can’t accomplish the worst of his evil plans Nightmare Fuel Colin has a brief flashback of when Philippa was retrieved from the river her corpse pallid and bloated The Catholic Elephant in the RoomMelanie Dickerson’s Hagenheim books remind me a great deal of Mary Hoffman’s Stravaganza series Both are full of exciting adventures cute pairings fun set pieces a wonderfully atmospheric world and fairytale influences Unfortunately both are also hamstrung by clunky narration info dump dialogue with few if any distinct character voices sloppy editing and a very casual relationship with the historical record That last one is kind of a problem when you’re writing historical fantasy to say nothing of historical fiction With Hoffman we get stupid stuff in the Talia verse like silver and gold having reversed chemical properties or Mary I Elizabeth I and Edward VI all being the offspring of Catherine of Aragon eliminating according to Hoffman in her author’s note for City of Masks any need for a Protestant Reformation Because we all know how much Martin Luther cared about Henry VIII’s succession anxiety Not to mention that the people of Talia are or less openly worshipping the old gods when only the wonkiest Renaissance eccentrics did that in our world Hoffman’s breaks with reality seem benignly motivated though—I don’t think she put much thought into it beyond “This would look cool”With Dickerson though there is definitely a pattern to the discrepancies between her image of medieval Germany and the real thing 1 Dickerson’s characters pray in the stream of consciousness style favored by modern Evangelicals and Charismatic Catholic youth groups Like so Father God You are mighty to save—help me to insert scary thing I don't wanna do here This is not how they prayed in the Middle Ages The Hagenheim universe is completely bereft of litanies rosaries or any pre written prayer The characters also never pray for the intercession of the Virgin Mary or any saints These things were all a huge part of medieval culture Ignoring them is like writing a book about an Amish community that has electricity 2 Many of Dickerson’s characters carry partial or complete Bibles in their native languages The first German Bible didn’t appear until 1522 and the first English one not until 1526 3 Priests nuns and friars made up a sizeable chunk of the European population during the medieval period Yet in the Dickerson verse we have only a handful of priests The live ones are all cowards and mercenaries; the good ones are dead before the story begins So far we’ve seen only one monk—a friar of unspecified order who behaves like a nineteenth century American itinerant preacher and sounds like a modern evangelical minister than he resembles anything from fifteenth century Germany Nuns don’t appear to exist in this world at all 4 All of these characters have crosses worn upon their persons or hanging on their walls These are plain crosses with no corpus carved or even painted on The plain cross was not used in this manner until John Calvin over a hundred years after these stories take place As a uora user rather insightfully phrased it “The difference between the cross and the crucifix is that we remember Christ crucified when we look upon the crucifix and Christ risen when we look upon a plain cross” Links at the bottom of the review Medieval and Renaissance Christianity focused on the Passion of Jesus sometimes at the expense of the Resurrection The contemporary Protestant focus on the Resurrection sometimes at the expense of the Passion is a very recent historical shift beginning in the United States in the nineteenth century The medieval worldview was very influenced by St Augustine of Hippo preoccupied with sin and atonement The modern Christian worldview prefers to focus on hope and redemption I’m Roman Catholic and I can see that the medieval Catholic view was depressing and a bit morbid; I’m not arguing that that’s the only or even right way to worship But that was where they were in those days Authors should represent that faithfully If Dickerson so dislikes Catholic culture that she’ll go this far out of her way to avoid writing about it she should have kept the German setting but moved the stories forward a hundred years allowing for Protestant characters Either that or set them in an imaginary land very like medieval Germany but not uite the real thing where she could shape the religious practices of the inhabitants to her taste Lingua Franca I posted a nitpick of a status update while reading this complaining that any German speaking English at this time was a huge stretch My brilliant friend Tiffany pointed out that the language of diplomacy and the British aristocracy during the era of this book was not English anyway but FrenchWhen William the Conueror sailed from Normandy and subjugated England in 1066 he set up his followers as feudal lords over the Saxons who already lived there The Normans spoke various northern and western dialects of French Isolated from France for generations the new gentry’s multiple tongues eventually gelled into a single dialect now called Anglo Norman French Meanwhile the English language continued to develop but was spoken almost exclusively by the serf class Since the lords and ladies didn’t interact much with the peasants who farmed their land it’s unlikely that a lad with Colin’s social standing would have learned the language of said peasants He certainly would not have considered that his mother tongueAs a noblewoman Margaretha might indeed have gotten a bit of education in foreign languages but it’s highly unlikely that the language of the English underclass would have been among them Continental Europe did not really take England seriously as a world power until the Tudor Dynasty which would not rise until 1485 seventy two years after this story takes place But if Marge were among the learned noblewomen of her time she would have certainly learned French France was a formidable country then and its language was and still is associated with high status and sophistication So in a realistic version of this story the whole Hagenheim family would likely be able to communicate with Colin given that they and he would be speaking slightly different French dialectsThis information is not hard to find so why would Dickerson ignore it? Did the publishers think that the YA audience wouldn’t be able to comprehend that the wealthy Brits spoke French once upon a time? Or was pre Revolutionary France just too Catholic to talk about?The Boy in the Ugly Green ClothesDickerson’s retellings of “Snow White the Seven Dwarves” and “Cinderella”— The Fairest Beauty and The Captive Maiden respectively—stuck reasonably close to the source material and were much better for it I didn’t like the second half of Maiden much mostly because it diverges from the original tale to the point where one can no longer tell what story it’s supposed to be Unfortunately The Princess Spy is closer to book one in the series The Healer’s Apprentice Apprentice is a “Sleeping Beauty” retelling and Spy is based on “The Frog Prince” but it would be hard to connect either novel to the tales that inspired them without helpThe defining feature of “The Frog Prince” for me at least is that at first the princess wants absolutely nothing to do with that frog And one really can’t blame her because he is extremely annoying He hops after her wherever she goes insisting on sharing her food and sleeping on her pillow threatening to tattle on her when she resists Dude comes on way too strong has no concept of personal space and can’t tell when he’s not wanted Compared to Beauty’s Beast the Frog Prince is a hard character to like; the former enchanted prince accepts his lady’s judgment on him the latter manipulates fate as hard as he canSo while the princess is certainly spoiled and should have known better than to bargain with a clearly enchanted talking animal in a deserted place I still empathize with her when she finally snaps she became bitterly angry and threw him against the wall with all her might Now you will have your peace you disgusting frogBut when he fell down he was not a frog but a prince with beautiful friendly eyesYeah she didn’t save him with a kiss in the original Tough loveObviously the dynamic between these two characters would have to be changed a little in a full length novel like this and the prince would need some tweaking in order to not come across like a major creep But in a retelling one should still be able to see a trace or two of the original story in there somewhereUnfortunately we only have two references to the original tale in this novel the garish green hand me down clothes that Colin spends the first half of the book wearing and him salvaging a trinket of Margaretha’s that fell down a well in exchange for her helping him The most glaring discrepancy is that Margaretha is never at any point repulsed by Colin The “disgusting frog” angle is gone He’s flawlessly handsome from the start People call him “Frog Boy” even though the only remotely froglike aspect of his appearance is that temporary green ensemble Couldn’t he at least have long skinny limbs and giant feet? An unusually deep voice? I was listening to a Fun song on YouTube once and there were a bunch of girls in the comment section suealing over Nate Ruess’ “froggy lips” I could easily picture Ruess as a fairytale prince specifically this fairytale prince for that very reason So let’s say that he’s not ugly on the outside But shouldn’t he still be obnoxious since that’s the main character trait of the prince in the story? Shouldn’t he still be pushy and arrogant and have to learn that boorish behavior will only get him thrown against the wall?And shouldn’t Margaretha also be just a tiny bit careless and bratty to line up with her inspiration? You know so these characters can learn stuff and grow and change as the story progresses?Of course not The characters in these books are only allowed to have the smallest of flaws The adventure part of the book was still lots of fun but would have been so much enjoyable if Colin and Margaretha were getting on each other’s nerves the whole time a la Benedick and Beatrice or Han Solo and Princess Leia Instead we got a lot of them moping that they could never be together for stupid reasons that could have been cleared up in two minutesDickerson missed an opportunity with John Colin’s loyal manservant who could have been brought back in the end as a nod to the original prince’s coachman Iron Henry the only character in the story to whom the Grimms gave a proper name Unfortunately this character is never brought up again in the novelClaybrook is too over the top evil for no reason to take seriously as a villain He has all these terrible plans but lacks the intelligence to carry them out Philippa’s fate was darker than I expected from this series but that is not a bad thing ConclusionsI liked The Fairest Beauty and thought The Captive Maiden was fun overall The Princess Spy was fine as an escapist adventureromance but the glaring historical inaccuracies were harder to ignore this time around I find the Gerstenberg family rather charming and will continue to read their adventures but this was not one of their stronger stories It’s a largely harmless sueaky clean teen read—just beware of the Catholic erasure BIBLIOGRAPHY Cross vs Crucifix meaninghttpswwwuoracomWhy do Catholic Medieval Languageshttphomeschassutorontocacperchttpswwwlegallanguagecomlegal a The original Frog Princehttpswwwpittedudashgrimm001html

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    Wow This waskind of a horrible book To be fair let me try to think of something I likedHmmm1 Well it's a retelling of The Frog Prince which I thought was interesting especially since the retelling is accomplished without magic or there ACTUALLY being a frogThat's about it PWhat I didn't like1 The characters They're always the same Beautiful girl Extremely handsome guy They become physically attracted to each other and spend the rest of the novel trying not to be Blahhh 2 The heroine Margaretha kept claiming her worst fault was that she talked too much ??? Talking too much is honestly your worst fault? Why couldn't the author give her characters real flaws? How about pride? Envy? Selfishness? Her characters are always so kind and perfect and wonderful that they have to claim talking too much is my worst fault P3 Too Much Kissing Behold'You are indeed a woman of great worth and I do not think you talk too much' He took her face in his hands and kissed her briefly on the lips 'I am happiest when I can hear your voice' He kissed her again 'And I thank God that you love me' He kissed her for a long timeUGHHH4I can't stand it when the entire romance consists of the hero and heroine simply battling their longing to kiss one another or hug This happens constantly throughout the book And they just won't stick to their resolutions In one scene Colin comforts Margaretha by holding her close but then realizes he must never hold her like this again Guess what happens a mere 17 pages later?'He sat close beside her pulling the horse blanket around Margaretha and the child He also wrapped his arms round them'STAHHPP5 The evil villain laugh Just stop What are you doingHe walked away and his laugh floated down the corridor after he was goneHe chortled drunkenly'Even the king with sanction our marriage' Lord Claybrook laughed 6 The obviously Ever After inspired scene with the bandits and her dress It was so boring 7 Pretty much every scene where something went wrong on their journey was boring Because everything went right again in no time at all 8 The entire trip from Hangenheim castle to Anne's father's house consisted of Colin and Magaretha arguing about whether she was going with him to get help 9The little boy they found Toby acted like he was two not five He sueals and wants to pick wildflowers and continually asks Margaretha if she and Colin are in love and why they don't kiss Like a five year old boy would care?? 10 The characters continually ask forgiveness for lying to their enemies or stealing some supplies they intend to return Colin even asks her to forgive him because he called her a flibbertigibbet when they first met But throughout the entire story they never once think they should ask forgiveness for the way they've been hugging or desiring each other so much or for that time Colin caresses her cheek for no reason at allI GET IT OKAY ? THEY'RE IN LOVE I'm not saying stealing is right or that physical touch is wrong but still I feel like Melanie Dickerson is giving young Christian girls a very skewed view of love by having her characters always kissing and hugging and holding hands—and wanting to do so when they're not Time and again I find myself trying a Melanie Dickerson book because of my love for medieval fairytale retellings But after this one I'm not so sure I'll be brave enough to try anotherI'd like to keep my sanity thank you

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    SIGHS Why can't November come any faster???Basically me nowUPDATE First of All Thank you Melanie Dickerson for giving me a chance to read this book Okaywow I'm still processing I mean there's so much going on in this bookI mean I'm don't know where to beginwho am I kidding? This book was AMAZING I mean lots of actions It reminded me of the Princess Bride And I love the Princess BrideThere's spying and intrigueSwordfightingI did try to find a better picture but this is the best I can do XDAnd of course romanceBut in all seriousMelanie Dickerson did an excellent job of retelling The Princess and the Frog I mean I can't think of how anyone could done this better than she did I could not put the book downI loved Margaretha it's funny because she reminds me of my sisterthey both talk a lotso it makes it very easy to love Margaretha Margaretha may be sweet and innocent but once you threatened her family and those she's not going to back downAnd Colin? Oh okayyeah he was cutehe was a charming sweet yet impulsive reckless in sort of an Indiana Jones awayI really loved thatOverall this is one of the most exciting books of all If you feel like having a good action adventure with some sweet romance in a Princess Bride sort of a way Pick up this book when it comes out in November Again thank you Melanie Dickerson so much for giving me a chance to read this Amazing book And I cannot wait to read of your books in the future

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    WARNING This whole review I'll beAbout this book “Margaretha has always been a romantic and hopes her newest suitor Lord Claybrook is destined to be her one true love But then an injured man is brought to Hagenheim Castle claiming to be an English lord who was attacked by Claybrook and left for dead And only Margaretha one of the few who speaks his language understands the wild story Margaretha finds herself unable to pass Colin's message along to her father the duke and convinces herself 'Lord Colin' is just an addled stranger Then Colin retrieves an heirloom she lost in a well and asks her to spy on Claybrook as repayment Margaretha knows she could never be a spy not only is she unable to keep anything secret she's sure Colin is completely wrong about her potential betrothed Though when Margaretha overhears Claybrook one day she discovers her romantic notions may have been clouding her judgment about not only Colin but Claybrook as well It is up to her to save her father and Hagenheim itself from Claybrook's wicked plot”Series All of Melanie Dickerson’s books are connected “The Princess Spy” is considered #5 in this series “The Healer’s Apprentice”#1 review Here “The Merchant’s Daughter” #2 review Here “The Fairest Beauty”#3 review Here “The Captive Maiden”#4 review Here and coming in out tomorrow 1142014 “The Princess Spy”; should be read in this order for the least amount of spoilers Spiritual Content Many many many Prayers; Lots of Thanking God; Psalm 1 is uoted; Talks about God using the weak; Many talks about of God; Strong Faiths Negative Content Minor cussing including two ‘stupid’s a man is called the ‘devil’ and “this spawn of the devil” a horse is called a “devil of a horse”; a fight a man dies barely above not detailed; two men get killed boarder line barely above not detailed to semi detailed; Blood highest being semi detailed; Hares get skinned eaten barely above not detailed; Mentions of drinkingSexual Content a handful of not detailed kisses a semi detailed kiss a detailed kiss; Wanting to kiss; Hand kisses; A dream about kissing someone semi detailed; an embrace boarder line barely above not detailed to semi detailed; two mentions of a bedchamber; a baby was conceived out of wedlock; a ‘wench’; Love falling in love the emotions Margaretha age 18 Colin age 20 POV switches between them Set in 1413 Medieval 292 pagesPre Teens One StarNew Teens Two StarsEarly High School Teens Three Stars Older High School Teens Four Stars My personal Rating Four Stars These ratings are for girls who have read the previous books in this series would enjoyed all the tie ins Should be read in order Every Body Fan Girl Go I fangirled so stinkin’ hard throughout this book It connects #2 My favorite to #1 and #3 and #4 AHHHH I also really loved the Strong Faiths Some great prayers in this novel I’d also like to said that I loved Margaretha We’re so much alike She was so much fun “The Princess Spy” really gave my favorite Melanie Dickerson book “The Merchant’s Daughter” a run for it’s money I really didn’t know much about the whole Princess the Frog storyline so before I read this book I watched the Disney movie of that title Interesting movie to say the least ;And when I found out who Colin waswellLink to review BFCG may Read the review to see recommend this book by this author It does not mean I recommend all the books by this authorI received this book for free from the Publisher Zondervan for this review

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    I was at the library the other day and saw this book along with 2 others by Melenie Dickerson I had no idea they were in a series so I checked them out and started reading the one that looked the most interesting Once I finished I looked up the authorand realized this is the 5th book in the series P Oh well now I'm going back and reading the beginning ones I absolutely LOVED the book I have never been a huge fan of fairy tails but I am loving all the retellings I've been finding I also love the historical setting this book was written in and it made it all the interesting It's a book I will probably re read at least parts of it And I'm looking forward to reading all the others in the series

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    Sweet fairy tale with adventure romance humor and wonderful christian values all tied up in a wonderful story I look forward to my daughters reading this series when they are older

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    sigh How is Melanie Dickerson such a great author that she can write so many great books?? I love all of her books But this one holds all special part in my heart only because I am so much like Margaretha that it's slightly scaryxD And Colin Like come on how could you NOT lovr Colin?? He's such a sweatheartGo read this book if you haven't please But make sure that you read the others in the series first because everything would make sense if you did

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    Margaretha's story is riveting Melanie does a fantastic job of weaving romance throughout and there wasn't anything NOT to love I definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of fairytale retellings action packed adventures and great romances

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    The Princess Spy sounded promising The Frog Prince with spies I was interested to see how Melanie Dickerson adapted a fairy tale that hadn't been done by Disney especially since the last two books in the series had contained much action and much less preaching than the first two booksIt started out interesting as Margaretha meets Colin an injured English stranger ranting about murderers But as soon as he recovers and Margaretha starts her spying things go downhill fast The villain's plot is ludicrous and the way Margaretha discovers it is unbelievably convenient But hey a villain wants to take over the town and kill her family it should be good for some action and intrigue right?Wrong Colin and Margaretha go on the run and 75% of the prose follows this pattern Oh my heshe is wonderful I'm falling in love Oh no I mustn't fall in love because it will never work out But heshe is so beautiful I want to kiss himher No I mustn't I kept hoping that things would get better because even if these books aren't great literature they're generally fairly enjoyable stories but each chapter just continued the downward spiral of romantic angst Even in the MIDDLE OF THE FINAL BATTLE they're stopping to kiss and flirt with each other and discuss their future and most of the actual fighting happens off screen I think this is the first Goodreads book I've actually finished and still rated one star I feel bad for the review because these books are so gentle and harmless but I can't get over my disappointment of having a great action premise suashed under repetitive romantic angst

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    I feel really bad about this I love Melanie Dickerson and I love the Hagenheim books but this one just didn’t work for me I couldn’t get into the story at all It just felt kind of meh to me I was so excited to read a book with Margaretha as the MC because I’ve loved her when she’s shown up in her brothers’ stories and she was definitely my favorite part She was such a kind strong character Colin on the other handehh I didn’t really like him So I felt kind of indifferent towards his relationship with Margaretha which was a bit of a problem since that was the main point of the book Also I had a problem with the attitude toward women in this book I know this is set several centuries ago but I feel like the disrespect for women was much evident in this book than it has been in any other book in the series It just bothered me Overall this just didn’t work for me And I’m really sad about it