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Two stubborn hearts with no common ground must work together when the Great Depression ravages the nationKathy Andrews is good at goodbyes Her mother is sent to a sanatorium her sister left behind in Chicago and her father forced to roam looking for work So she holds close the only person she has left her brother Danny When the two go to live with the Marshalls in the sleepy town of Brighton she doesn't let anyone past helloElliot Russell frowns at his aunt and uncle's generosity even though he and his sister are on the receiving end He frowns too at the uppity city girl with a chip on her shoulder whom he can't get out of his head When a tragedy rips apart when tenuous existence they manage to forge will they find the sweetest place to be is in God's will or will they turn their backs on faith that fails to protect against pain?

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    5 Stars13 for mild romanceI have to admit I didn't know what to expect when I was offered a copy of this debut novel for review I had heard a great deal about it but didn't really have a clue what I was in forI was pleasantly surprised and delighted by the simple charm and almost poetic descriptions of this sweet depression era story It wasn't fast paced but it wasn't tedious Sweetness emotion heartache and historical realism were perfectly combined One thing that I appreciated was the strong element of faith in God So many Christian authors are strangely afraid to make their story one that revolves around faith worship and the God of the Bible Not so with Gorecki I could tell that she wrote from the heart not with hidden desires of pleasing the masses She wrote the story that God gave her I applaud her for this More authors need to incorporate faith so strongly in their manuscripts I was very encouraged in my own walk with the Lord and never found the message to be preachyI connected very well with the characters something that I don't do easily Elliot and Katy were very understandable characters I loved and appreciated them both and felt as if they could have been my friends I really liked Marci and Gene as well Dare I hope that a seuel will be written about them detailing their lives on the mission's field?I have to admit the beginning was the book's only slight shortcoming It didn't reel me in and until I was 14 of the way through the book I figured it was going to be a 4 star read Perhaps it was the freuent scene changes and multiple characters? However it is like something snapped 14 of the way through and I fell in love with every detail of the story I would have appreciated a little action and a little historical detail such as period terms a glossary footnotes but that is the historian in meAllow me to put in a good word for the cover designer as well It fits so beautifully with the story I highly recommend this tale to historical fiction and innocent romance fans There was nothing inappropriate or uestionable in this story and I would readily hand it off to a younger sibling to read Thumbs up to Gorecki for crafting a God honoring sweet story that will linger in your heart and give you a greater awareness of the harsh Depression years I received this book in exchange for my honest review The sentiments herein are entirely my own I was under no obligation to write a positive review

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    God’s Will fooled me for a bit I expected it to be just another Christian romance set against a historical backdrop but it’s much an exploration of life’s darker twists and turns and how God draws us to Him in spite of mishaps and misgivings along the way This isn’t a “light” story or an “easy” read in the sense that it deals in deep spiritual themes and physical pain These are not perfect human beings and they do not always make the right choices but along the way they come to see the intricate pattern threaded through their lives as belonging to a benevolent Creator Nothing is without meaning; no accident without conseuence The writing is poetic and flows nicely and the dialogue is well paced It is best suited and intended for a religious audience for it contains many references to God’s will to prayer to inner reflection and scripture verses It isn’t a fast read but instead moves at a deliberate and character building pace

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    I revealed the cover I interviewed the author Now 'tis time to review the bookAh Kathy A Chicago girl whose world falls apart on the very day the world falls apart The Depression begins and so does a very difficult time in the Andrews family especially for the oldest Andrews sister But this story is definitely not all doom and gloom far from it Kathy fights for her family and for the safety of her own heartBut is safety what she really wants?Through a move to the country separation from loved ones and the unlikely friendship of the one boy who can go head to head with her Kathy and Elliot too learn about life and having faith through it all Is that enough to convince Elliot to forgive himself and Kathy to trust again? I won't spoil the ending but it is fittingWhy I Recommend This BookI recommend God's Will because it's not a book about trusting Jesus to tie our heart strings back together when they come unraveled it's not a book about smiling sweetly when the thundercloud is parked above our heads and it's not a book about finding God and life becoming happily ever after Kathy's story is one where she cries rails stays silentand He loves her anyhowIsn't that just the best kind of story?If you love historical fiction down to earth prose and characters who become friends buy this one friends

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    Wow That was amazing Review coming soon PROMISED REVIEWGod’s Will thoroughly shocked me I LOVED IT I was not expecting to love it as much as I did and do This is a book I originally bought in Kindle but soon after finishing it I bought the paperback It’s one I can’t wait to share with my siblings YOU MUST READ THIS BOOKPlotStoryline 45The beginning was a little slow but not enough to make me stop reading The story itself felt very realistic to the time periodCharacters 55WOW All of the characters were so deep and well developed I felt like I knew each of them personallyWriting 55It was absolutely beautiful especially for a debut novel Want to read ability 55After I got beyond the first three chapters I was completely sucked in and couldn’t put it down

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    God’s Will grappled with some very real human tragedies illness separation heartbreak injury discouragement financial trouble and death The novel was set in the Depression years in America and it put heart and reality into the hardships families faced during that time I’ve read about it in history books and the toil it took in families across the US Meghan made this time in history come alive While pouring through the pages of God’s Will I vividly felt the effect of the stock market crash and the everyday struggle in homes in the city and on farmsI love how each character in the book is struggling to discover the mysterious work of God’s will in their life thus the title Each one finds the answer in a different way any of them thought possible The rich inspiring message woven throughout the book was excellent Meghan’s heart for the Lord shines brightly from the pages of her novel I appreciate books that leave me encouraged in Christ as well as entertained and this book did just thatA couple sweet romances sparkled through the story however they did not overpower or distract from the main story line Also the married couples in the story had beautiful Christ honoring relationships that made me smile The family relationships were very real and well done There were times of disagreements and arguing which is so normal of everyday family relationshipshowever the fact that the families portrayed in the story truly enjoyed each others’ company was truly lovely and a testimony of what a Christ centered home can look likeAs a farm girl the stories of life on a farm in the early 1930s was a delight and reminded me of stories that my grandparents have told me Hearing a bit about life in the tuberculosis sanatorium in God’s Will was interesting to read as well something I enjoyed learning about Learning a about city life in the 1930s was also fun I love how Meghan wove different settings skillfully into her story educating her reader and entertaining them at the same timeI highly recommend this inspiring new novel This book is a triumph for the next generation of novel authors I’m excited to read of Meghan’s books in the future

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    In this tender novel two Depression era teens and their families come to find that as Amy Carmichael says in acceptance of God's will lieth peaceThis is a young adult novel to savor Don't plan on breezing through it uickly or I think you'll miss the point of the methodical day by day story of Kathy and Elliot In a startlingly insightful way Gorecki explores the causes of all sorts of pain why God permits it and how we as His people must come to grips with it Though I started out disliking both Kathy and Elliot I found myself cheering them on by the end of it as they ran the course of faithAs a history lover I really enjoyed the setting of this novel as well 1930s mid westernsouthwestern America Fascinating details of everyday life peppered the story adding a lovely flavor The author let the story shine through however rather than allowing the history part of it to overtake the novelAs far as I am aware this is Meghan M Gorecki's debut novel I look forward to reading much from this gifted storyteller whose message shines forth as gold I highly recommend God's Will for any young adult reader though I believe that adults will enjoy it as well

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    I've seen uite a few high ratings for this book so I was excited to pull this book out of the Want to Read shelf and begin this delightful story I haven't read very many books set in this time period so that was another plus for meWhat I Liked All of the characters were very likeable and had genuine realistic struggles that were very well portrayed I liked the strong Christian messages in this book and how those who were strong in their faith encouraged those who were struggling It didn't mean the strong ones didn't have bad days but they always looked up toward Jesus and they were such an encouragement and inspiration to me as the reader I really enjoyed the POV of Kathy's motherAll of the children Judy and her husband had taken in were adorable and sweet I could picture them all uite well I think my favorite was Kathy's little brother Danny He was such a sweet caring young boy and I loved how he was constantly trying to cheer his older sister upI loved the overall feel of this book for lack of better words to describe this story It was very sweet and I was content with the endingWhat I Didn't Like While I really enjoyed this book the format I was reading in turned out to be uite distracting I purchased the Kindle version of this book and I was reading it via my laptop so I'm not sure if that had something to do with my computer or if it was truly the formatting of the book so I don't want to be too harsh because it might not have had anything to do with the book itselfThe writing felt a bit younger than I was expecting it to be It's not necessarily a bad thing it just wasn't what I was fully expecting that very well might just be me because I think I'm the only person so far to say that I might have misjudged the age range set for this book Either way I still enjoyed it it just took me a little bit to get into the story but once I did I was fully enjoying it This book also had if I'm counting correctly six POV's which was uite a lot for a story I think Thankfully the author handled all of them well and I enjoyed hearing from the different characters point of viewI give this book 35 stars for a very well liked story I'm grateful to this author for writing a delightful story that had a strong Christian message to it

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    I waited for the perfect day to pick up Meghan's book sun shining a gentle breeze through my windowand a new book There I was transported to the great depression and a family torn apart through hard times Kathy and her brother Danny are left on a farm in Illinois while their dad tries to find work their mother is in a sanitorium for tuberculosis and their sister stays with grandparentsThe bitterness and pain of seperation from her family hits Kathy hard and with only her young brother to lean on she can't help but uestion why God has allowed all this to happen The only joy she finds is in the company of Judy Marshall and helping her and the other girls in the farmhouse kitchenElliot Russell the nephew of Judy and her husband has his own bitter weight Left with only his little sister Elliot has found a new home and family with the Marshall's Will Kathy's city girl aloofness and their rivalry mess that up or can they learn to get along somehow?I loved reading along following as each character learns how to trust in the Lord no matter the circumstances Their stories felt personal real and relatableeven though we're from a different time period I also felt a strong connection with the author Meghan through these characters I love it when that happens DGod's Will was fun and sweet but overall touching and left me feeling that God really cares about us His children I only wish I'd had this book 10 years ago when my family began going through some hard times ourselves I know this will be a great favorite on my shelf and perhaps a great favorite to pass on as well

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    Can't wait to get this book and review it for my blog readers

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    Kathy Andrews has come through a lot of troubles in her short life and how she handles them will determine her character as well as her relationships with the people around herThe story opens into the aftermath of the Great Depression and formerly privileged resident of suburban Chicago Kathy Andrews is finding herself entering a new world To make matters worse her mother's illness suddenly grows worse and Kathy is forced to begin the first of many goodbyesKathy's formerly happy family of five shrinks to two as she takes on the task of keeping a happy face plastered on for her younger brother Danny For months on end letters alone are her only communication with her sister and their parentsI had the privilege of reading an early draft long ago before it was published so my love of the this story has waited a long time to culminate in a review of the available bookMultiple points of view make this a well rounded story from many different angles something I wish I could achieve in my own work All the characters sneak up on you and endear themselves in your heart Kathy and Eliot especially are easy to relate to with their stubbornness and refusal to allow people inMy only complaint is that now I cannot get these characters out of my head but of course that is the mark of a good book and an exceptional author Bravo Meghan Bravo