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The correspondence of a Founding Father and his brilliant wife The Letters of John and Abigail Adams provides an insightful record of American life before during and after the Revolution; the letters also reveal the intellectually and emotionally fulfilling relationship between John and Abigail that lasted fifty four years and withstood historical upheavals long periods apart and personal tragedies Covering key moments in American history the Continental Congress the drafting of the Declaration of Independence the Revolutionary War and John Adams's diplomatic missions to Europe the letters reveal the concerns of a couple living during a period of explosive change from smallpox and British warships to raising children paying taxes the state of women and the emerging concepts of American democracy

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    1010No review to come I enjoyed this immensely as it provided a wonderful view of the daily frets and worries of two people whose lives were inextricably enmeshed within their country's revolution Nation Building 101 with a bit of a uotidian tea drinking as a backdrop The last letter in this volume lends a certain closure to the American Revolution and to a seminal point in their personal lives “Paris 18 February 1783My dearest Friend—The peace213 which sets the rest of the world at ease increases I think my perplexities and anxiety I have written to Congress a resignation but I foresee there will not be a speedy decision upon it and I shall be left in a state of suspense that will be intolerable Foreseeing this I am determined not to wait for an acceptance of my resignation but to come home without it provided it does not arrive in a reasonable time Don't think therefore of coming to Europe If you do we shall cross each other and I shall arrive in America about the same time that you may arrive in EuropeI shall certainly return home in the spring With or without leave resignation accepted or not home I will come so you have nothing to do but wait to receive your old friendJ Adams213 The preliminary articles between the three parties Great Britain France and the United States were signed at Paris on the 28th of January 1783 Hence this may be considered as the close of the great struggle of the Revolution”

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    One of the most evocative and interesting collections of letters full of insights on their times as well as their relationship To be read and savored than once

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    These letters will blow you away Behind those hopelessly stilted cover portraits of our second president and his first lady there lived and breathed two vibrant opinionated brilliant and fully human individuals who were among other things deeply in love with and committed to one another as well as to their newborn country These letters cover the full span of the American Revolution a time when John and Abigail were often separated for unbearably long stretches of time sometimes years and they bring both the writers and the world in which they lived to life in a way that no movie or historical novel ever could You'll come away from this book not only with a genuine affection for what was after all the original Adams family but also with a whole new appreciation for the extraordinary vision lies at the foundation of who we still are as a nation than two hundred years later

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    This was the other book I had with me on my flights now that was a bit of mental whiplash going from 1770's Boston to 1990's Boston and back again whee This was so interesting to read it covers pretty much the entire span of the Revolutionary War It makes everything feel much real Abigail is constantly complaining that John never writes often or long enough John keeps reminding her to save money and to set a good example for their children Abigail keeps cutting stories short because someone else will surely write to you about it; John keeps telling her that he gets better information about what's going on in Boston from her than anyone else so please give me details It's stunning to realize how little time they actually spent in the same place during that decade and how difficult that was for both of them Especially when John is in France trying to get support for the war so many of the letters ended up in the ocean when ships were attacked by the British it makes you appreciate email you don't even have to know where the person is but you can be pretty certain they'll get it

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    Summary Such a cute love story of a lesson in history I really enjoyed this back and forth between a former first lady and US Pres before the US was formed My version did not have anything after he became president Learned a lot RecommendedHoopla does not allow for page numbers which kinda sucks But here are some thingsIn the intro they talk about how the ueen of England was not so nice to the former first lady I mean it was just after the Revolutionary War Kind of makes sense But she took it badlyLetter from 9 Oct 1774 This is assembly is like no other that ever existed Every man in it is a great man an orator critic a statesman; and therefore every man upon every uestion must show his oratory his criticism and his political abilities The conseuence of this is that business is drawn and spun out to an immeasurable length OMG nothing has changed in the world5 July 1775 It's cute to realize this is before we declared independence so it was just like any day Anyway a cute letter that is classically how ladies say they are upset bc someone hasn't written In modern times this was the euivalent of complaining about delayed texts A lot to learn from her languageShe further talks about the extremely poor treatment in Boston This is so much lucid than what was in my textbook It makes me think we've over watered down history SadI was struck with Gen Washington You had prepared me to entertain a favorable opinion of him but I thought the half was not told me Dignity with ease and complacency the gentleman and soldier look agreeably blended in him Modesty marks every line and feature of his face Total bro crushRight around that date he is writing letters and they start to be slightly coded He signals that he thinks the messages might be intercepted That is so 2020 I mean who doesn't worry that the messages are being seenFeb 18 76 He talks about the pamphlet called Common Sense Wow Paine was making the rounds He talks about how he wished he knew how to speak French as well as his wife He wanted her to make sure the kids knew This had to do with a trip to Canada Small pox concerns are all over the place This is a theme He talks about how he was into the idea that Paine had in Common sense for a continental government It was new back thenHe talks about being the president of the war board and that it had endless meetings It's amazing he finds time to meet write his wife through all of it3 July 1776 the eve of the declaration of independence it's not looking good They do it anyway He recants how it could have been great if earlier but now it's like solid to do so people don't think we can go backwardon page 200 left of hoopla she talks about the fact that women should be educated and that they should once they get things going in the government sort that out If you complain of neglect of education in sons what shall I say with regard to daughters who every day experience the want of it?Later she goes on If much depends as is allowed upon the early education of youth and the first principles which are instilled take the deepest root great benefit must arise from literary accomplishments in women There's a cute exchange on Oct 4 1776 where Adams clearly gets a letter from his wife where he's not writing enough and he's like I am seated in a large library room with eight gentlemen round about me all engaged in coversation Amidst these interruptions how shall I make it out to write a letter? So cuteThere's a weird exchange i don't understand on 74 pages left She talks about drinking with the officers and how they aren't getting a lot of attention Then she says It would gratify me much if I had in my power to entertain every officer in the fleet Weird her hubby's gone and that's what she writes? He's sent overseas and it doesn't seem to be goign well It's interesting to hear him talk of places and people from the point of view of America at that timeMy laptop is running out of power so I'm going to close with I wish this had been assigned in HS it's just cute

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    Intimacy with the most of People will bring you acuainted with Vices and Errors and Follies enough to make you despize them Nay Intimacy with the most celebrated will very much diminish our Reverence and Admiration John Adams 1735 1826 in a letter to Abigail Adams 1744 181812 April 1764 Love sweetens Life and Life sometimes destroys Love Beauty is desirable and Deformity detestible; Therefore Beauty is not Deformity nor Deformity Beauty Hope springs eternal in the human Breast I hope to be happyer next Fall than I am at present and this Hope makes me happyer now than I should be without it John Adams 1735 1826 in a letter to Abigail Adams 1744 181820 April 1763 I have Thoughts of sending you a Nest of Letters like a nest of Basketts; tho I suspect the latter would be a genteel and acceptable Present to a Lady But in my present Circumstances I can much better afford the former than the latter John Adams 1735 1826 in a letter to Abigail Adams 1744 181812 April 1764 I think I write to you every Day Shall not I make my Letters very cheep; don’t you light your pipe with them ? I care not if you do tis a pleasure to me to write yet I wonder I write to you with so little restraint for as a critick I fear you than any other person on Earth and tis the only character in which I ever did or ever will fear you What say you ? Do you approve of that Speach ? Dont you think me a Courageous Being ? Courage is a laudable a Glorious Virtue in your Sex why not in mine ? For my part I think you ought to applaud me for mine – Exit Rattle Abigail Adams 1744 1818 in a letter to John Adams 1735 182616 April 1764

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    This book is a selection of letters between John and Abigail Adams the couple who shaped and experienced the birth of the United States of America First let me say that I have always had a huge historical crush on John Adams ever since I saw 1776 Because of this I see John Adams through William Daniels colored glassesI loved this book because of who was writing and the small kernels of love and knowledge and wisdom that spoke to me It is the style I had difficulty with You would think that an epistolary book would be easy to compile and easy to read; one person writes the other person responds Not true One person writes 5 letters and waits for a friend who is traveling in that direction to take them They tie them all in a packet and it takes weeks to get to the destination In the mean time the responder has done exactly the same thing So you have 5 letters that have nothing to do with each other all written at during the same month or so And then you have the responses to all of the letters at once in another letter followed by several And that is not to mention the letters that were tossed overboard or stolen by spies So it is not exactly a linear conversation A good 50% of the conversation is I miss you so much write me letters Another 40% is recounting raids and skirmishes in Boston But the last 10% is filled with beautiful moments and passions I want to hug them for Like John's insistence that education exercise simplicity and virtue are the keys to a well lived life And how while changing history all he wants to do is go home to his farm and his family Or the comical descriptions he gives of his barber he is not allowed to tell anything about the Continental Congress which is hugely disappointing as I would have loved to have this detailed of a character study for themI love when she gets impassioned about the rights of women Everyone knows the famous remember the ladies letter but I think the better one is in regards to female education It is the first time I can tell she is angry In response to John's rant about the deficiency of education of men in the country she writesIf you complain of neglect of education in sons what shall I say with regard to daughters who every day experience the want of it? With regard to the education of my own children I find myself soon out of my depth destitute and deficient in every part of educationI most sincerely wish that some liberal plan might be laid and executed for the benefit of the rising generation and that our new Constitution may be distinguished for encouraging leading and virtue If we mean to have heroes statesmen and philosophers we should have learned women The world perhaps will laugh at me and accuse me of vanity but you I know have a mind too enlarged and liberal to disregard the sentiment If much depends as is allowed on the early education of youth and the first principles which are instilled take the deepest root great benefit must arise from literary accomplishments in women All in all a difficult book because it was not in narrative form but it gave me joy to hear the words of my heroes

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    This is not for everyone but I found it very interesting It is mostly the day to day of life during the Revolution of a family closely involved You see the struggles of communicating over both small and large distances The need for inoculations for diseases such as smallpox The financial issues that were present during the early formation of our country Overall it is a book of insight into two great minds

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    This is without a doubt one of my favorite sources of inspiration John Adams is painted by his own metaphorical brush as something rare to find in a US president a person with feelings fears doubts vanity and hope He is brought to life in this correspondence between himself and his wife whom I now contend might be seen as the finest First Lady with whom this nation has been graced Her powerful poignant words echo constantly in my mind Vastly ahead of her time in terms of her views on female empowerment she is also a devoted wife mother and patriot Honestly I come away with a greater respect for Abigail Adams than I hold for most figures in American historyThis collection of letters though difficult trudging at times due primarily to specific details of war maneuvers which some may find fascinating I found that the letters held true gems in terms of uotations words to live by and evidence of the intimate bond between two distant lovers trying to hold their connection strongI highly recommend this collection but I would caution anyone unfamiliar with the basic timeline of the Revolutionary War to brush up before they embark on this journey

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    It took me a while to get through this as I was a bit burned out on my history classes Abigail Adams remains one of my heroines and I have nothing but respect for her husband John even though he amused me a bit with his protestations of vanity I have to admit that I felt really sorry for Abigail; the loneliness and sorrow at being parted from her husband for so long came through as uite the burden to bear It was interesting to see how the war effected the times that they lived in as well from the descriptions of Congress movements of the military right down to how the war effected prices for goods All in all this was a very compelling look at one of America's greatest couples made even better because it was their own views and experiences that colored it