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Find it on At night I dream of the light of the sun and a sky so far away that it can never be touched and when I wake in the morning and the day begins I can’t shake the feeling that we were never meant to live in the darkBorn into slavery in the shadow mines of the south all Miri knows is a world of darkness until a terrible cave in frees her and she emerges on the surface and discovers the land of light But even in the land of light the shadows of the past cling and Miri must learn to take her place in the Great Story and help those around her to do the same

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    This book has a lot going for it The story is good the characters are okay and the setting in some alternative Australia is fun I found that the main characters explained their feelings and inner emotions far too much and I was a little put off by a lengthy discussion about the existence of God which somehow did not seem to belong The target audience would seem to be young young adults say 12 15 years and I am sure they will enjoy it very much

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    Miri now fifteen was born in the dark to a world of mining Her parents were shadow miners slaves of the Teznati destined to live their lives in darkness working in the mines She often thought after a hard day in the mines that there must be to life than this Olut the oldest person in the mines had once lived above the ground and often told Miri stories of the land of lightOne day as Miri is forced into an unstable tunnel and it collapses she pushes herself further and further into the tunnel until she collapses with exhaustion When she awakes she see light coming from an opening above Leaving everyone she knows and loves behind Miri climbs towards the light When she reaches the land of light will it be everything she dreamt it would be?I loved everything about this story The main protagonists Miri Sara and Mikel were easy to warm to and had me wanting them to succeed Miri was young and vulnerable but had plenty of fight and was eager to learn Each character had their own storyline at times they were separate and at other times all together but it all flowed well Even though it was a medieval setting with swords taverns and castles it had a very uniue Australian flavour The mention of Aussie animals the desert landscape and its original inhabitants made this an extra appealing story for meI’d say the only thing I didn’t like was that it had to end I would love to read of Miri Sara Mikel and the brutish Teznati

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    I have a hard time with books set in completely fictional universes I prefer books that take place in our world or in worlds that have a concrete connection to our worldI never figured out if this book was one of the former or latter It takes place in a world that is similar to Australia There are kangaroos wombats magpies red dirt opals and tribes that strongly resemble Aboriginal Australians Yet the setting was not called Australia It had a new name And instead of Parliament House in Canberra there was a palace Sometimes I thought the novel was Dystopian and set in Australia in the far future Other times I figured it was a fictional world that borrowed elements of Australia's fauna or floraalong with some of the Aboriginal cultureEven if the book was a fictional world which is not my thingI still enjoyed itI liked the writing It didn't have an excessive amount of description The dialogue worked for meI liked the characters especially Miri and SarahI thought the book was exciting and suspensefulI liked the complex emotional situation in the very beginning Miri is almost killed in the mines but instead survives and escapes the mines Here she gets her first taste of freedom For the first time she experiences the sun trees light stars etc She's alive and free Yet it's bittersweet because her family is still enslaved And on top of that she knows they assume her to be dead

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    True Rating 35 stars The story is well written well researched The worldbuilding is robust and well made The premise a fantasy set in Australia was indeed intriguing It would have been a 4 star book but for a couple of things The GoodThe WorldbuildingI have never been in Australia but the book felt authentic enough It is a medieval Australia which was strange but why not? The shadow miners plot is uite well madeThe story of the King asking for foreign mercenaries and coming to regret it pleased the history geek in me Many a king in history from Alfred the Great onward have regretted the same thingThe OriginalityI liked how the Aboriginal people of Australia were portraied save from a pet peeve of mine see beyond I liked the interior the travel the animals and plants It fitted very well Also in Australian history there had been miners living underground it added in plausibilityThe Political PlausibilitySpeaking as a Political Scientist this is a plausible situation which is something you rarely find in fantasy or dystopian novels The apathy of the people is a very correct rappresentation of what people often do under a tyramny Well playedStrong Female CharactersThisisalwaysabonuspoint No swooning female waiting for The Strong Man to pick her up No love triangles Lets repeat it together No love triangles Huzzah view spoilerThe Family LoveI really like it when a point in a book is something different from sensual love Here one of the main points is sibling love Good I say Bring on hide spoiler

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    The Shadow Miner tells the story of three individuals whose paths come to cross Miri a 15 year old girl who grew up in a mine until one day she suddenly finds herself outside; Mikel a man who was sent to the mines after growing up outside and has been sentenced to be killed; Sara a woman who watches over the forest while occasionally butting heads with the Teznati a group of people who control the mines and oppress the citizensThe book had a strong start and I was very curious to learn about what life inside a mine would be like as well as how such a society came into being However we uickly learn that only a few people specifically slaves are sent to the mine and once Miri escapes she doesn't return for the duration of the book The rest of the book details Miri Mikel and Sara's struggles to fight the Teznati and try to improve the society they live inIt took me a while to discover what type of book this was At first I thought it was speculative fiction with the mine being a sort of hidden society within a larger dystopia taking place in our own future However I eventually realized that it's essentially a fantasy novel set in an alternate world with a setting inspired by Australia I very much enjoyed the setting although I think it would have helped to have a clearer picture of what type of book this is prior to reading itI liked the premise of the book as well as the characters although I think the characters could have been a bit developed for my adult tastes This is a children's novel and I think it would appeal most to kids in the 8 12 range My stepdaughter is 10 and she is a heavy reader with fairly mature reading tastes she's also a Goodreads user but I think this book would be a bit too young for her The young protagonist Miri is described as 15 years old but her dialogue thoughts and actions sounded about the same age as my stepdaughter although she's mature for her age I think it would be appropriate if Miri was a few years younger 12 perhaps?The worldbuilding in this novel came about fairly late in the story Most of the backstory about the countrysociety of Gilt is revealed after a plot twist and I wish those details had come sooner because the plot twist would have been impactful if that wasn't the case I also really liked the worldbuilding itself so having it come sooner would have been better I think the length of the novel is fine but I would trade the middle chapters detailing Miri and Sara's journey as well as a few rounds of they're captured they escape for character development and backstory The last few chapters had very exciting developments As an adult I think some obstacles were resolved a little too easily but that pace might be just right for young readers

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    I enjoyed this book It's a real world populated by real people It's well written and well thought out The plot flows I got into it uickly I didn't miss the background of the planet how humans came to be there and what was going on in the rest of the planet as I thought I might The adventure took me I was confident I'd learn what I needed to in time The descriptions of the mines were particularly nicely done and all setting descriptions nicely took me where I was supposed to be I liked the characters Strong female characters are important fun to read and fun to write As a woman I thought Sara was great a strong and sensible yet flawed character A girl could easily identify with Miri's dedication and intelligence There are also several strong and good male characters making this a universal read for those boys who can't yet identify with female characters and also showing reasonable femalemale relationsIt was a fun read but it felt unevenly paced and like it couldn't decide if it was AYA or Tween There was explicit violence hunting beatings The story built and built and built to the point I thought it was a set up for a series and began wondering where it would end and where it might pick up with the next book but shazam everything's wound up in the last very few pages and there are lose ends Sothis means no seuel? I'm sad about that The characters were a bit uneven too I wanted depth from Sara and Mikel and a little simplistic idealism from Miri who is sophisticated far beyond what her upbringing and usual environment would indicate It was a bit heavy handed on the themes of destiny going with the flow and luck I think morals should become clear from characters' actions rather than be announcedHOWEVER I really enjoyed reading this My criticisms are trifling compared to the goodness of the whole I liked the planet and its people I'd like to go visit again More adventures on this planet please

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    I loved this book It was amazing The world building was very well done The author avoided the dreaded info dump and instead gradually introduced the reader to an amazing world The characters were very well portrayed and likable I particularly liked the characters of Sara and Mikel There were also several uotable parts as the author gave the story a deeper spiritual meaning I would highly recommend this book and in fact I already have I look forward to seeing what Katie Beitz does next

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    By Bree Wolf author of FirefliesI didn’t really know what to expect from ‘The Shadow Miner’ but whatever it was Katie Beitz surpassed it ‘The Shadow Miner’ is full of adventure and excitement but at the same time manages to pull at your heart strings I loved it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great read