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THE FIRST BOOK IN THE DUKE MICHEL SERIES DUKE MICHEL THE MYSTERIOUS CORRIDOR Skateboarder Michel is freaking out as his cousin Romain has gone missing Michel sticks his head through a hole in the garden fence and is sucked into a giant vortex He ends up in a mysterious corridor with doors leading to strange worlds He also meets Duke a food obsessed sarcastic Basset Hound dog who is searching for his brothers Together they hunt for their missing relatives unaware that they are also being hunted by the Master a villain with a dandruff problem A HILARIOUS ACTION PACKED ROLLER COASTER OF A RIDE FOR PRETEENS Follow Duke Michel as they visit Skaters' Paradise Planet Football Candy Land Nap Land and many other alien worlds including the dreaded School

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    I know this is meant to be a children's book but when I stared reading just to check it was suitable I couldn't stop And I am most definitely adult Sorry kids my turn first This book made me laugh a lot the humour is so original I challenge anyone to resist Duke the most irritating fascinating talking animal I've ever encountered Elias Zapple has a wild imagination and he doesn't hold back Michel and the constantly annoying but strangely lovable Duke travel along the corridor searching for three year old Romain They meet some characters who should become classics Including the dreadful Master and his sidekick Mr Flagstad Have to go as my kindle is being snatched by a very determined seven year old

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    Modern adventure part spike milligan part neil gaimon and definitely silly A good bed time read

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    Duke Michel The Mysterious Corridor by Elias Zapple is a very original and netertaining read about a skateboarder and a talking dog in a corridor connecting worldsWith great vivid imagination and fantastically created charcters in those worlds Zapple understands how to make kids and their parents smileMayor Sandman in Napland must be one of my favourites but judge for yourself There are plenty ideas and characters in this bookA real treat

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    A fun filled yarn with a slightly dark edge that will prove a delight I'm sure to all older children who read it I gave it to my 10 year old for her birthday and she loved it Zapple introduces some very wacky and delightful characters that will live on for many years to come

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    A hilarious roller coaster of actionThis is such a fresh exciting story for young adults The book was well written and brought me into new magical worlds It was a good read that made me laugh out loud

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    Another great book by Elias Zapple

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    Funny funny and bizarre The dog Duke is super funny and the soul of the book Wonderfully inventive worlds and characters A must read

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    This book reminded me of a current Alice in Wonderland because the colorful characters and curious lands behind each door of the mysterious corridor Duke and Michel trade insults in exactly boys would sarcasm and all This hilarious pre teen kids book is definitely for boys but I think it would appeal to girls who aren't girly girls as well

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    From the moment Michel hurtles through a vortex and lands on a talking Basset Hound called Duke you know that this book is going to be filled with humour fast paced action and imaginative fun not to mention a sprinkling of Duke's sarcasmThe book makes use of cool language that will appeal to pre teens ideal for encouraging reluctant readers in the targeted age range to actually pick up a book These include skateboarding and texting terms that as an uncool adult I shan't even pretend to understand Despite my linguistic ignorance I thoroughly enjoyed reading this madcap adventure and am now looking forward to reading the next book in the seriesWithout giving too much away as far as the plot is concerned I feel I must mention the shopping with grannies punishment plan Little details like this had me laughing out loud and I am sure they will be enjoyed by both kids and by those of us who vaguely remember being kids

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    I loved this book It kept me entertained from start to finish and it is definitely something I would pass along to students looking for a good Fantasy book The Mysterious Corridor is ideal for the student who loves a good humorous adventurous and a little mysterious book The book features a skateboarder who finds a mysterious vortex I think it would be ideal for students at a fifth grade reading level to do some independent reading with Within this story readers will meet a sarcastic dog making this a great book to teach tone Students will be provided with several examples of it as they read the book