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Duke Michel must rescue Michel’s family and Duke’s Premium Nibbles from the villainous Master but end up becoming pawns in a battle between the Master and King Tingaling who is still royally riled over a portrait of him in a compromising position with a pineapple a wad of cash and his favourite pig Buttercup

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    'The King Tingaling Painting' hit me like the space rocket that takes Duke the talking Basset Hound and twelve year old Michel on journeys between bizarre worlds This is a brilliant and infuriating book characteristics I assume must be shared by the author Elias Zapple Yes yes I know it's meant for children but if I hadn't been reading on my kindle I would have thrown it across the room Instead I had to content myself with the cyber equivalent switching my kindle off and on and off and on I just had to find out what happened next However painfulDuke and Michel plus Boris the rat are incredibly funny The humour is quirky and unpredictable a constant surprise I laughed out loud throughout this intense reading experience At times I cried The crying times corresponded with the virtual book throwing I loved Duke and Michel so much that I wanted to have a say in what happens to them Votes for readers Study the cover Great artwork by Elliott Beavan that also contains clues to upcoming events in the book 'The King Tingaling Painting' is for kids who appreciate a story that reflects the difficulties and struggles of life With wild jokes And also for adults who want to experience truly original and talented writing

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    Duke Michel The King Tingaling Painting by Elias Zapple is a wonderful book full of laughter for the young readerFirst of all the artwork on the cover is magical and the thrilling twists and unforgettable characters make this book a masterpiece of the very talented author Elias ZappleHaving received this copy for an honest review I highly recommend it for an adventurous read

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    I read this with my nine year old grandson He loved it and so did I In fact I was so impressed I had to come here and leave a review The story is about a twelve year old and a talking dog on a rescue mission It’s funny and imaginative and it made my grandson laugh out loud—no mean feat The artwork is delightful all in all a very entertaining read

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    Another funny book by Zapple The sequel to Duke Michel The Mysterious Corridor and just as funny A simpler plot and less characters but just as great Kids will love Duke Michel

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    Duke Michel The King Tingaling Painting by Elias Zapple is an incredibly funny book for children that has a bunch of fantastic characters and ideas Highly amusing and at times bizarreA talking Basset Hound and a twelve year old are the heroes of this excellent and inspired tale I have become a huge fan of the very talented and creative Zapple and I am not even a child myself Highly recommended

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    This is the second story of Duke and Michel that I have read in a week and this one was just as good as The Mysterious Corridor and as entertaining Get these books for your younger kids They will love them I wonder in the years ahead if Zapple will be the one to get younger children interested in reading the same way JK Rowling did it for teenagers

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    I bought another book couple of weeks ago from Mr Zapple as a gift for my little cousinWell this time I bought it for me first the I'll gift it for herAs always great characters a lot of laughs and an awesome storyCan't wait to read of Duke and Michel