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a Pirate bound by a centuries old oath a Knight determined to prove her calling a Legacy demanding surrender As Keeper of the Seahorse Legacy Cazien de Pollis is a King among pirates divinely appointed to dispense justice on the seas Bound by the sacred oath of a long dead ancestor he must fulfill a contract to wed the green eyed Oracle’s Daughter named therein—or risk losing everything he and his people hold dear But at nineteen with the identity of his betrothed only recently revealed Cazien resents the contract—and the urgency within him to see it satisfied Erielle de Gladiel returned from the uest for the Remedy changed Not only are her formerly blue eyes now a brilliant shade of green but she must don gloves to hide inky evidence that her prophetically bestowed title the Oracle’s Daughter demands from her than the task already completed Erielle’s dearest held dream is realized when she is knighted by her King but unbeknownst to her that very honor jeopardizes the prophesied purpose to which she and Cazien have been called Just as Cazien summons the courage to collect his bride dark rumors and darker deeds crawl up the coasts calling its guardians the Seahorse Pirates into action—and Cazien away from Erielle But even though the Oracle’s Daughter knows nothing of the contract to which she has been consigned Cazien’s enemies have somehow learned of his interest in Erielle And if they reach her before his ancestor’s weighty oath is executed the Seahorse Legacy will be forfeited and darkness will be given reign The third book in this series within a series The Seahorse Legacy begins an epic re imagining of the classic Grimm fairy tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses which will conclude in Eyes of E’veria Book 4 The Sunken Realm coming in 2015 Want to dive deeper into the world of E'veria? Look for the first two book set in the Eyes of E'veria series by Serena Chase The Ryn book 1 and The Remedy book 2 retell the classic Grimm fairy tale Snow White Rose Red on an inspirational and epic scale Advance Praise for The Seahorse Legacy In a word love Well perhaps a few It's a rare author who can make each book in a series captivating than the last Serena Chase exceeds all lofty expectations with The Seahorse Legacy the third book in the Eyes of E'veria series Here's to the next Tamara Leigh USA Today bestselling and award winning author of such novels as Lady at Arms Dreamspell and Splitting Harriet With a hot pirate a feisty female knight and an intriguing mystery The Seahorse Legacy hooked me from page one This is one adventure on the high seas you don’t want to miss Cindi Madsen YA author of All the Broken Pieces Cipher Rift and Revolution and author of the adult contemporary rom com novel Cinderella Screwed Me Over Pirates romance secret oaths everything you would hope for and in a fantasy set on the high seas Serena weaves humor into her characters but stays true to the larger life lesson of yielding to the One This is one adventure you don’t want to miss Morgan Busse author of Daughter of Light and Son of Truth

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    Ooh I have just finished reading an utterly thrilling fantasyfairytale retelling Did I ever mention to you that THE EYES OF E'VERIA by Serena Chase is a fantastic series? The Seahorse Legacy is the third book to this series and I was uite blown awayAt the wedding party for the Ryn and her beloved Erielle de Gladiel dances obliviously with many a handsome young man enjoying herself uite immensely for the most part With her new knighthood and her big brother and dear friend so happily in love she at ease with life But from the shadows a darkly handsome pirate watches her silently knowingly A deep secret burns within him not letting him be A secret pertaining to keeping his Legacy alive that will effect wild green eyed Erielle than she could ever know And in the land beyond the ballroom strange and terrible disappearances are being reported far and wide Will the rakish Cazien de Pollis and hot headed Erielle be able to do as The First calls them to? Or will their selfish desires bring things to utter ruin?Eep Excuse me while I fangirl a little grins Daring sea faring adventures in fantasy realm with a fairytale touch at its best After loving The Ryn and The Remedy I was captured entirely by The Seahorse Legacy; it exceeding my expectations Serena Chase writes with such fantastical touch I was delighted again and again by the fairytale ish wonders I found within her third novel What beauty What mythicThe whole tale sent a shivery thrill through my heart; and not to mention a romantic one as I watched this epic love story unfold between pirate and lady knight Mind you it hasn’t uite yet all the way unfolded I was delighted with Julien and Rynnaia’s new roles as husband and wife and it was fun to connect with their characters this way And it was great to reunite with all the others as wellCazien What is it about that roguish brooding altogether too handsome young pirate? winks He’s unforgettable and epic at once I was so excited to read his story after finishing The Remedy A witty sarcastic and delightfully entertaining heart breaker for sure It was lovely to journey along with him and watch him mature and grow and encounter The First in a beautiful way He’s the best grins I can’t wait to read about this intriguing characterErielle was a lovely heroine at points and a spoiled little girl at other moments She had a lot to learn in The Seahorse Legacy and as with Cazien I am so excited to find out what happens next in her storyThe romance of this book was great Nothing like an arranged marriage by order of The First mind you between two stubborn fiery and imperfect individuals At some points I felt a tinge of disappointment at how things were going but in the end it worked out just perfectly Except for it didn’t uite end oh where is book 4??A note to follow that The Seahorse Legacy definitely seems to be in a whole new category than the first two books when it comes to audience While I was perfectly alright with letting my twelve year old sister read The Ryn I was a little less certain with The Remedy and DEFINITELY won’t be having her read The Seahorse Legacy until she’s a mite older There’s some violencegorecreepy feel that goes a bit beyond what the first two books had; and also some mature themes throughout the book scenes concerning women getting attacked a certain few horrid moments with an evil lecherous pirate and a scandalous though actually innocent incident between a young woman and man Also some conversations about indiscretion There was a little bit of crudeness too Which I could certainly have done without The interactions between Cazien and Erielle and Julien and Erielle Oh this heroine is going to lead you on a wild ride Fiery headstrong and clever yet with a fair amount of naivety she’ll have you on the edge of your seat She certainly did me I was shaking my head “You foolish girl” And then of course we had a certain young man step in obscured by mist Sorry Before I give too much away I’ll stop Just read this series I don't believe that you will regret it ^^As always I must mention the allegory THE EYES OF E'VERIA has a wonderful Christian allegory I feel Very good Perhaps one of the best I’ve read I LOVE the encounters between our characters and the Creator I love how Serena Chase deals with nasty issues like arrogance and selfishness I love how she creates special moments that a loving God gives his precious children Ah you have to read The Seahorse Legacy and the first two books for that wonderful parable even if you don’t exactly love fantasy or fairytale smilesIf you haven’t read my reviews of the other books in this series there is “magic” or special abilities and such But the supernatural abilities come either from The First for the good people or a deep evil for the bad people I find the magical part of THE EYES OF E'VERIA enchanting and mysterious for the most partSo yes THE EYES OF E'VERIA is an adventurous romantic mystical series filled with tales in fantasy setting and brilliant fairytale feel I loved The Seahorse Legacy and absolutely can hardly wait to read The Sunken Realm

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    Cazien is the captain of the Seahorse Pirates and holder of his family’s Legacy a legacy that gives him special abilities linked to the sea and binds him to a secret oath one that chose his bride for him hundreds of years before he was born Of course being a pirate he doesn’t like to be told what to do or in this case who to marryEirelle is the first woman to ever be knighted in Everia an honor she has desired ever since she was a child But little does she know her allegiance is owed to another country one bound by marriage her marriage Everything is at stake for Cazien He must woo and wed Eirelle or just grab her and run in order to fulfill his family’s oath If he doesn’t wed her not only will he lose his abilities through the seahorse legacy the people of his island country will be captured and all of Everia will be at riskBut how do you get a pirate to do what he doesn’t want to do?I loved The Seahorse Legacy I also loved Serena’s first two books The Ryn and The Remedy but I have to say I liked this one a little What can I say? I’m of a pirate lover than a knight lover ☺ Both Cazien and Erielle are mixed characters good but flawed And I liked that I also loved the connection Cazien has with the sea As a sea loving woman I would love to have his abilities or to even sail on his shipThis is the first book in a two book series so it does end without everything resolved But that only makes me want the next book now

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    So there's this cover change I know a lot of people really love this new cover so please don't throw stones but I actually prefer the original cover and was hoping the get the paperback in the original cover to match the others Don't get me wrong it's a nice cover I just prefer all my covers to match and the original cover was really cool

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    This book along with “The Ryn” and “The Remedy” has joined the ranks of my favorites These are books to be savored that allow you to take a journey with their characters laughing crying despairing and exulting right alongside them The Seahorse Legacy has an incredibly gripping well thought out storyline which satisfies all expectations created in the preceding installments – its twists and turns bring to mind the realism of a true historical account something which is only achieved in the best of fantasy The characters are real– their imperfections are realistic and able to be related to and further are dealt with in a constructive way Fantasy elements are so well imagined that they just make sense; they are – how shall I put it – an integral part of the story rather than random flights of imagination which are arbitrarily added just for the sake of adding them as is sometimes the case within similar genres Combined with the skill of a wordsmith who is able to paint stunning scapes in the minds of her readers this makes the book a delight to readTo someone who has grown up with the truths of Christianity ingrained in her thought patterns and psyche – and therefore often succumbs to the effect of truths losing their piercing power due to a high level of familiarity – this book is very valuable By taking these truths out of our familiar realm and embedding them within that of fantasy one is enabled to take a step back and see them again in a sense from a ‘third person’ point of view almost objectively and with a newness that makes them striking again I walked away with a fresh sense of amazement at the mercy grace and love of our GodAlthough I know the folly of wishing time would go faster I do hope that 2015 arrives soon – I await the seuel with bated breath

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    Excuse me a moment while I gushILOVETHIS BOOK Author Serena Chase knows how to make a person feel like they are right smack in the middle of the action with her writing With descriptions like the odiferousness of The Men of Duroc which had me wrinkling my nose at their stench to the very vivid action seuences and the fun wordplay between Cazien and Erielle THE SEAHORSE LEGACY is my favorite so far of the Eyes of E’veria series PIRATES Who can resist them? Especially Cazien de Pollis I happen to love this particular pirate because he actually seems handsome enough to turn heroine Erielle’s head He’s witty and sneaky and actually honorable in that he really does wish to keep the Legacy even though it reuires so much of him Newly knighted Erielle starts out being a bit immature but by the end of the story I think that her experiences will mature her but not break her Of course there are the “bad guys” throughout the story There are a couple such characters that I wanted to reach through and smack for Erielle’s sake One being an uncouth knight who dances like a clod and the other being Cazien’s half brother whom I’m afraid is going to be a fly in the ointment But these two characters are mild compared to the smelly Men of Duroc and other pirates out to capture a bargaining chip to use against the Seahorse CaptainVivid and descriptive writing set this reader right in the middle of the story and had me staying up way past my bedtime to find out what happens I found my heart racing and my blood pounding through my veins as the ending neared Now I’m afraid I am going to find myself stuck on The MeredithCazien’s ship until book 4 comes out in 2015 Not a bad place to be stuck let me guarantee you

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    Personally I enjoyed the first half of this series better than Erielle's story so far but overall this was enjoyable Erielle rather got on my nerves at parts but I loved her at the end Instead of being wise and careful as she was in The Ryn and The Remedy she was headstrong and rather foolish Multiple times she deliberately disobeyed orders knowing full well what that might mean Cazien was fun to get to know better and there were several parts when he reminded me of a sane Jack Sparrow and Once Upon a Time's Captain Hook My favorite parts however were the family relationships Erielle and her brothers Cazien and Rynnaia oh they were so good I also enjoyed watching Rowlen and Kinley interact with Erielle I laughed a good deal throughout this book And then at the end when Erielle and Cazien get married that is by far the best part of the book My one complaint content wise is that this book goes a little further than the others in the series There is gore ie a hand gets cut off people are impaled etc and there are references to threatening a man's masculinity female curves female companionship etc It is understandable since we are dealing with pirates but still Several characters show low standards of morality throughout the book No details or anything inappropriate just references and comments that come along with dealing with pirates and similar charactersOverall an enjoyable continuation to Serena Chase's series

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    Pirates I loved this book It is currently my #1 book for 2016 Lots of adventure edge of your seat moments laughter and uite a few tears later I can't wait to start book 4 Serena continues to amaze me with her ability to not only tell a phenomenal story but to weave it together with beautiful allegory And it doesn't hurt there are a few pirates in the tale ; As much as I loved Julien I may have just switched to Team Caz Definitely a must read

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    I just knew I was going to enjoy spending time with Erielle and Cazien and I was right These twosigh I don't have words to describe how much I love them both Their adventures are truly of epic proportions and I ended this one SO glad I waited to read it until book four was out

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    This Review May Contain Minor SpoilersI bought this book because I loved the first two books in the series I was also eager to see two minor characters take the stagePlot – A The plot of The Seahorse Legacy is based on the Grimm fairytale of The Twelve Dancing Princesses The clearest reference to the fairytale is in a dream Erielle has where she is dancing until the soles of her slippers are worn through There is also a uest to find out who is responsible for a series of disappearances in the middle of the night and rescue the victims if they can The ties weren’t as clear this time as they were with the first two books but that didn’t really detract from the plot However there were several times when the plot was dragged out due to stupidity on part of Cazien and Erielle especially Erielle The ending is of a cliffhanger this time around and the plot definitely cannot stand alone without its companionContent – B This book is not nearly as clean as the previous offerings There is a lot of bloody violence Erielle stabs a man in the thigh and then cuts off his hand He conveniently dies of blood loss before he can be uestioned A character is killed offscreen but the way she is found is a bit gruesome Another female character is whipped beaten and then branded This punishment seemed gratuitous to me because it was almost as if she were being punished by the author because of her previous actionsI felt like I was reading completely different characters this time around and it wasn’t a good thing Eirelle was a bit brash and headstrong in the previous books mainly due to her obsession with being the first female knight but now she’s arrogant rude unlikeable and than a little foolish She comes across as a stereotypical feminist rather than a girl who can grow into a strong woman without bashing men I was than disgusted with her because she doesn’t grow as a character Instead everyone is out to get her and the moment she starts to show some sense it is immediately suashed and blame is turned back on the men in her life and work She doesn’t want to be seen as anything but a knight but she also reminds people that she is a Regent’s daughter She was portrayed as intelligent and seeing things others didn’t in the last book but this time she buries her head in the sand and refuses to acknowledge anything Her redemption is not shown and I dearly hope that Eirelle is vastly improved on in the next book because this spoiled arrogant brat is not interesting King Jarryn who was so wise and so likeable in the last two books has been replaced by an arrogant and antagonistic man who shows no forgiveness or trust to Cazien who is SUPPOSED to be an ally He makes such a big deal about Cazien being a pirate and therefore not a man of honor that I was taken aback Jarryn is the one who loses face in these encounters and feels completely out of character His ueen excuses as his soft heart but I had to think about it and remember that Eirelle had essentially taken the place of his missing daughter until Rynnaia was found to even begin to justify his reactions I wish someone had pointed that out in the book Julien Eirelle’s brother was a bit out of character too especially toward the end where he believes that his sister fooled around with their host Cazien well we didn’t get to know him well enough in the last two books for there to be an obvious dramatic shift in character but of everyone he was the most likeable and sympathetic characterThere is sensuality in this book almost from the very beginning Starting in chapter Two when Jarryn challenges Cazien as to whether he would disgrace Eirelle to force her to fulfill the Legacy Oath There is also a scene where some pre teen boys are peering through a hole in the wall of a brothel There is an absolute obsession with mentioning Eirelle’s purity The romantic aspect is replaced with Eirelle being suspected of being a doxy The strange part is she’s too innocent to know that a girl at a tavern in the seedy part of town was one of the ladies of the night but then she takes insult at implications that she’s not virtuous and then after an encounter where a man proposes she indulge in a dalliance with him she doesn’t understand when a foiled kidnapping attempt where the men are being very straightforward about wanting to despoil her results in a knight asking if she has been harmed It didn’t make any sense and almost seemed like there two Erielles One who was aware of the seedy side and one who was so innocent as to be ridiculous But then again she also blindly ignores the fact that the men are after her and not the Ryn Even though this is not the first time they tried to kidnap her There is also a rumor put about that she was ruined by their host which even Julien suspected was true even though that is not what happened A female character is also described as being groped while she is tied to a ship’s mast for a whipping The only reason a female character wasn’t raped was due to the author carrying her out of that trouble at the last minute There is also a wedding scene that smacks of dubious consent and being under the influence which I hope is addressed in the next book The language used in this book is also tied with the sensuality We moved from hints at a woman having nighttime customers to a madame whose girls serve as “entertainment” to the use of doxy and whore and receiving a harlot’s brandSpirituality is at a low compared to the previous books Eirelle who is supposed to have pledged herself to the First when she was a child doesn’t really reach out to Him this time around The Legacy is a way by which Cazien can follow the will of the First which was interesting But he too is fighting the First’s will I did like that there wasn’t as much gasping in shock when the First spoke to the characters because the First doesn’t speak to them in their minds Instead the characters are on a journey where they know His will and now they have to actually choose to follow it the way they are supposed to which I liked because there was a obvious struggle and it avoids the feel of Deus Ex Machina I do think that Eirelle in particular will need attention to her relationship with the FirstTechnical – A The book was well edited There were only a couple of punctuation errors However there were a few occasions where I felt like I was being told the exact same information that I had already gone through with the other character As I mentioned earlier this book relied on contrived difficulties to keep the plot stretched out In particular Eirelle’s vexing foolishness regarding her midnight writings I’m not going to take them to anyone until halfway through the book when my hand is forced because it HAS to be a far off prophecy It was excusable the first couple of times but once it continued it took on the feel of deliberate self sabotage Another contrived difficulty was that Rynnaia’s sense of honor kept her from undoing the block on Eirelle’s thoughts which allowed a particular crisis to take place It felt like Chase lost her uniue voice and writing style in this book and that proved to be a distraction to me as a readerFinal Grade – B or 4 StarsOverall the book was likeable and I do plan to buy the next book so I can find out what happens and if the characters are redeemed However I was very disappointed that the excellence and subtlety Chase showed in handling difficult situations in the first two books was conspicuously absent especially in regards to sensuality It felt like she was trying to mimic other authors instead staying true to her own writing style and this book definitely suffered because of it I finished this book and asked myself “What happened?” Something I hate to experience I’m still willing to give the next book a chance but I sincerely hope she goes back to her original voice and writing style I recommend this book for fans of reimagined fairytales Parents be prepared to discuss the material covered in this book with your older teens Recommended for ages 17 and up

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    BrilliantThe Seahorse Legacy picks up at the end of The Remedy focusing on Erielle and Cazien rather than Rynnaia and Julien Cazien struggles to come to terms with the demands of his legacy while Erielle struggles with the expectations placed on her Both Erielle amd Cazien are forced to face the conseuences of their actions but in a way that sets up the next book of the series Really this is a wonderful continuation to The Eyes of E'veria series