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DESPERATE EVIL descends on a quirky Maine town in Steve Hobbs’s gripping debut thriller New HopeSeventeen year old Miri Jones has always wanted to be a detective When she discovers mutilated human remains during her morning run she’s found her caseBut the bizarre nature of the crime will shake everything she believes in and might just get her killed The town of New Hope is about to make its last stand in a war Miri never knew existedOnly the brave will survive

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    The debut YA thrillersuspense novel NEW HOPE by Steve Hobbs should be a summer hit for teens and pre teens Packed with a wide range of characters from lead Miri Jones whose wit and pluck will remind the older set of our heroine who else but Nancy Drew—but updated to her summer charge Chris just as surprisingly stalwart and on through to the older generation of Chief Jones and Brian Marlowe – who hold their own surprises—and to the spine tingling chill of this remote fictional town’s supernatural inhabitants It is these inhabitants and the battle that ensues that form the crux of the story – discovered innocently enough during a morning run by Miri—when she finds a body by the side of the trailAs packed as the characters list is even so is the action as the intrepid band of teens contests both psychologically and physically the monster vampiresHobbs provides enough twists and turns to keep you on your toes and the pages turning providing both laughs and pathos along the journeyThe inevitable comparisons to Stephen King will arise Hobbs even embeds the famed Maine author into the storyline As another Christopher Marlowe once quoted “Comparisons are odious” Read this book for the journey it provides to New Hope and its band of cockeyed brave warriors I wonder what they will be up to next?

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    I really enjoyed this book The story itself is unique and I didn't see the main twist in it coming ahead of time at all Hobbs created a very unique team of characters to carry the story and the dynamics between them were much different than you'd find in most novels I enjoyed that it could be truly classified as a YA novel although there's some violence it's not gratuitous or overly graphic Also it's a new book but it's set in the past the 80s which was interesting because I found myself noticing a lot of the nuances to that paying for long distance no cell phones and several pop culture references that helped keep you firmly planted in the time period Hobbs wanted you inI also wanted to mention after recently having read several indie novels that I appreciated how well edited this book was I don't recall being distracted at all by typos or anything of the sort

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    This book wasn't a bad read I enjoyed the plot and setting of the story but found the character development a bit lacking and their responses to certain information and actions unbelievable It was hard for me to digest that people living in a small town very set in their ways and thoughts would so easily accept the revelation of 'monsters' trying to avoid spoilers here and an agency that hunts them down I felt there should have been emotion shown in certain scenesStill the book was nicely edited and the cover art is unique I think this story is one that will appeal to young adults and though I usually enjoy YA books this particular one was lacking in a few areas for me

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    Guys You think this book will be good but it won't First of all VAMPIRES Actually once I got to the vampires I stopped reading I was already only hanging on by a thread and it was due at the library so I just didn't finish it But the characters are one dimensional and indistinguishable The storyline is kind of all over the place Maybe it gets better but I wouldn't know

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    This book is about a teenager Miri Jones who is out for a run when she finds something horrific in the woods She ignores her instincts and gets close to investigate It’s a dead body Of course as a mother my first thought was “What is she doing out running alone in the woods? You are in so much trouble young lady” Of course relief that she is okay supersedes all But what about the poor person in the woods that is so very NOT okay? What happened? Her dad being a cop is in just the position to help figure things out When she is chatting with her friends Beryl and Chris she finds out that Chris’ brother is missing There is much to this story than meets the eye though Things are not as they first appear The woods hold many secrets This book moves fast though so you will not have to wait long to get your questions answeredThe author writes dialog that makes you feel like you are sitting right there with everyone just waiting for your turn to contribute to the conversationAnother plus this book is set in Maine Some of the landmarks might resonate with you adding a bonus layer of enjoyment to ready this story for youI recommend this book Read it

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    Bam Seventeen year old Miri Jones has always wanted to be a detective When she discovers mutilated human remains during her morning run she’s found her caseBut the bizarre nature of the crime will shake everything she believes in and might just get her killed The town of New Hope is about to make its last stand in a war Miri never knew existedOnly the brave will surviveI don't know what took me so long to read New Hope I mean m Bam This was a freaking awesome book Quick fun and gripping debut thriller I loved Miri and anything vampire has always made me happy Author Hobbs did an amazing job I loved every moment inside this story he is a wonderful writer and I can't wait to read what he has planned for next

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    This book was really incredible Like truly truly incredible I have to be honest I don't normally enjoy vampire stories but this book is a wonderful exception The characters were real and had wonderful values and showed honest bravery even when faced with immense fear Even the vampires seemed real they didn't seem like fictional creatures they seemed real And that is a incredibly hard thing to do I had the honor of meeting the author of New Hope today actually and when I returned home with the book I flew through it There are a million things I loved about this story and would love to say honestly this book still has me gasping for air It blew me away

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    All the feels This book takes me back to my childhood Quite literally as it's set in the 80s With all the charming nostalgia of Stranger Things the Nancy Drew heroine and the campy group of kids fighting vampires that's reminiscent of Lost Boys there really wasn't much not to love about this book If you are looking for a fun read with all those feels then you will love New Hope There weren't any deep questions and I figured out a lot of things pretty quickly but it still was a nice break and a fun read

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    I read this book from cover to cover smiling at the 1980s references and the typical Maineisms The story starts off with an intriguing murder mystery and the pace throughout the novel is good I liked the unlikely group of teenagers that come together to save the town The involvement of a special government agency brings in some interesting characters Both the characters and the plot are well developed and the mystery is cleverly solved I enjoyed reading this YA horror and supernatural story of monsters in Maine