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'I've been waiting for you a long time Alina' he said 'You and I are going to change the world'The Shadow Fold a swathe of impenetrable darkness is slowly destroying the once great nation of RavkaAlina a pale lonely orphan discovers a uniue power that thrusts her into the world of the kingdom's magical elite — the Grisha Could she be the key setting Ravka free?The Darkling a man of seductive charm and terrifying power If Alina is to fulfill her destiny she must unlock her gift and face up to her dangerous attraction to himBut what of Mal Alina's childhood best friend? As Alina contemplates her dazzling new future why can't she ever uite forget him?

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    Latest BookTube Video is up a totally serious take on writing Young Adult Lit The Actual Review IT WAS A COMPLETE DISASTER Whelpthat was horribly disappointingI cannot begin to explain how utterly blah this one was SO many people recommended it and I honestly feel a bit awful with the low rating but ehhh what's the point of goodreads if I can't rant? How to Write a Hit YA Novel 101 In 5 easy steps 1 Make your main character ugly “She’s an ugly little thing No child should look like that” Like realllllllly ugly Pale and sour like a glass of milk that’s turned And she must be skinny but in the malnourished and kinda hot sort of wayAND REMEMBER she can never be so ugly that the Generic Love Interests aren't attracted to her I'm sorry it took me so long to see you Alina But I see you now Your Main Character must be ugly enough so that all the little children reading your novels can relate but not so ugly that Hollywood casts a troll to play her in the movie adaption 2 Make her humble “Well I don’t want to be high above all others” Your Main Character has to come from the sticks she has to have survived poverty and hardship We really want that sympathy coming She's ugly alone in the world and she sucks at everything Make her clumsy naive and outright stupid So humble that when she's given clean clothes that her eyes well up in tears At one point your are legally obligated to give her an Oscar worthy gown for some made up and utterly unimportant reasonNo matter how successful your Main Character is you MUST make sure she is ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE with her success Tears are acceptable outright bawling every two pages is preferred “A thousand girls would sell their own mothers to be in your shoes and yet here you are miserable and sulking like a child So tell me girl What is your sad little heart pining for?” It's probably best to off one of her parents scratch that make her an orphan An unlovable orphan Perfect Now bring in the two hot guys Let's make a love triangle 3 The Love Triangle Thanks for being my best friend and making my life bearable Oh and sorry I fell in love with you for a while there So Now that she's an ugly unlovable orphan what does she need in her life? A LOVE TRIANGLE A few notes hereWhile it is completely okay and acceptable for your Main Character to be ugly skinny both males MUST be strapping fine specimens of their species Ripped and buff No skinny minnies allowedOption A our homespun hero has to be tall broad shouldered tanned and have an easy going nature While Option A is allowed to pine for Main Character the two of them must NEVER EVER mutually like each other at the same time If they do there will be conseuencesOption B our tall dark and handsome has to fit the description He may be pale but in a luminous way NEVER in a spends too much time behind a computer sort of way In addition Option B MUST display at least four of the following traits Sullen Argumentative Controlling Dominating Sexually Aggressive Outright Abusive and Murderous but in a hot wayAs you can see we are setting sweet and stable Option A up for failure The key is to always steer your vulnerable orphan towards the spicier Option BNOTE If the supernatural love interest isn't older than your Main Character by at least 100 years it is creepy “I’ve been waiting for you a long time Alina” he said “You and I are going to change the world” 4 Good VS Evil Now remember your audience is around 12 17 so it's best to make the plot fresh engaging and excitingI'd recommend with Generic Good Vs Generic Evil And to add just a pinch of spice let's make everyone good White and everyone evil Black And to make it even spicier and less racist let's go with Light Vs Shadows Fabulous Much PCNow where in the world would your Main Character be without a super cool secret weapon Since she can directly control light let's go with the obvious With a flick of the wrist I could slide a mirror between my fingers and I practiced bouncing flashes of light off them and into my opponent’s eyes Mirrored gloves after all you want the element of surprise and there's no way someone beaming you in the eyes with light stronger than the sun will surprise anyone Hence the glovesYou may have a few twists and turns scattered about especially when it comes to love interests “Why would you care what I think?” He looked genuinely baffled “I don’t know” he saidAnd then he kissed me The key is to keep the audience on the tips of their toes Is Option B trying to kill her? Or does he just love her so much that it hurts? Only the fifth book of your ten part series will begin to unravel that little secret 5 Vaguely Inspirational Sentences An oft overlooked and essential aspect to writing a YA novel is the inspirational factor Before you get too intimidated don't worry None of these actually have to mean something they just have to sound like they could mean something maybe Your young and impressionable target audience won't get it either way He had seen a woman barefoot and unflinching in her doorway face down a row of bayonets He knew the look of a man defending his home with nothing but a rock in his hand Female empowerment is SUPER in right now Your humbly ugly and clumsily skinny Main Character NEEDS to be spunky strong and a real go getterMake sure she has derisive thoughts towards being girly and waiting for a man to save her Put on your pretty clothes and wait for the next kiss the next kind word Wait for the stag Wait for the collar Wait to be made into a murderer and a slave She ain't no damsel in distress expect of course if either Option A OR Option B are inclined to save her from a cute but clumsy moment Teehee Don't forget to throw in the self doubt and self loathing You can never let your audience forget how naive and childlike your Main Character is She must NEVER be happy in ANY situation She must HATE herself and EVERYTHING she stands for Maybe I would wake tomorrow and find that it had all been a dream But most importantly you MUST and I repeat MUST show that the Main Character is willing to kill herself over the vaguely worded Light Vs Shadow plot pointThink of the target audience Impressionable twelve to seventeen year olds love it when their heroes are willing to kill sacrifice themselves for the greater good suicide with a purpose that's our motto It was time to let go That day on the Shadow Fold Mal had saved my life and I had saved his Maybe that was meant to be the end of us If she's not willing to suicide over some slight is your book even worth reading? Concluding Remarks Thank you so much for joining us on How to Write a Hit YA Novel 101We hope your bumbling fool ugly humble orphan but in a hot way Main Character is ready to journey out into the wilderness where she spends months at a time camping in the woods without ever peeing farting or having her period in front of the hot guy She does not have bodily functions she is too busy weeping unshed tears over her dead parents andor the poverty stricken horrors she has witnessedAnd remember don't forget to cuddle for warmthAnnnd here's another booktube video Psst A new video is up all about the bad books I've read this year Now that you know that this one is on it check out the Worst Books of 2019 video to see what other ones made the cut

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    The biggest issue with this book is actually NOT the utter fail at correctly incorporating the Russian elements into the storyIt's that I'd never be able to pick this book out of a generic YA book lineupIt's like a ninja perfectly blending into its surroundings into that painfully generic landscape that plagues YA literature recently the lackluster background against which few gems truly stand out And gem this one is notI think at this point there is a formula that many YA writers view as foolproof and that's what we have got working here First of all the story has to be told in the first person by a young female protagonist¹ And so here we have a teenage girl who thinks of herself as unremarkable and plain² but at least she has the three winning S's she's smart and sarcastic and sassy³¹ Why does it seem that almost every YA story nowadays features the first person narrative by a teenage girl? Is that a new law?² We know she is plain because she has the ugliness defining brown hair a YA prereuisite for plainness Also she is too skinny which apparently is a common YA flaw Skinny brown haired women ladies and gentlemen The ugliness is overpowering right?³ Or actually that's what we're supposed to think What she comes across is the OTHER S's sullen sulky and self absorbed She is also a bit stupid¹ Oh and also specially euipped to see negatives in every situation including perfectly happy times Seriously coming from poverty and harsh military life she still finds the will to complain about a horrible horrible day in what amounts to the Dreamland of this kingdom because people were soooooo meeeeeeeeeaaaaaaan to her woe¹ Case in point for stupidity you don't mouth off to the second most powerful person in the kingdom who you believe is capable of evil You just don't It does not come across as sassy but as stupid Anyway then she finds a super special snowlake uniue power that apparently no one realized she had and eventually becomes all pretty and desirable and stuff And lands herself in a boarding schoolking's court full of mean girls¹ and even has several makeovers Along the way she unexpectedly becomes a fighting badass And then there are two hot boys² swooning over her ¹ Why is it that most pretty girls in books like these always have to be evil to the plain Jane protagonist? Why do women writing about women tend to vilify women? Yes I loved writing the word 'women' three times in that short sentence I know I know there is Genya who is nice but all other pretty women are eeeeevillll or stupid² Well in all honesty one of them could make centenarians look like children view spoilerAnd it does turn out that it's not just Alina's inner and outer beauty that turn him on but that he actually has an ulterior motive for pursuing her Therefore this love triangle gets snuffed out rather uickly But I do think that this ill fated almost romanceattraction will come into play in the seuels however hide spoiler

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    So many YA fantasy romances out there these days You would think it would be hard to put a fresh spin on the concept but Leigh Bardugo makes it look easy Her debut Shadow and Bone takes Russian folklore and mythology and creates an alternate tsarist Russia Ravka where magic and military might coexist uneasily Imagine a cross between Cashore's Graceling and Westerfeld's Leviathan and yet Shadow and Bone is uniueOur main characters Alina and Mal grow up as orphans at the estate of a kindly duke until the time comes for them to serve their country Both are tested by the Grisha an ancient and powerful order of magicians but neither show aptitude so Mal becomes an accomplished military tracker while Alina studies as an army cartographer and has nothing to look forward to but a mundane existence Homely and scrawny Alina watches as her dashing handsome best friend Mal whom she secretly loves gets attention from all the girlsTheir lives change when their regiment is ordered across the Shadow Fold a deadly rift of darkness that cuts Ravka in two separating the eastern capital from its ports in West Ravka When the caravan is attacked by gargoyle like monsters called volcra Alina discovers powers she didn't know she had Immediately she becomes the most important person in the kingdom the target of enemy assassins and is whisked away to the palace of the Darkling the head of the Grisha and right hand of the king to learn the ways of magic Alina might hold the secret to destroying the Shadow Fold and saving Ravka but only if she survives her enemies some from other countries some from within the kingdom itselfShadow and Bone works on every level It's a believable and poignant romance It's a great mystery in which the villains and heroes are not at all who they seem It's a first rate adventure Maybe I was especially drawn to this book because I got to visit Russia last summer and can easily imagine the Grisha slipping through the corridors of the Winter Palace but I suspect this book will appeal to many readers even if they have no knowledge of Russian history I'll be anxiously waiting for the second book in the series

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    35 I really enjoyed this and I'm definitely going to be continuing on with this trilogy but I did have a few issues with it While I was fascinated by the world but at the same time I didn't feel like the world was fleshed out enough We don't really get much world building you're just kind of thrown into the world which isn't necessarily a bad thing but for me there were things that I needed to be explained for me to be able to fully visualize the setting I also just wasn't a huge fan of the main character Alina and maybe I'll grow to like her in the next few books but in this book she annoyed me I did LOVE Leigh Bardugo's writing style I found it to be very uniue I'll be doing a video review discussion soon so look out for that

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    I don't think words can properly describe how much I adored SHADOW BONE The characters the world buildingit completely blew me away There were moments when I was so stunned by the beauty and the brilliance that I had to stop reading I never wanted this book to endThis is the best YA fantasy novel I've read since SABRIEL or THE GOLDEN COMPASS

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    How excited are you that this is becoming a Netflix show? DI went into this book with pretty low expectations Everyone seemed to not love it and I wanted to read it just so I could get to the Six of Crows duology Well turns out I really liked it Even than Six of CrowsNot a fan of the romancelove triangle ish but the world is interesting and the magic system is awesome The first book is my favorite of the trilogyI recommend you read this before reading Six of Crows I know everyone says you don't need to but I highly disagree

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    25 starsIt is alright if you are into fantasy lite I on the other hand am a little weary of this lightish breezy and superficial entertainment Give me something juicier something thoughtful something sophisticatedShadow and Bone is a decent book Bardugo's writing style is easy and engaging The plot is developed enough to masuerade the fact that the biggest chunk of it is the usual boarding school fare with makeovers mean girl drama petty rivalries balls and a bit of steamyish romance with the hottest guy on the block Bardugo even succeeds at creating an exotic backdrop for her story an early 20th century Russia inspired fantasy land of Ravka Even with my issues concerning the accuracy of everything borrowed from Russian culture I will still say that the author manages to create a very distinct atmosphere in her novel And speaking of this atmosphere Russian flavor if you will Shadow and Bone is a rare book whose covers both US and UK reflect the novel's mood well even though I find UK's tagline to be a bit misleading and melodramatic This novel is not as romancey as the line A dark heart A pure soul A love that will last forever would imply With that said the reason I did not enjoy this book the way I had hoped I would is that it is just so uncomplicated and straight forward I have no usual complaints about Bardugo's characters and the plot But they are familiar and well used and not very rich These characters are simple void of complex emotions and motivations Same goes for the plot and conflicts There is no complexity to them either The conflicts are of goodevil variety The plot is easily predictable Twists? What twists? I do not think Shadow and Bone is a good fit for many adult readers unless they are in a search for going through the motions sort of story with a standard kick ass protagonist I am thinking Tris from Divergent or Ismae from Grave Mercy and they do not expect to be challenged intellectually or emotionallyNow to the part of my review that will reflect exclusively my personal problems with this book which will not bother 999% of its potential readers Shadow and Bone is as I mentioned earlier a Russia inspired fantasy I took pains to check out Leigh Bardugo's website to see how exactly she addressed this inspiration Here are her words Ravka and its language were heavily inspired by Russia but with a few deliberate exceptions the words and place names in Shadow Bone are my own invention My goal was to keep things simple and to make sure that Ravkan words still had resonance for readers In short I took a lot of liberties and I hope the purists won’t beat me about the head and shouldersSure I do not want to be a language nazi or anything I can skim over Russian sounding made up words even though they linguistically do not make much sense Not every writer can be like Catherynne M Valente who embraced Russianness so fully in her Deathless that I had to do some research to find out if she was Russian herself she is not But is it too much to ask of an author to at least google the actual Russian words she does use in her work? I swear it would only take 10 minutes to research the glaring mistakes I foundFor instance if you want to give your characters Russian names it is not that hard to find out that men and women in Russia have different variations of the same last name? Let's take the book's main character Alina Starkov Starkov is a masculine version of the last name Correctly it should be Alina Starkova In the same way there is another character whose name is Ilya Morozova The problem with this name is that Ilya is actually a male name while the last name has a female form In the book Ilya Morozova is a she If you google Russian last names this information comes up in the second or third link from the top How much time would it take to do this research?Then there is a matter of kvas a beverage everyone seems to get drunk on in Shadow and Bone In reality you can not actually get drunk consuming it This is a non alcoholic beverage well almost it occasionally has alcohol content up to 1% which is given to children as well as adults like let's say soda Wiki this word I am not lying You want to write about alcohol use pivo or braga or samogon if researching that is too hard use vodkaAnd I swear the last example of many on my list The name of this trilogy The Grisha in the book the Grisha are magic wielding army Grisha is actually a short form of the male name Grigori Come on now no better ideas no better words to call your magicians other than this random personal name? Or otkazat'sya which in Bardugo's interpretation means The Abandoned In reality otkazat'sya is a verb which translates into to refuse That is why I am saying that even the words made up by the author make no sense linguisticallyTo be sure all these things will not bother anyone except select few but I do not think it is too wrong to expect the author who builds her whole magical universe using Russian culture to respect this culture enough to do a cursory google search to give her work some appearance of credibility and care? This sloppy use of a foreign my culture affected my enjoyment of the novel Shadow and Bone is not an isolated example of a lazy handling of Russian language and culture and very often I feel very much compelled to offer authors who choose to base their stories on Russia my help to at least check the spelling of the words But then I see that they do not care to do the most basic of researches so why should I care?To wrap this up I do not recommend against reading Shadow and Bone It is a light and engaging enough entertainment In fact after reading a few Goodreads reviews it looks like many people found it to be utterly enchanting I am glad they do I however will not be back for

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    'fine make me your villain' oh my darling darkling i would do soooo much than that you can put your collar on me any day is is this what love feels like?↠ 5 stars

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    If you think I’m not still watching the television show you are WRONG Eyes on Six of Crows babes2 12 stars but I have literally no clue at all how to rate this because it is all over the place The first half was actually terrible like awful but the second half was Really Cool and I don't know how to reconcile these two emotions? But also I have like fifteen books marked review to come So let's go → worldbuilding I pretend to care about ← I just really don’t care about worldbuilding Is the worldbuilding in this book good? Who fucking knows This is not my divisionHonestly I think the concept of this book is a little 2010 Harry Potter ripoff You know those books with the ten camps? The twelve districts? The seven pies that my grandma used to make? You know what I mean In all seriousness I think this world especially having read SoC has a lot of potential for political intrigue but I don’t yet know to what degree this series will go there I hope it goes there I hope everything is morally ambiguous as hell I’m here for it → plot and all that crap ← The first 23 of this book is so boring and I will never forgive it for that Alina goes to school She trains The beginning of the book you know the thing that we know happens from the blurb? takes two hours into the audiobook There is very little rising action if we’re going to be all literary about it It is overall a mess Until the end AND THEN THE END GETS COOL AND ACTION PACKED Okay I have written in this review about how freaking badass the ending is but a lot of shit goes down and a lot of reveals get dropped and I did not expect any of them → cliches and tropes ← Oh my god I hate saying this about Leigh fucking Bardugo ueen of subverting everything but the beginning of this book was so tropey Our main character Not very pretty In love with her best friend Every girl in sight is attracted to him He is everyone’s type And then she meets the Darkling He broods She was always beautiful underneath But she’s also not like Mean Pretty Girl Something something best friend vs bad boy Something something court politics Like come on → character development ← And noooooow I have to go back on what I just said because yeah the tropes are annoying but some tropes exist for a reason namely the whole beauty thing Because despite my annoyance at Leigh Bardugo’s reliance on the beautiful bitchy girl trope Zoya I actually think she plays with Alina’s insecurity pretty well Whether she knows she’s doing it is anyone’s guess But Alina’s insecurity actually feels like a super authentic character trait AND THE BIG REASON I’M UP ON ALINA IS BECAUSE SHE GETS SO COOL Because Alina fucking Starkov had the greatest antihero moment at the end of this book after being sort of boring for half the book I’m so proud of her I hope she spends two books fucking shit up and murdering people and she and the Darkling become mortal enemies I am a very normal person → romantic development ← I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY Y’ALL REVIEW THIS BOOK THE WAY YOU DO Because the Darkling is not sexy He’s a really interesting and compelling character but the fact that this is this a popular ship actually makes me want to cry and throw things And Mal was waaaaaayy less annoying than y’all made him out to be I am actually legitimately confused as to why he’s so hated because he’s fine? He says one paragraph of shitty things to Alina and then apologizes to her and recognizes that he was wrong? Which if that’s annoying absolutely fine and understandable but you have to know on some level that saying he’s abusive but the Darkling is “sexy” is ridiculous We have to know this Please tell me we know this → authorial development ← This series is definitely not as good as Six of Crows They’re on entirely different planes and that is okay and valid But it’s actually hilarious how many SoC vibes this had Genya is literally early version Nina and the Darkling is early version Kaz except I don’t like either of them as much okay fine I do like Genya Mal is kind of bland Somewhat bland love interest who possibly might be working through prejudice hm I feel like that sounds familiar Alina had the greatest antihero moment at the end of this book after being sort of boring for half the book Anyway I like antiheroes I do not like 400 pages of nothing happening I don’t really like tropey writing I don’t know how I feel about this book someone please send help? overall I’m glad I’m finally completing the Leigh Bardugo writing train so I can continue with all her future releases in the Grisha world I wish this book were better I am still glad I read it This review was a mess I thank you for your time Blog | Goodreads | Twitter | Youtube

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    Damn you Leigh Barduga Damn you for tricking meLeigh Barduga is like some kind of literary crouching tiger hidden dragon or somethingYou would be forgiven upon commencing this novel for thinking Shadow and Bone is redundant cliched piece of tripe book with poor story telling average writing and a predictable plot People who haven't read countless Young Adult novels probably wouldn't notice the trends but I did This is what I thought and Leigh led me down the primrose path until BOOMGame change Glorious glorious game change Black is white up is down you are not secretly attracted to me EVERYTHING CHANGESKaching Lights on Real show begins and we hope you enjoyed that prelude Also while you weren't looking we falcon punched your ovariesThe themes of Shadow and Bone center around power and the struggle for it What does it mean? What is it worth? What do you do with it? Also there's love and romancey stuff for those who care for such things and who have a functioning heartMore importantly for me was the violence court intrigue and sexy times of which make up some part of this novel These aspects were definitely there but they were flirted with I would have liked of these and a little less of the boarding house shenanigans and bitchy mean girl drama It was outside these factors that I loved the novelIt's strengths definitely rely on its characters and powerful storyline because the actual narration and writing tended toward the telling as opposed to showing sideFor example Alexei's fingers slipped on the railing I lunged forward and grabbed his arm Hold on I cried Then the flame vanished and in the darkness I felt Alexei's fingers pulled from mine Alexei I shouted His screams faded into the sounds of battle as the volca carried him into the dark Another burst of flame lit the sky but he was goneStill I'm wondering if maybe the things I loved most about Shadow and Bone will be carried on in the next novel To the very last page I loved the Darkling not because he was sexy but for the dark rawness of his character The dynamic it played with Alina in how she saw herself Identity concepts of misplaced idealism Lust love ownership vs freely given love It was all there amidst a world building that was surprisingly lite for this caliber of novel yet hinted at so much Overall a great read and I look forward to the next book where Leigh will probably rip out my still beating heart and feed it to a raging bear while I applaud in amazement Or you know something synonymous