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“Why did my life have to be full of secrets?”After three years in England William Landor returns to Boston in 1774 little knowing the events that are about to unfoldEngland has issued an ultimatum pay for the tea that was destroyed in the Boston Tea Party or the Port of Boston will be closed William knows that this will have a devastating effect on his hometown which is so dependent on the sea However he finds himself in the middle of the political struggle he wanted to avoidWilliam’s father is a merchant and loyal to the king and is furious at what the rebels of Boston have cost him He would like nothing than to rid the city of their poisonous influence Meanwhile William’s best friend Dr Joseph Warren is one of the leaders of rebels or Whigs as they call themselvesAs if his life was not complicated enough he meets a fiery indentured servant who tugs at his heart as well as his loyalty When he is confronted by the conseuences of his many secrets he has to make a choice weather or not to tell the truth Does he have the kind of courage it will take?

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    After months of research for NaNo 2013 I wrote this story It is a tale of the early days of the Revolution faith family and a courage that few men possess I hope that you will enjoy A Different Kind of Courage

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    I've had this book sitting on my kindle for a long time At first I just wasn't in the mood for a story set in the American Revolution and then it got buried I'm glad I finally uncovered it and read itI found myself deeply interested in the characters and loving the differing view points of the Wigs and the Tories Since I didn't know a lot about Dr Joseph Warren I was delighted to find him such an important figure in this story Although the main character was fictional and he interacted with real people from history he didn't change history as so many historical fiction books do Another plus for me was reading it just before the 4th of July It brought into sharper focus the things our founding fathers went though to give us the freedom and liberty we have now Sarah Holman did a great job of taking her readers into Boston and the turmoil that abounded thenThere was only a little bit that I didn't agree with in this book While it is so important to be the person God created you to be I feel that there are times when you shouldn't reveal information that necessary especially if you are still undecided about where you stand or if so doing could put you and others in danger But this was just a short bit in the bookI would recommend this to others

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    Ohhkay wow I'm not sure why it took me so long to get around to this book or why I than half expected just another Revolution story Guess it serves me right for putting it offTo be clear this book is so much than just another Revolution story It's not platitudes and easy answers and uick changes of opinion and it's also not modern characters running around in historical garb across a backdrop that happens to be the Revolution Everything about the story dress setting characters opinions uotes anchored me in the time and place as firmly as any historical story I've ever read And it was done without info dumps or painful amounts of detail PS if you know me my descriptiondetail tolerance tends to be on the low end anyway so that's a serious compliment DI loved the ways the different historical characters were woven into the story especially the way they were given individual personalities and roles and made to feel like real people instead of cardboard cutouts stuck in for brief cameos I absolutely loved Dr Joseph Warren and his centrality to the story although I have to admit my only knowledge of him prior to this comes from Johnny Tremain the movie not the book P For as little as she was seen Abigail Adams absolutely popped off the page as well One character whose name I didn't know had me looking things up as the story was wrapping upthen realizing it was all explained in the historical note at the end ; And another had me wincing in anticipation of the so easy application of 2020 hindsight and left me blown away by the unexpected complexity and depth of his characterizationAs for the non historical characters William had me both hurting for and rooting for him from the word go His complexities insecurities secret love of adventure and deep desire for the love and acceptance of his father made him an incredibly real deep and vibrant character Unlike some book heroes whose choices leave me scratching my head I always understood why he was choosing the things he was choosing and why certain decisions were so hard for him The only thing I didn't uite get was how a couple of things in the prologue fit with his main motivations but that might be me missing something ; I really liked his relationship with Matthew as well and would have loved to see of it 3 view spoilerAnd I adored the slow growth of his relationship with Selah as well as how confusing it all was to him XD hide spoiler

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    This book was both inspiring and enjoyable Beautifully written and beautifully narrated I am very grateful to Sarah Holman for taking the time to delve deeply into the memoirs of Dr Joseph Warren and glean such wonderful insights into this godly man's character The main character William Landor is a very wonderful boy one whom I would be honoured to know if he was real I loved him His struggles and triumphs were so realistic and the way he stood up for the truth inspires me to not be afraid of what anyone might say when I speak the truth forthrightThe girl Selah was so relatable to me I felt as if I was always in her shoes and would have done everything she did She was so very kind to William and I loved her way of appeasing his anger and sympathizing with him in his sorrow I want to be that kind of comfort and support to my future husbandWhat can I say?I was enthralled by the time machine type of writing I felt as if I was right there there in the 1770sAny history lovers will adore this book and love the many references to real circumstances A must readI find no fault whatsoever with this tale Pure and godly in every way and beautifully craftedThank you Sarah Holman for the free audiobook of this lovely tale I am very much obligedNote this complimentary audiobook was given to me in exchange for my honest review All words are of my own thoughts

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    After reading Sarah Holman's latest bookAdventures and AdversitiesI was very excited for an opportunity to be an advanced reader for her next book that is to be released in Summer of 2014 A Different Kind of CourageFirst off I loved the main character William His struggle of feeling accepted by people he loves and his worry of pleasing society were touching It was very neat to see the transformation that takes place in his life throughout this bookSelah Harrison was also a favorite character I really admired her courage to stand up for freedom no matter what the costs She's also very strong in her faith which is pretty much the one thing she has to hold on to in her lifeI really liked how Miss Holman incorporated real people that played a huge part in the birth of America Men like Paul Revere John Hancock Joseph Warren John Adams and a few others that were either talked about or appeared briefly in this storyThe biggest historical figure in this story was Dr Joseph Warren I knew of him and that he died in the war but I certainly did learn so many other things that I didn't know about him I think the feeling I felt most with this book was a greater sense of gratitude to our Founding Fathers and the men who fought and gave their lives so that America could be free They gave so much to us and I know that I often take that for granted I often don't realize just how much they gave up so that we could be freeI know this review is getting long but I just have one thing to say I really liked how Sarah incorporated both sides' feelings beliefs and views I really felt that it made it very interestingSarah Holman did a fabulous job with this book I applaud her for all the hours she spent on researching the history and facts that wound into a thrilling storyI recommend this book to ages 15

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    Genre Historical FictionMy Rating 5 Stars A Different Kind Of Courage is my favorite book set during the American Revolution bookRecommendation Anyone Especially if you like history fiction booksMy favorite characters William Landor he has just returned from England with a pile of secrets which keeps growing He is torn when he has to choose between his father Britain or hisfriends the patriot's cause and the patriot indentured servant girl that he is starting to care for then he shouldMy Verse for William is Romans 828And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good for those who are called according to his purpose

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    I am reviewing the audio version of this bookI wasn’t sure what to think of this book at first I love Christian fiction I love romance and I love historical fiction However I am not that much in to politicsI needn’t have worried I was hooked from the first chapter The story was so well written and the The characters were interesting and variedI fell in love with Catherine and George Of course Saila tooI also learned a lot living in Australia i knew nothing about the Boston tea party What a wonderful way to teach historyThere is a lot in this book about being conflicted and having the courage to do what’s right instead of what’s easy I felt Williams Joy and painI loved the little uotes at the start of each chapterThe Narration was top notch He managed to have different voices for everyone even the children He narrated with lots of emotion which brought the story to lifeThe sound effects throughout the book were absolutely amazing They added an extra element to the narration It was a bit like listening to a movie but way better because we all know books are much better than the movies Whoever decided to put sound affects in this audio book deserves a big gold starThis book definitely was very readable and hard to put downI was given this free review copy audio book at my reuest and have voluntarily left an honest review

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    A Different Kind of Courage is a great book for anyone who loves American history The author Sarah Holman does a wonderful job of giving her characters personality and a breath of life She was able to make the historical figures of the American Revolution relatable by bringing them to life in her novelWillam Landor has just returned home to his well loved hometown of Boston to find that there is something on the rise Politics have been causing turmoil the citizens residing there While dealing with everything that he has experienced in his life William must learn who he truely is Along with the help of his friends especially Dr Joseph Warren he tries to find his faith in GodOverall I would recommend this book to lovers of history or anyone would is looking for something set during the American Revolution This was the first time I read Holman's work and it definitely won't be my last

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    A man holding mysteries and secrets Political battles shattering lifelong friends and neighbors in Boston A new nation collapsing to gain independence British tea tossed into the harbor A royal government stifling the cries of its child country This is the setting for A Different Kind of CourageWilliam Landor the son of a merchant has returned to Boston from time spent in England His family being Tories are loyal to the King and approve of the royal ownership of the colonies Upon his reentry in 1774 William is shocked at the rifts between neighbors and the political disagreements that could erupt in the most polite of friendly chatter Boston is not the childhood hometown he grew up in Especially because his mother isn't there anyWhile visiting England William experienced a life uite unlike his own in Boston Attempting to leave behind traces of this other new found life when he departed from European shores he is hoping to renew his father's love and acceptance at home A Different Kind of Courage doesn't just tell you about the events taking place in the late eighteenth century but immerses the reader there and provides key examples of the emotions and turmoil wrecking the relationship between the colonies and the overruling countryThis is one of the best historical fiction books I've read in a very long time Sarah Holman does such a good job at including crucial historical details to make the story come alive She really pulled out deep and extensive research on the topics she wrote of I cannot stress enough about how much I personally learned about the birth of our country by reading this book; I now understand in so much depth the political views on both the Loyalists and Patriots' sides Many of the authentic men and women who strove for America's freedom are included in the story One of my new favorites is featured Dr Joseph Warren along with iconic people such as Paul Revere Abigail Adams and even Benedict Arnold as well as other recognizable namesOne of the main aspects of why I enjoyed this tale so much is because it also exhibits a profound amount of Christian beliefs Bible verses are often uoted; coming to understand God better is one of the chief elements of the story When the characters share religious discussions they not only talk about their beliefs but the people themselves are clearly molded by their ChristianityThere is some subtle romance in the story and although I wasn't expecting this element in this particular book it truly added strength to the growing plot Sarah Holman is a talented writer and I look forward to reading of her books If she were to write a seuel to A Different Kind of Courage to continue William's story I most definitely would enjoy itBest recommended for teens and adultsThe race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong but the God of Israel is he that giveth strength and power to his people Abigail Adams

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    Ah this was such a wonderful story A Different Kind of Courage by Sarah Holman brings us back to the 1770s where unrest is brewing between England and the thirteen colonies William Landor has spent the last four years in England but he finally decides to return to Boston alongside Lt Mark Layton and a host of other British soldiers He arrives at his hometown to find his Loyalist father as hard to satisfy as ever; and tempers high as colonists endeavor to take a stand against their mother country William must decide Who is he really? And for whom does he stand? I uite enjoyed journeying with this young man and his dark skinned young friend Matthew We explore the American Revolution and some of the reasoning behind it We see thoughts from both the Loyalists and the Patriots And though I myself can tend to get a little fiery alongside the American colonists’ cause; I was appreciative of how Sarah Holman showed that all Loyalists and British soldiers were not wicked selfish pigs ha They truly had concerns and reasonings as well So it was good not to mention a bit heart rending to see normal people from both side; but ultimately end up crying out for freedom The history—great I love a good historical and A Different Kind of Courage is just that I could see that the author did her research This book had an authentic feel and historical depth I loved meeting Dr Joseph Warren who is a real figure in history And Paul Revere Abigail Adams John Hancock Benedict Arnold and other such people It was also very neat how Sarah Holman put some of their uotes at the beginning of each chapter Memorable historical moments are touched on Meetings between some great men of the Whigs peeked in to Wonderful travel through history I love the 1700sRevolutionary War era and this book definitely did not disappoint Though Sarah Holman explains what happens in history after A Different Kind of Courage ends I do rather hope there’ll be a seuel someday smiles There was an altogether sweet romance—all clean and uite beautifully come about Lively midnight escapades with “The Door” you’ll just have to read the book to figure out what that’s all about wink We had some poignant themes of finding your worth in God alone and other such faith matters It was all very soul touching So very happy to have read another book that shines a conservative view and glorifies God while also providing exciting adventure and rich history So yes An amazing novel 45 stars I enjoyed it thoroughly and totally recommend