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Penny The Story of a Free Soul Basset Hound by This is the true story of Penny the basset hound Hal and Barbara Borland were authors who lived on a farm in Connecticut One day a basset hound arrived at their door They fed the dog and let her stay with them while they tried to find out the owner Not able to find the owner they decided to keep her and named her Penny Being a basset hound Penny liked to wander and was welcomed in the Kaley Cuoco explains why Penny was a hit with The Il y a jourKaley Cuoco has revealed why she thinks Penny was such a popular character with The Big Bang Theory fans The actress plays the beloved waitress turned pharmaceutical rep for Things You Didn’t Know About the Penny The official term for the American penny is “one cent piece” However when the US Mint struck its first one cent coins—then the size of today’s half dollars and percent copper The Penny Story | Can't Spare the Change The Penny Story For sentimental reasons pennies found on a prayer walk are my favorite It was on my daily outing six years ago that penny finding started–a penny or a day for six years now My most memorable find last year came in May I was walking with my neighbor Kelly When we passed the spot where the penny finding started I told her that I’d recently met the man who owns the Penny The Story of a Free Soul Basset Hound Penny The Story of a Free Soul Basset Hound Kindle edition by Borland Hal Download it once and read it on your Kindle device PC phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks note taking and highlighting while reading Penny The Story of a Free Soul Basset Hound Penny The Big Bang Theory Wikipedia Penny is a fictional character from the American CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory portrayed by actress Kaley Cuoco She is the primary female character in the series befriending her across the hall neighbors Leonard Hofstadter Johnny Galecki and Sheldon Cooper Jim Parsons two physicists who work at the nearby California Institute of Technology Caltech Penny The Lifecycle of a Chicken The Story of Penny I had to create this video for the class Ed Tech and Design at UNI This is a Digital Storytelling video about the lifecycle of a chicken The video is for f The entire Big Bang Theory story finally explained While The Big Bang Theory never made the story hard to follow an overview can be helpful That's why we're running down the story of Leonard Howard Raj Penny and Sheldon for anyone who just The Story Of Leonard Penny | The Big Bang During its seven seasons The Big Bang Theory has showcased the love story of Leonard and Penny countless times They’re on then they’re off then they’re back together then they’re kind of together and so on Fortunately however it’s finally official after so many failed attempts we celebrate the engagement of Leonard and Penny by going back to where it all started and taking you Story – A Penny Doubled Habits for Wellbeing Story – A Penny Doubled Jane Comments July Are you conscious of your money habits and compound interest? If you are just to check which one would you prefer receive – today or a penny doubled every day for the next days? If you aren’t you may like to read on Most people may prefer the today however as you will see below it is not the best

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    One day a nice looking well mannered basset hound shows up at Hal and Barbara Borland's Connecticut farmhouse and makes herself at home The Borlands name her Penny but soon learn that the dog lives elsewhere and is named Pokey Pokey Penny as Hal calls her is brought back to her original family but starts nipping at the local kids and is returned to the Borlands permanentlyPenny is a quirky gal with a mind of her own She enjoys walks with the Borlands but also likes to take off by herself returning tired and mud spattered The basset hound visits local families to cadge treats and has her own 'charge account' at the butcher shop where she's given bones Penny almost wrecks the living room chasing a ball and chews up Hal's hat She hangs out with Hal when he's writing and shelters with Barbara during thunderstorms When the basset hound is hungry she stands at the fridgeand she can put away an ENORMOUS amount of food The book has lots of stories like this about Penny many of which will be familiar to dog owners In one of my favorite anecdotes Penny refuses her kibble only deigning to eat canned dog food or cereal and milk Wanting to use up the kibble they bought the Borlands crush it and put it in the bird feeder The birds don't like the kibble either and toss it on the groundwhere Penny happily consumes it all ha ha ha In another amusing tale Hal relates that Penny has her own 'bus pass' During the pooch's lone perambulations she sometimes waits at school bus stops to hitch a ride home That's one smart dogUnfortunately Penny has some bad habits as well She chases trucks on the road and harasses the neighbor's cows a big no no When Penny can't be broken of these behaviors she's given away to a dog loving family that lives in a safer environmentand one day Penny disappears In addition to stories about Penny Hal writes A LOT about nature the changing seasons flowers trees birds rabbits woodchucks other animals weather temperature rain snow thunder lightning etc The descriptions are picturesque but I didn't find these parts very interesting The last part of the book is composed of two rather long fanciful stories one by Hal and one by Barbara of what may have happened to Penny These two yarns read like children's tales and might make good bedtime storiesbut again not that interesting to meMy favorite parts of the book are about Penny and I hope wherever she went that Penny had a good life If you're a dog lover you'll probably enjoy this book It will make you smile Thanks to Netgalley the publisher and the author's estate for a copy of this bookYour can follow my reviews at

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    Penny A Free Soul Dog by Hal A Free Range Bassett HoundI have always liked the idea of a dog being allowed to roam They could visit your neighbors and go downtown to visit the merchants go swim in someone’s pool or the city pool go to river if you have one and so on But dogs unlike people also roam in packs and get into trouble Well that is not unlike people when I think of it If ther are farm dogs that sometimes roam in packs and they sometimes kill calves sheep cats and free range chickens just like some people Still I like the idea Good dogs should be allowed to roam Hal and his wife Barbara live on the country and one day when Hal opened his front dog a dog walked in a basset hound which we soon learn is a breed of dog that loves to roamThey fed her corn flakes with milk They made phone calls No one had lost a dog much less a basset hound They decide to keep her and named her Penny will claim Penny I know I wouldn’t have they named her Penny Then one day Hal wrote an article about her for the newspaper and Penny’s owners contacted him Penny went home and lost her new name on the way But Penny would not stay home She continued to roam get lost and not return Soon she found her way to Hal and Barbar’s home They returned her to her rightful owner again But the story doesn’t end here and I didn’t wish it to either because it was helping me get to sleep every night for three nights

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    Have you ever owned a dog with a mind all her own? A dog that loves to be with you but loves to explore wander and have you pick her up a few miles away?We found one of our Labs when I was kid swimming at a nearby pond He was swimming too and he seemed to like us and wanted to be with us We took him home and called his owner who lives in several towns away from ours He didn’t want the Lab and was willing to throw in a doghouse as wellAnd so I soon had one of the best friends I had growing up Our dog – my sister gave him the cutsy name Pepi – with an ‘i’ – and Pepi didn’t spend many nights in his doghouse instead he slept at the foot of my bed – he kept my feet toasty through those cold winter nights ran with me on my English 3 speed Racer explored the many acre woods behind our house hunted woodchucks even cornered one in our garage I roped the woodchuck dragged him out and much to Pepi’s disgust set that one free one skunk tomato juice really does work and explored other homes miles from ours – we would get the phone calls and go pick him upThat’s what this book is about – Hal Borland’s wandering Basset Penny who adopted them one day only to be discovered belonging to a family some miles away how heartbroken they returned Penny only to find her back on their doorstep Finally the family kept her chained most of the time till they decided to give her to the BorlandsBut the Borlands couldn’t keep her either Why?You will have to read this marvelous tale by one of our greatest outdoor and writers about dogs we have had – I guarantee this will be one you will remember and want to give to your friends and family

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    Though it's well written and gives a good sense about a dog's character this book is disappointing It feels very dated it was written in the 70s and is being re released something in the same vein but written within the past few years would probably be enjoyable Also the way the author treated dogs is pretty irresponsible Letting your dog just roam free not caring what happens passing it back and forth between different owners again a lot of this was due to the time it was written But it's not enjoyable to read about how little they actually seemed to care about the well being of Penny even though they claimed they liked her This is not a book I would recommend Complimentary copy from NetGalley in exchange for review

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    I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for a honest reviewThis is a great read if you love dogsA true story of a dogs tale

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    Picked this one up on kindle because of the picture of the beautiful basset hound on the cover This one left me a little bit flat thoughHounds are and have always been my favorite I was the former owner of a beautiful female basset hound that left too soon Basset's are my favorite of all the hounds The drool the long ears the baying bark they are too good for this worldAlthough the connection between Borland and PennyPokey was there it didn't seem to be the connection that I might have hoped for I guess that in the 1960s or whenever Penny lived with the Borland's it was custom for dogs to be less confined? Either way Penny was a free spirit and there was no confining her In this she reminded me of my basset who always wanted to lead a life of wandering My favorite scene was Penny in the water which reminded me much of a time when my basset thought it would be a good idea to jump in the pool she soon discovered that bassets are not really water dogs

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    If you’ve ever had a Basset Hound this book will give you many chuckles Penny incorrigible independent and blessed with the incurable wanderlust was the queen of adventure Once again Hal Borland can bring any story to life

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    Previously Hal Borland told us the story of Pat The Dog Who Came to Stay Penny is the dog who came to visitHal and his wife Barbara are outside their home in Connecticut in a still cold and snowy late winter when a basset hound neither of them knows turns up She comes and goes and then seems to settle in They can't find an owner And while they say they don't want another dog they name her Penny buy her a collar and leash license and dog food and start teaching her the rules of their houseThen a neighbor in their little town writes a story for the local paper about the new dog who came to stay with the Borlands And now they get a phone call from a family that thinks Penny may be their own missing PokeyShe is and Pokey Penny returns to her owners For a while But she's a wanderer and wanders again And when her owners chain her in the garage well that doesn't work out wellSo she returns to the Borlands who allow wandering and don't chain her and don't have little kids who behave badly around dogsBut she remains a wanderer and she chases cows goes nuts at the sight of streetsweepers or horses or pavers It's a stress on everyone and a dog who chases cattle risks getting shotThe Borlands turn to Sylvia a basset loving acquaintance over the state line in Massachusetts who has advised them on Penny beforePenny is a sweet but definitely free spirited dog who will only ever be a guest in any home You'll enjoy getting to know herRecommendedI received a free electronic galley of this book from the publisher via NetGalley

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    This is the true story of Penny the basset hound Hal and Barbara Borland were authors who lived on a farm in Connecticut One day a basset hound arrived at their door They fed the dog and let her stay with them while they tried to find out the owner Not able to find the owner they decided to keep her and named her PennyBeing a basset hound Penny liked to wander and was welcomed in the community Sometimes she'd be gone for a couple hours sometimes she'd be gone for days They considered her a free soul rather than keeping her contained they let her roam free Personally I wouldn't have because it didn't sound safe she could have been hurt in the woods run down by cars etc but it was a different time and a different place Penny could be frustrating when she caught the scent of a rabbit or chased the nearby cows But deep down Hal and Barbara loved Penny and she loved them in her own way and she loved everyone else tooThis book was originally published in 1972 Hal and Barbara are long gone It was a simpler time Hal and Barbara played records there was no Internet and people actually called each other on the phone andor wrote letters Despite being written than 40 years ago I liked this book I enjoy stories about dogs and animalsBlog review post

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    Enjoyed the telling of the impact this dog had on so many people