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This is a book to be revered Ifof the aspiring writers who upload their works to Kindle and Nook spent a month or two getting acquainted with its contents, they could avoid the kinds of mistakes that anger readers Almost every reader has some grammar pet peeve The thing that drives them up the wall may not even register with you.There are various works online and in print that claim to be the Bible of self publishing This is the only book that is Bible of the industry Whether you have an editing job or want one or plan to independently publish, the price you pay for this is a pittance compared to the good it will do you. Having been laid off from my happy position at Loyola University Chicago, having no luck at finding a similar position there or elsewhere and being semi employed by a small academic publishing house, I decided to get serious about another career So, I started publishing lots reviews and one scholarly article and began trying to drum up editorial work Being already familiar with the MLA style, I picked up a copy of the Chicago Manual of Style and read through the whole thing It wasn t so bad Indeed, many mysteries a lot of which obtain because of the differences between British and American conventions were solved by this study.Now, of course, what with the whole internet revolution and all, I should do the whole business over again. Technologies May Change, But The Need For Clear And Accurate Communication Never Goes Out Of Style That Is Why For Than One Hundred Years The Chicago Manual Of Style Has Remained The Definitive Guide For Anyone Who Works With WordsIn The Seven Years Since The Previous Edition Debuted, We Have Seen An Extraordinary Evolution In The Way We Create And Share Knowledge This Seventeenth Edition Of The Chicago Manual Of Style Has Been Prepared With An Eye Toward How We Find, Create, And Cite Information That Readers Are As Likely To Access From Their Pockets As From A Bookshelf It Offers Updated Guidelines On Electronic Workflows And Publication Formats, Tools For PDF Annotation And Citation Management, Web Accessibility Standards, And Effective Use Of Metadata, Abstracts, And Keywords It Recognizes The Needs Of Those Who Are Self Publishing Or Following Open Access Or Creative Commons Publishing Models The Citation Chapters Reflect The Ever Expanding Universe Of Electronic Sources Including Social Media Posts And Comments, Private Messages, And App Content And Also Offer Updated Guidelines On Such Issues As DOIs, Time Stamps, And E Book LocatorsOther Improvements Are Independent Of Technological Change The Chapter On Grammar And Usage Includes An Expanded Glossary Of Problematic Words And Phrases And A New Section On Syntax As Well As Updated Guidance On Gender Neutral Pronouns And Bias Free Language Key Sections On Punctuation And Basic Citation Style Have Been Reorganized And Clarified To Facilitate Navigation, Headings And Paragraph Titles Have Been Revised And Clarified Throughout And The Bibliography Has Been Updated And Expanded To Include The Latest And Best Resources AvailableThis Edition Continues To Reflect Expert Insights Gathered From Chicago S Own Staff And From An Advisory Board Of Publishing Experts From Across The Profession It Also Includes Suggestions Inspired By Emails, Calls, And Even Tweets From Readers No Matter How Much The Means Of Communication Change, The Chicago Manual Of Style Remains The Ultimate Resource For Those Who Care About Getting The Details Right Too heavy, too expensive, and too orange Other than that, it is great Very thorough and well organized This is the only style guide I ve had where I could both locate the information I needed quickly and get a sufficiently clear and complete explanation to be sure how it applied to my own writing. The serial comma is a beautiful, perfect thing This book is nowhere near perfect, but there s nothing else like it. Torture I was working on an essay for which I had to cite a particularly bibliographically complex book it was a commentary by Averro s, translated by one person, introduced by another, and edited by yet another poor soul I hadn t a clue how to formulate all the relevant information in my bibliography Throughout my psychology master s program, it was easy it was all APA, everything was always APA But now I realized that, for my philosophical essays, I hadn t been conforming to any particular system In school, I always strongly disliked the emphasis on structure and reference guidelines, which seemed like mere busywork meant to distract from the true object writing I still think that for private creative writing, the only thing that matters is consistency based upon personal choice and preference However, for academic professional work like my essay , I had to admit that it does help to adhere to a ready made system So I figured that, considering the many essays I still have to and want to write, including a dissertation, I should probably invest in some sort of manual I conducted some research and settled on The Chicago Manual of Style, since Chicago is not only the preferred citation style for my current field of philosophy, but the Manual is muchthan a simple citation style guide It is also a guide to good consistently good writing, editing, and publishing, all of which I hope to do professionally in the future I therefore ordered the Manual, which arrived just in time to put it to use in finalizing my essay and use it I did, to the bitter end Here s to it helping me through manybitter ends. This is the book that should be in every drawer in every hotel room I ll get right on the phone with the Gideons. My Bible Why did they have to change the rule about a bold or italic punctuation mark being set bold or italic according to the preceding typeface Why don t they include better samples of how to abbreviate journal titles for Documentation II style Why is the index still horrendous I use this book every single day, even if I m just threatening my dog with it to get her off the furniture. Memo to Goodreads admin people the 15th edition is old hat Nowadays it is the 16th edition that is authoritative The once proud 15th edition has had its pedestal tugged out from under it Only losers refer to the old fashioned, outmoded, antiquated 15th edition any, or even hold on to their copy Screw the 15th edition Please create a listing for the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition I d like to post a review complaining that I see few differences between it and the 15th edition which in turn had few differences from the 14th My review would also do some navel gazing about the tension between the strong idea of scholarly authority, which pervades the manual s rhetoric, and the stance of the University of Chicago economics department the publications of which are sometimes mentioned therein as stylistic examples which teaches resolute nihilism regarding such authority We re all probably better off that I m not able to expand on this thought in a longer review.