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Always One Of The Popular Kids, Sopho Paisley Hanover Gets A Rude Awakening When She S Booted Out Of Yearbook And Into The Badlands Of Drama Class Out Of Her Element But Only Momentarily Out Of Ideas, Paisley Takes Action And An Unexpected Liking To Her Drama Buddies The Result An Undercover Crusade That Could Bring Down The Popularity Pecking Order, And Paisley Along With It This Is The Story Of How Paisley Hanover Gets Wise, Gets Bold, And Gets Into A Hilarious Mess Of Trouble With A Package As Fresh And Clever As Paisley Herself Including A Cool Slipcase, A Fabulous Novel, And Paisley S Notebook Of Embarrassingly Funny Ideas And Doodles It S The Start Of A Series That Embraces The Un In UnUsual Paisley Hanover has a plan, had a plan, a seven point plan to be exact That went out the window as she spastic jazzed her way out of Yearbook don t ask Now she s stuck with the popularity impaired drama freaks On top of that her best friend is no longer on speaking terms with her after something weird happened at a summer party Now Paisley has to figure out how to get her life back on track She has a play performance with a boy she s got a below the belt crush on she s running for student council, trying to get her best y back and oh yeah, a following of misUNderstood kids All while trying to live a perfectly normal high school life full of crushes above and below the belt , friends and popularity.Paisley Hanover is not very smart She s of moderate intelligence which makes her believable as a misfit stuck in a rah rah s body This was a fun read, reminiscent of the Georgia Nicolson series except not British and no one is funnier than Georgia NO ONE I found the characters were pretty believable There were nasty ones and dorky ones, smart ones and jock ones Some times it seemed a little exaggerated for comic effect, but it is high school so you know I m not sure what else to say really Paisley wasn t a heroine really, sometimes I found her very na ve and full of herself but shrug it happens I definitely want to read the next book in this series because this one ended on a oh, come on kind of note This was fun and great for sitting outside on a hot day and giggling to.First Line I took a deep breath outside the door to Yearbook class and then sauntered yes, I actually sauntered into the room, doing my best imitation of calm, confident me.Favorite Line Bentley Jones, Dwight Cashel, and Eric Sobel had turned the corner and were headed in my direction, talking and laughing like the world were made of lollipops and midgets. Look out, popular kids Paisley Hanover is tired of your crap, and she s doing something about it Cameron Tuttle s hilarious teen novel explores high school life from the perspective of a popular girl who dares to be gasp unpopular.Told in first person narrative, Paisley Hanover Acts Out is like reading a teenage girl s private diary, complete with OMG s and mentions of below the belt crushes on boys There are sidenotes interspersed throughout the novel that give extra tidbits of information to offer the reader the inside scoop on Pleasant Hill or Pleasant Hell The plot follows the snarky, witty Paisley as she starts her sopho year and soon finds out that the people she thought were her friends are not so nice, and those she had previously overlooked are not so bad after all After she loses the last spot in yearbook class to a fellow popular girl, Paisley gets stuck in drama class only to discover that the drama geeks are actually cool, and acting isn t as horrible as she thought it would be In fact, she s really good at it.As Paisley tries to break down the barriers between the Pops and the UnPops, she changes her attitude toward the kids in her high school who she had misjudged in the past She opens up the eyes of the students and faculty to the unfair class system that exists at her school When Paisley interacts with the UnPops, she gradually becomes one herself and finds that it s a lot fun than being popular.When reading the book, I noticed that a certain phrase popped up again and again Whenever Paisley talks to an UnPop and vows not to act like a Pop toward them any, she follows up with, And I meant it It signifies that she, along with a lot of Pops, had said nice things to unpopular kids in the past, but it was just lip service Now that she s making a change, she actually means what she says now Paisley isn t perfect She sometimes sits and stares when she witnesses unfair treatment of UnPops, yet the reader can still sympathize with her How many times have we been put in a situation where we could ve stopped something from happening but were too scared or worried about how others might think of us Paisley Hanover is a prime example of a teenager who s faced with such situations and may not always do the right thing, but she does her best to make amends.I really enjoyed reading this book It was like watching a CW teen drama unfold page after page but in a good way Paisley Hanover gets a gold star from me I wish teenage girls read books like this instead of Twilight They d learn a lot from a character like Paisley Hanover than Bella Swan And I mean that. Pure genius OMG Did I just say that I totally did Paisley Hanover is a lovable 15 year old protagonist clever, snarky, flawed, and a huge abuser of OMG Who knew that high school could be so much fun I can t wait to read the second book in the series Oh wait I have to finish writing it first. Flamingnet Top Choice Award Winner OMG This book was AWESOME Paisley Hanover is just like most other high school sophos She s hoping to be popular, hang out with her friends, and get into college She has even developed a seven point plan on how to get into the college of her choice However, this plan has to be thrown out the window when she finds out that the administration overbooked the Yearbook class by one person And it just so happens that the two people who aren t on the list are her and Candy Esposito the most populat girl in school It s not even a contest Along with losing, Paisley also completely humiliates herself by doing a new move called the spastic jazz hands This, and many other events, turn into the worst or the best year of her life Or so she says.Don t be fooled by the pink on the cover This is an awesome book I thought, Oh boywhat did I get myself into and then I read the book and it was so much better than I thought Full review available on