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Petite, Kind, Brilliant, And Young, Stevie Is Nothing Like The Usual Women Bodyguard Shen Li Is Interested In Even Surprising, The Youngest Of The Lethal, Ball Busting, And Beautiful MacKilligan Sisters Is Terrified Of Bears But She S Not Terrified Of Pandas She Loves Pandas Which Means That Whether Shen Wants Her To Or Not, She Simply Won T Stop Cuddling Him He Isn T Some Stuffed Giant Panda, Ya Know He Is A Giant Panda Shifter He Deserves Respect And Personal Space Something That Little Hybrid Is Completely IgnoringBut Stevie Has A Way Of Finding Trouble Like Going Undercover To Take Down A Scientist Experimenting On Other Shifters For What, Shen Doesn T Want To Know, But They D Better Find Out And Fast Stevie Might Be The Least Violent Of The Honey Badger Sisters, But She S The Most Dangerous To Shen S Peace Of Mind Because She Has Absolutely No Idea How Much Trouble They Re In Or Just How Damn Adorable She Is 8 14 19 on sale for 2.99Stevie s book was everything I hoped it would be It s full of the same humor of book one, it s got a lot of tough love between sisters, and I feel like it needs to be said again, it s just so funny Shen, the laid back panda, is a great match for the anxious Stevie In the last book, Stevie tells Berg to stray dog his relationship with Charlie Stevie, being part tiger, stray cats her relationship with Shen He takes her out to lunch as a friend, she decides they are dating, and that s that I loved seeing Shen s protests of we aren t dating and everyone else just raising an eyebrow and going sure you aren t If you re looking for paranormal romance, this book might not be what you are looking for It s heavy on action and humor But the romance is almost a side plot If you want a funny urban fantasy, this is the one for you. The first book was funnier, but this was still awesome Just what I needed after reading 25 crappy books in a row.So, the story is about three sisters who are batshit crazy and that is their best quality This book focuses on the youngest, Stevie, who is a neurotic genius that can shift into a godzilla like killing machine, but is afraid of everything Her older sisters protect her in a way that leaves a lot of dead bodies behind Sometimes she has to be the voice of reasonSister We always fight back and we lay waste But we don t kill family for no reason No, no, Stevie was quick to cut in We don t kill anyone for no reason Her sisters stared at her for what Stevie considered way too long..Sister Right, right We don t kill anyone for no reason Exactly right Stevie swung her finger between her sisters It bothers me I had to clarify that for you two Just so you understand the look of disappointment on my face Did I mention that they are on the way to a family gathering The sisters live in a neighborhood of bear shifters and Stevie is deathly afraid of bears Except one bear Shen Shen is a panda shifter and Stevie follows him around telling him how cute he is I really can t blame her That s not crazy at all, it s just science Pandas are the cutest things to exist on the planet If you hate a panda, you are truly evil and need to be eradicated from this planet.No, like Panda haters gonna die.For whatever reason that most guys feel this way, Shen is not thrilled that Stevie pinches his cheeks and follows him around calling him cute Pshhh, fragile masculinity alert Shen is actually extremely chill and yes, cute but he s a badass, dammit Aww, look at that cute little guy with his panda gun Isn t that adorable Who s a good boy You are There is a really complicated storyline going on in the background, so you need to read the first book Also, there are a lot of outlying characters that I feel like must have had their own books in other shifter series by this author, but I was able to keep up in spite of not having read them.This book had everything I needed violence, humor, explicit sex, and pandas Add in a cocktail and chocolate and you ve reached Nirvana. 3.25 starsMeh, maybe it was a good thing I got rejected for this I didn t feel any chemistry or attraction between Stevie and Shen For a Shelly Laurenston book this was downright slow Too many guest appearances from her Pride series and too many POVs I love her writing and her chaotic characters but this one just didn t do it for me And I m incredibly bummed out it didn t 17 2 19Got rejected by Netgalley for this, though I don t know why since I was approved and reviewed some of her other books This book belongs to one of the most craziest and funniest shifter series ever A roller coaster ride of epic and hilarious proportions Unfortunately I would not recommend reading In a Badger Way as a standalone In fact this series includes so many cast members from the Pride Series that prior knowledge of this series is needed for an enjoyable experience So please, just jump onto the Shelly Laurenston bandwagon and enjoy the ride from the beginning.As always, it took me a little to get into a new Shelly Laurenston book The rather large amount of cast members always overwhelms me a bit until I m comfortably settled into the Pride world and remembering all my favorite couples, and their quintessential quirkinesses Also, just to put it out there the author writes the most diverse cast you could imagine Further, I would love for an artist to put them all on paper I m a huge fan of bookish fanart and seeing these characters brought to paper would be amazing.Of course as soon as I got over the first 20% hump I was hooked, and didn t want to put the book down again.For one thing the author has a very engaging way of pulling the reader into her shifter world Everything from OTT characters, outrages situations, hilarious and laugh out loud moments it all made this book an excellent and entertaining read.Moreover nothing in this book can be described as predictable.The women in these Honey Badger Chronicles are fearless, bold and spunky The situations they get into are especially entertaining In fact they are beyond anything you could imagine because nothing has ever been written quite like this series It s quite the adventure and pretty addicting.So, if you are in the market for something outrageously funny, different and unique you better grab the first book, The Mane Event and prepare to be dazzled I ve had the pleasure of enjoying this author s work for years now, and although it seems her books become bold and daring with each release I can t imagine a life without her stories.ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review If you want to chat with me about books, find me on Instagram For of my reviews My Blog Book Twins ReviewsFacebook Blog PageTwitterSubscribe to Blog