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Fr D Ric Chopin S Reputation As One Of The Great Romantics Endures, But As Benita Eisler Reveals In Her Elegant And Elegiac Biography, The Man Was Complicated Than His Iconic ImageA Classicist, Conservative, And Dandy Who Relished His Conquest Of Parisian Society, The Polish Migr Was For A While Blessed With Genius, Acclaim, And The Love Of Europe S Most Infamous Woman Writer, George Sand But By The Age Of , The Man Whose Brilliant Compositions Had Thrilled Audiences In The Most Fashionable Salons Lay Dying Of Consumption, Penniless And Abandoned By His Lover In The Fall Of , His Lavish Funeral Was Attended By Thousands But Not By George SandIn This Intimate Portrait Of An Embattled Man, Eisler Tells The Story Of A Turbulent Love Affair, Of Pain And Loss Redeemed By Art, And Of Worlds Both Private And Public Convulsed By Momentous Change

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    I thought it was an excellent book I have always loved Chopin and it made me have a greater of the understanding of how many of those dark nightmarish passagea and those feelings of elation within hks music came about A truly incredible but tragic figure is Chopin I would say you should read this book and know the life of one of the greatest musical talents of all time.

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    Amazing, amazing, AMAZING book I normally am bored to tears with biographies, but the way Benita Eisler writes the life of Chopin, it is so gripping I can t wait to turn the page to see what happens next Ok, so maybe adding to my fascination with the book is my obsession with Chopin P But it s still an AMAZINGLY well written and interesting read for anyone I think I m going to buy the book so I can read it all over again

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    I read this book before seeing Yundi Li perform Chopin at Carnegie Hall It was a sold out show, with the exception of a single empty seat a few rows in front of me It was easy to imagine Chopin betrayed, by someone who should have been there but never showed up.

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    Well, I got banned from my local library cause I turned it in really late But this book was indeed vurry sexy.

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    Chopin s funeral was a momentous occasion, so I liked that the event was used as a unique approach to his biography The author was thoughtful in portraying his life and I learned about his relationship with George Sand and her children This book ranks high in the several Chopin biographies I ve read.

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    Incredible book With a name like Chopin s Funeral you d think I would be prepared for the devastation in the pages to come Elegantly, sumptuously written weaving each composition into historical, psychological and cultural contexts I ve never read a book quite like this Nonfiction written almost as a classic French or Russian novel and full of multi sensory embellishments.

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    It s always incredibly moving to read about the life and death of one of history s musical geniuses, especially when that life was so tragic in many ways, and ended too soon When the life is laid out like this, it s so easy to see where things went wrong, and how ill advised decisions deemed wise in that time period caused so much misery and ultimately, demise Chopin brought much of his misery on himself the financial troubles that left him impoverished at his death were through his own lack of financial discipline, and while he had many friends, his paranoia and phases of ill temper drove many away, including the love of his life, George Sand It s a sad tale, like the story of Mozart s life, but worthwhile reading The book gets into the weeds quite a bit in certain places and delves into technical discussion of Chopin s various styles over his lifetime Musicologists and serious musicians will love the analysis of various works and how those compositions were informed and influenced by the circumstances under which they were written, including how things were going in his relationship with Sand and his friends, financial and social triumphs or worries, and especially his good or ill health Listening to the pieces cited in the book while understanding the phases of Chopin s life they were written in was really interesting.

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    A charming description of a brilliant and brilliantly sad life Incorporated into the text are descriptions of the composed musical pieces that paralleled the life experiences of Chopin Not familiar with many of these compositions, I was frequently temped to tap into to hear them played Unfortunately, this process made the reading of the text cumbersome, and it took quite a long time to finish even though it is a short book The music, of course, is probably the most important aspect of Chopin s life, so it seems a contradiction that hearing the music intercalated within the reading a distraction It might have made sense to sell the book with a CD of all the music described in the correct order that could be listened to along the way Nonetheless it was an illuminating text, and I will seek out other books looking at the broader aspects of his experience for example, biographies on Sand s life, as well as, descriptions of the historical period of France at that time.

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    I went back and re read this book Chopin is forever my favorite composer One just can t imagin how one was physically frail, fragile and shy, yet produced such emotional depth music which typifies the Romanticism Music His exact physical opposite, Lizt, who was virtuoso and love to be on stage For chopin, he went on stage so people can hear his music while Lizt was to show how billiant he was and audiance adored him.

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    Benita Eisler s Chopin s Funeral brings to life the times, joys, tribulations and immense gift of this composer from the Romantic Period of Classical Music The book reads as a historical novel, historical text, a romance and also a case study in what illness can do to the soul of the sufferer It was engaging in the way she weaved the creation of Chopin s most important works i.e the Etudes, Mazurkas, Preludes, Impromptus waltzes, barcarolles The chapters about his long time partnership with George Sand related the ups and downs of the relationship that what was a cornerstone in Chopin s life The reader gets a sense of who Chopin was including his interior world, laced with suffering and creative genius Readers who are musicians familiar with his work will hear the pieces he composed as the back drop of the times are related including his state of health and events in Paris, London and throughout Europe.