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A story that explores the gray area between right and wrong and tries to truly define the word monster While the main character is not human, the supernatural component of this story is far less important than the exploration of a human teenage boy and his very real problems. The beginning was good, but the story slowly got less interesting as it went on The idea is very cool, but the author didn t do as much with it as he could have we know about as much about doppelgangers at the end of the book as we did at the beginning The relationship between the main character and his girlfriend is underdeveloped, as is the main character Nothing really significant happened to the main character or to the Parker family, which made the whole story feel sort of pointless. Raised In A Cabin In The Middle Of Nowhere By A Mother Who Despises Him, The Doppelganger Has Left Home At Last He Is Making His Way Toward Human Society He S Coming To Do What Every Member Of His Monster Race Must Find An Unsuspecting Human And Make His First Kill He Will Then Take That Shape And Identity For HimselfDoppelgangers Are Not Supposed To Have Doubts But This One Does His Mother Was Right He S Weak Too Human, Maybe But Even That Can T Stop Him From Killing He Has To Do It It S Who He IsIt Is Only After Stepping Into The Life Of A Small Town Teenager That The Doppelganger Learns That His May Not Be The Only Cruel Existence In Fact, Maybe Monsters Aren T Always Who We Think They Are This was the best book I have ever read I couldn t stop reading it I liked everything about it I started balling at the end and I don t want to read any other book, it kind of put me in this terrible sadness and I can t stop thinking about the end, I wish there was a sequel to it I would like to know what happens to him, what happens to his family, what happens to Amber He just left them I feel like I fell in love with him I never wanted it to end I wish that they could stay together, somehow His family was just starting to be normal, then he leaves them, they ll never know what happened because he burried Chris If I were Amber I would probably go insane They were so deeply in love, and then he had to leave I wish he could stay as Chris forever I wish that it didn t end, it really upsets me I read it in 5 days because it was so good It s the only thing I wanted to do. Doppelgangers are shapeshifters They take on the body of those they kill But He doesn t like to kill He thinks it s wrong He doesnt even have a name He describes his race as monsters and killers because of their natural urge to kill humans But just like every other doppelganger, He cant resist the urge to take a human form After being attacked by the teen, in self defense, He kills the boy and takes his form But doppelgangers are supposed to stalk their prey and learn sufficient information about their lives before taking their form.He has no idea what He has gotten Himslef intoDoppelganger keeps you reading with themes that include fear, courage, desire, and love As the doppelganger takes over the teen s life, He finds Himself dealing with human like emotions and human like issues that a doppelganger seems to never come across as its true form Between the issues of the teen s abusive father, fearful mother, scared sister, and resentful girlfriend, He has no idea how to cope with it all.Not to mention the constant risk of losing the form of the teen and having to move on to the next vulnerable human How long will He be able to hold on to the young boy s form And most of all, will He be able to live the boy s life without drawing attention to the fact that the real Chris Parker is dead The book Doppelganger by David Stahler Jr was a great book The author made the characters come to life and the setting really helped out how dark the book really is The plot really set the mood and made me feel the pain that the characters were going through Everyone should read this book I finished the book really fast because I just had to know what was going to happen next The ending was not how I expected it to be and I like books like that so then it surprises me The book is about a teenager boy who is a doppelganger Doppelgangers aren t qualified as human, they arelike monsters They kill people They stalk you and find out everything about you and once they have figured out your life then they will kill you in secret and take your life But things get a little tough when one doppelganger has a human father and a doppleganger mom It hardly ever happens but it did for this one doppelganger This book was definitely worth reading and I really liked it The characters were described well I could actually picture what they looked like and how they all acted Some of the characters I actually felt bad for The main character was my favorite because he was described the best and you actually got to really know his personality well The author told what doppelgangers are and how they acted Most important is that we re shape shifters We can change the way we look, the sound of our voice we can even change our sex, though we usually prefer not to We re like chameleons, but taken to a higher level The author told me what a doppelganger can do If the author hadn t done a great job of describing the characters then I don t think that I wouldn t have finished the book, the characters brought the book to life for me and probably for everyone else who read this book The way the author set up the plot worked very well for this book He had many plot twists and the setting was set up good too In alleys, corners, dark railroads and after hours And it set the mood for scariness The author shows what it s really like to be a monster In most books that I have read, the start is all happy and normal and then gets darker But in the book Doppelganger it starts off dark and kinda just stays that way I never really thought I would like a book like this, but the author made it interesting and he made the darkness work throughout the story It was also one of those books that the first page gets me hooked into the book The middle of the book wasabout family issues but then what happened with his family contributed to the rest of the book and made itbelievable I feel like the author wrote this book to tell about what it s like to not fit in, be different than most people and some people think that they are different than the human race I don t know if that s why he wrote it but that s just my opinion and that s what I thought when I finished the book The story takes place in mostly small towns, but once the main character gets to Bakersville, his life changes The way David stahler wrote about the setting made the story come to life for me The setting had the characters act the way they did The main character was raised in a cabin in the middle of nowhere Most of the setting took place in creepy places such as railroads and in the woods at night time Since the main character was raised in a lonely cabin with his mother who would keep leaving and then left forever, that affects how he acts The doppelgangers kill in quiet dark places where people don t go The author always made the setting realistic This book is a wonderful book to read I couldn t put it down Everyone should read it The start of the book gets you hooked right away The characters were formed great The darkness of the story made me really like it During the middle of the book it lightens up a little bit and then towards the end it goes back to dark and creepy I loved the characters, especially how they were all described and how they acted I would recommend this book to mostly teenagers because I think it s about not fitting in and what s it like to be different, like a monster The book Doppleganger is about a boy that is a monster He has a urge to kill people, when he kills people the takes their form and their body He can only keep the shape of the body for about a week The book first takes place in a forest in Montana Doppleganger is living with his mother All of a sudden Doppleganger has to leave the house and survive on his own His mom is ashamed of him because she made a mistake when making him She was spots to mate with a other Doppleganger but she mated with a human so Doppleganger is half human.I can make a text to world connection Everybody has done something that they regret in the future I have done a lot of stiff that i regret now In the book the situation is different because Doppleganger has to kill people because it is his nature The book is very interesting and horrific.I would rate this book 5 stars because I thought this book was very good and I loved it I would recommend this book to people who like horror and romance This book was also very sad and it made me cry a little bit This book I think was amazing and I have read it 3 times. I thought that this book was really good It showed that even how ugly you truly may be, people will still like you for what you do and act like Its cool how the doppelgangers are weird mutant like creatures that watch a single person of there choice for about a week and then kills the person and takes the form and life of the the person. Reviewed by Karin Perry for TeensReadToo.com He doesn t have a name He isn t one of us His species lives among ours without us even knowing He is a monster He is a doppelganger A doppelganger is a shape shifter, but before a person can be copied, they must be dead Growing up, he lived in an isolated cabin in the woods with only his mother and television for company He spent much of his time alone reading because his mother went out to change skins often He never knew what she was going to look like when she came home Finally, at the age of sixteen, his mother kicked him out She didn t want to be tied down to him anyand felt he was old enough to take care of himself At first when he leaves the cabin he is frightened He d never killed before, but knew he couldn t survive looking like his true self He hears a train in the distance and approaches it, not knowing what he d find A hobo, who isn t well, happens to be riding the rails He puts his hands around the hobo s neck and kills him, then assumes his form, leaving the dead man on the train to be discovered later He spends several weeks in the hobo s form, traveling from town to town, but when he stops in Bakersville his life takes a turn he s not prepared for While sitting by a fire on the edge of town as the hobo, he is approached by three high school boys who start to poke fun and be cruel to him Two of the boys lose interest and leave because one boy in particular, Chris, starts to go over the line and looks like he is going to harm the hobo Once the other two leave, he kills Chris, wraps his body in plastic, stuffs him in a storm drain, and assumes his shape Once in Chris skin, he heads back to meet the other two boys and goes home As Chris, he falls in love, feels some family attachment, and learns that humans can be monsters, too Once you get into this story, you won t be able to put it down David Stahler has written a fantastic young adult fantasy that will have you questioning the definition of good and evil. Doppelganger was interesting and definitely has a good plot, but at times it s a very confusing story with some rather mixed up text.