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In this Level 2 Let's Read and Find Out Science book illustrated by Henry Cole authorillustrator of Another uest for Celeste bats fly into the spotlight in this exploration of such basics as where the live how mothers raise their pups and how they hunt for food Included as well is a simple plan for a building a backyard bat house This nonfiction picture book is an excellent choice to share during homeschooling in particular for children ages 4 to 6 It’s a fun way to learn to read and as a supplement for activity books for childrenThis is a Level 2 Let’s Read and Find Out Science title which means the book explores challenging concepts for children in the primary grades and supports the Common Core Learning Standards Next Generation Science Standards and the Science Technology Engineering and Math STEM standards Let’s Read and Find Out is the winner of the American Association for the Advancement of ScienceSubaru Science Books Films Prize for Outstanding Science Series

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    Wonderful book My son picked this out on his own for one of his level 2 reading books and I even think it's closer to a level 3 but we both really enjoyed it We're having issues with mosuitoes lately since we've had flooding here in NE Ohio and so the mosuito population has tripled this summer My poor dogs get surrounded instantly the second they go outside It's miserable This book talks about how to be careful not to disturb bats in caves and how they can eat 300 mosuitoes in 15 minutes On top of that they have plans in the back of the book on how to build your own bat house and a group kids can join to help people be aware of bats and that they're not scary I absolutely hate bugs but never had an issue with bats Now with the recent bug problem I'm insisting my husband make me some bat houses this week and my 5 yr old is going to help him A science lesson and reading lesson in one

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    This book is very informative and is aimed to educate elementary school children about batsThere was a strong influence on the ways that humans can accidentally cause bats to die in this book and my 9 year old nephew was a little sensitive to these facts although his 8 year old sister wasn't but overall it's essential for kids to know how our inadvertent actions can affect these animalsThis book also touched on what to do if a bat flies into one's house This isn't a common problem where I live but it's very good information to have stored just in caseOverall the kids enjoyed learning about what and how much bats eat how bats find their way around and the roles of bats in relation to humans I found this book perfect for the kids' age group and that the book gave enough information for me as the reader to answer any of the kid's extra uestions

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    Great book to teach children about bats I learned uite a bit as well There are even plans in the end to build a bat house

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    I think is a good book to look information about it bats I rate this 3 I guess bye

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    This is another book that includes illustrates which is different from most nonfiction books It includes a lot of information as well as labeling the bat

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    This is a very interesting and informative picture book about several types of bats which are amazing little mammals that must be protected Fabulous illustrations

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    Now Hunter wants a bat to live in our house 🤦‍♀️

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    This book is full of facts and information about bats It combats myths about bats and even includes information about building a bat house The back of the book contains information about various bat species This book would be great to use in an elementary classroom when students are learning about bats

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    Aw bats Bats are so wonderful I wish I had appreciated them when I used to live in my forest lake house They would come out as the sun was setting and zoom and dive over the lake I was barely interested then but now it would be so nice to watch themThis is a nice introduction for older children with a lot of love for bats packed in these pages

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    I read this book in a lesson to teach children about nocturnal animals The children loved it and were very interested becuase children these days don't hear much about bats This book is great for 1 3