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These books combine fun stories with neat facts humor illustrations and they all feature the fabulous Ms Fizzle

10 thoughts on “Truth About Bats The Magic School Bus Chapter Book #1

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    The bus want to outside and her want to school

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    I enjoyed this book because I liked the part when it taught me that a mist net a net that you can barely see can catch a rare spotted bat I also enjoyed this book because I liked the part when it told me in Texas a bunch of bats come near the bridge

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    Loved it Great characters interactions lots of surprising and meaningful facts and most of all a great call to protect these amazing animals A very sustainable book ha ha ha My seminar students will understand

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    Both my kids ages 6 and 8 really liked this book My 8 year old said it made the educational parts a lot of fun

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    It was fun and sort of nostalgic to read this book for my book club with my grandson His mom and aunt used to watch the show on PBS and read the picture books when they were little I felt like they and me too always learned something I did from this one I didn’t know all the information about bats that was in the book

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    Review by Andrew age 8I think this book was a bit weird and kind of funny Some was fiction and some was non fiction I liked the information I learned about different kinds of bats but the fiction part was silly

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    This a good book series It has a lot of adventures and it’s educational

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    Good Chapter book for beginners I read it with my 8 year old we both learned a lot of facts about bats mainly how bats help humans by eating lots of insects

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    Loved watching the show as a child and reading the book was also fun Learnt some stuff about bats I didn't know before

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    Kynley’s first chapter book she picked out and we read