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    Brilliant story about a young man who is harassed by his own doppelganger or lookalike. You get so much insight into the psychology of that young man and his motifs, it's an incredibly good psychological study. Dr Bransby's Academy, Oxford, William Wilson is always watched by his shadowy lookalike. When practising as a card sharpener his lookalike discovers the fraud. He's expelled from Oxford. Will a masquerade in Venice end the battle of the two Williams? There's a brilliant twist at the end. I'm sure Oscar Wilde knew about this story when he wrote The Picture of Dorian Gray. This is a great Poe story with a fine moral, absolutely recommended!

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    HA! A Good One! Had to dig out my trusty big book of POE after STEPHEN KING mentioned William Wilson as an example to part of the plot in his super new read, THE OUTSIDER. As usual, (for me) POE does not disappoint....and YEP!....the bit of similarity is there. Reminder to self: Need to read more POE!

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    A Edgar Allan Poe's masterpiece. An audiobook in Portuguese.

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    Last night after listening to an OTR (old time radio) program, The Weird Circle [October 31, 1943], I found out it was based on Edgar Allan Poe's William Wilson, it being a short story I just had to read and compare. First, Poe's stories that I have read thus far have had such agonizing characters who have to deal with psychological issues, which I have found so insightful and disturbing. The story has to do with a man who calls himself William Wilson, for the story's sake and withholding his real name which could be disastrous. Side note how the brain works, every time I read the name or heard it, Woodrow Wilson (the 28th US President) would pop into my head_ funny how the mind works. In the story Wilson in his school years, finds another person with his same name and other coincidences to him, is a student there. He is continually outsmarted by this person throughout his life. In the radio version things are a little more unclear and certain dastardly deeds of an amoral Wilson which also has him with a fiance, who he stole from another friend, approaching marriage but the ending is the same. Not wanting to say more which would spoil the read but that this short story was perfection "a la" Poe. I did not read this version but a collection of his works.

    Radio link below

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    Opening: LET ME CALL MYSELF, FOR the present, William Wilson

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    Poe is, for the most part, a love him or hate him kind of bloke. There really isn’t any kind of middle ground with Poe; so if the below quotes appeal to the word lover in you, you will probably like this short. And if they don’t, you probably won’t.

    From me, in an instant, all virtue dropped bodily as a mantle,

    Oh, gigantic paradox, too utterly monstrous for solution!

    The teeming brain of childhood requires no external world of incident to occupy or amuse it; and the apparently dismal monotony of a school was replete with more intense excitement than my riper youth has derived from luxury, or my full manhood from crime.

    If there is on earth a supreme and unqualified despotism, it is the despotism of a master mind in boyhood over the less energetic spirits of its companions.

    In short, this is an interesting study of a man with an unlikely antagonist.

    Read it for free here!

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    5* William Wilson is all about 'the double'. Even the eponymous title is a pun of sorts: Will-I-am, and Wil-son. Through a doppelganger haunting William, Poe explores the concept of sanity. An interesting story with long sentences but little specific imagery. Psychologically chilling.

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    An older, and more poetic, version of Fight Club.

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    *Spoiler Alert*

    After reading ‘The Outsider’ by Stephen King, I was intrigued by the mentions of this very clever short story. The story centres around a man named William Wilson, who is met with another man named William Wilson, with the same age, height, looks and aspects of their personality. He first meets his doppelgänger at school but continues unexpectedly meeting him multiple times in the future. The story turns dark very quickly as the narrator William Wilson becomes filled with jealousy and anger towards the other...

    I found the link to King’s novel very interesting. He discusses Poe’s writing, explaining that many believe he wrote “fantastic stories about the supernatural” when in fact, he wrote “realistic stories about abnormal psychology”. The narrator’s alter ego and/or multiple personality had led him to his own death... However, he mentions seeing the doppelgänger in a different light at school where he did not look like the William Wilson he had come to know, but something different, suggesting something more supernatural. A good psychological story.

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    This is a great creepy story about a doppelganger. The whole time the reader is wondering if the narrator is going mad or if someone is really stealing his identity. Even at the end, the conclusion is up to interpretation. This is a classic story line but told so well by Poe.