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From Sharon Creech, The Newbery Medal Winning Author Of Walk Two Moons, Comes A Heartwarming Adventure About Finding Family, And A Home, When You Least Expect ItRuby Holler Is A Carnegie Medal Winning Novel, And With Its Quirky Protagonists And Exciting Journey, Captures The Imaginations Of Readers Of All Ages Brother And Sister Dallas And Florida Are The Trouble Twins In Their Short Thirteen Years, They Ve Passed Through Countless Foster Homes, Only To Return To Their Dreary Orphanage, Boxton Creek HomeRun By The Trepids, A Greedy And Strict Couple, Boxton Creek Seems Impossible To Escape When Mr Trepid Informs The Twins That They Ll Be Helping Old Tiller And Sairy Morey Go On Separate Adventures, Dallas And Florida Are SuspiciousAs The Twins Adjust To The Natural Beauty Of The Outdoors, Help The Tillers Prepare For Their Adventures, And Foil A Robbery, Their Ultimate Search For Freedom Leads Them Home To Ruby Holler

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    Dallas and Florida, orphans, have had a remarkably tough life Nobody wants them or ever cared for them Florida has a very rough and negative pattern of speech She everything is putrid or nasty and she believes everyone except Dallas is trying to harm her This negativity is a defense mechanism She has been hurt and let down so many times before that she doesn t trust a soul Dallas deals with this in a different way He escapes to vivid dreams of nature and calm places to get away from his terrible reality A particularly heart wrenching moment is when Tiller, the one man to ever love the children, finds out Florida has never been rocked in a rocker Florida has never even seen a real rocker before Tiller sees Florida privately rocking her wooden birds and speaking to them in a motherly way This longing for a mother or affection of any kind is so apparent in Florida s normally rough persona It is clear that she puts up a front to hide her broken heart.The vivid descriptions of the holler brings all the camping trips, hikes, drives in the country or any other outdoor activities from the reader s memory to the front of the mind Descriptions like the tall leafy trees and stretches of wild grass with blue and red and yellow flowers The reader yearns to be there with the twins in the wonderful holler to experience the rural lifestyle.

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    I enjoyed the story and felt that the interaction between the four main characters was realistic and well written I would recommend it for fans of young adult novels in general as a clean, clever story about the strength of love and family ties.Unfortunately, it had several technical drawbacks, in my opinion For instance, sixty six chapters averaging about three or four pages each made the book feel very choppy, even awkward it just didn t work for me I also didn t like spending so much time reading about the miserable, pitiful lives of the orphanage owners essentially, the bad guys because it was pointless and had so little to do with the real emotional conflicts at the heart of the story Last of all, the book ended abruptly with a handful of loose ends and questions still dangling This book required of an emotional investment than most young adult novels, so having the story cut off with so few answers or explanations left me feeling silly for caring so much.

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    Dallas i Florida, blizanci iz dje jeg doma, koje nitko ne voli jer su zlo esti, grozni, nemogu i, neodgojeni i jo puno toga Ali kad se dosele u Rubindol, prekrasnu zelenu dolinu, kako bi ivjeli sa bra nim parom Morey, nau it e sva ta, prvenstveno o ljubavi i uva avanju.Sanja A., hvala ti jo jednom na preporuci

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    This was super cute and memorable and family based I loved me some Florida and Dallas everyday tbh, I ve read it so many types it s not funny but for real, this is a super good read Despite it being middle grade, I could still read this and enjoy it.

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    I read this book in 6th grade and it is still my favorite book This book was full of suspense, adventure, and revealed an amazing message in th end

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    OK, I have to read all of Creech s books After reading Bloomability last year, and now Ruby Holler, and with Walk Two Moons, Pleasing the Ghost, Granny Torelli Makes Soup, Chasing Redbird and Love That Dog already under my belt, I m convinced she is one of the greats And kids like the books, too In Ruby Holler, she once again captures just the exact way children express insecurity and anxiety and leavens those feelings with needed understanding and caring love Florida and Dallas, orphaned twins who depend on, and complement each other, are nicely echoed by Tiller and Sairy, the old couple who give the twins a real home.

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    This book is hilarious and adorable and I loved every second of it I would totally recommend it to anyone who likes a fun and cute story to read It is also appropriate for all ages, so anyone can enjoy it

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    I think I would have loved this as a pre teen Easy read, and wonderful characters I loved the humor in it I loved what great examples Sairy and Tiller were A simple fun read with many great life lessons interweaved Definitely recommend it.

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    Recently I have been reading Newbery Medal and Honor book winners Some are good, some are bad Most are forgetful But I have realised that there are certain theme s that prevail in child lit Now I don t know if this is lack of theme s that both children enjoy and an adult would enjoy writing or if kids really do enjoy reading about runaways, but this is what this book is Just another runaway book The two protagonists are orphans who plan on running away bcause of previous hurtful experiences in homes, and their two care takers are sometimes codgy, but fun loving old folks who just don t know how to handle children any, especially troubled ones They brother and sister enjoy their time in Ruby Holler but assume that they re going to be shipped off, so they might as well leave before their welcome turns into a goodbye Skirting around the issues of previous abuse, Sharon Creech shows how children have often muddled, and very naive way of thinking, yeat are wise beyond their years Sharp, honest, and full of hope the children and adults alike find that they have found a home for all.

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    I m reading the books on my kids Battle of the Books list of books for next year s competition I want to be able to discuss all the books with them to help them prepare So, this is one on the intermediate team s list 4th 5th graders About a boy and a girl who are orphans and twins The author tells the sad story of their life at the orphanage and numerous foster home placements that didn t work out Then they go to stay with Tiller and Sairy in Ruby Holler and we learn about the adventures they have there A decent book Probably would ve given it 3 stars if the ending had been better It ended abruptly with several loose ends Well, the ends weren t too loose, you could figure out what was probably going to happen, but my 9 year old agreed that it basically left ya unfulfilled Also, the writing throughout the book was a bit choppy it didn t seem to flow very well Regardless, I enjoyed discussing the book with my 9 year old daughter.