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Shade is a young Silverwing bat the runt of his colony But he's determined to prove himself on the long dangerous winter migration to Hibernaculum millions of wingbeats to the south During a fierce storm he loses the others and soon faces the most incredible journey of his young life Desperately searching for a way to rejoin his flock Shade meets a remarkable cast of characters Marina a Brightwing bat with a strange metal band on her leg; Zephyr a mystical albino bat with a strange gift; and Goth a gigantic carnivorous vampire bat But which ones are friends and which ones are enemies? In this epic story of adventure and suspense Shade is going to need all the help he can find if he hopes to ever see his family againOne of Canada's best books for young readers was written by a pretty young writer himself Kenneth Oppel who had his first book published when he was 18 really hit his stride a dozen years later with Silverwing the first volume in a thrilling adventure trilogy set in the nocturnal world of bats that immediately captured the attention of middle readers and award juries alike

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    Not going to lie I read these books as a kid at the library and absolutely adored them In fact I’ve remembered the story fondly for years but completely forgot the title and author so I was never able to retrace this book Until I randomly stumbled upon it at the second hand bookstore And all the memories came flooding back inReread planned soon

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    I began reading this novel because my grandson in the fourth grade was reading it He was enthusiastic about this book and I wanted to show interest in his school work The areas of study are endless character studies friendship compare the various bat characters with people you might knowleads conversation into bullying deceitful people friends vs enemies creative writing and nature studies etc This is a beautifully written novel which gives descriptions and facts in an interesting manner The best result of reading this book is my grandson has asked for the next two books in the series Thanks Kenneth Oppel for creating a wonderful series of books Today's Parent writes Your child won't be able to resist a feisty young Silverwing bat and the fascinating dangerous adventures Ken Oppel has created for him 5 stars

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    Who writes a book about bats? Kenneth Oppel does And he does it extremely well The characters are all very realistic and I felt like I was watching real bats with the descriptions and actions One of my favorite things that still blows my mind about this book is that the author admits to using only 'black' 'white' and 'silver' as colors in the book I didn't even notice but now that I know it's very amazing to me Kudos to Kenneth Oppel and his great writing

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    Silverwing is just amazing I read it in just a day and that's no small feat for me It was just so capturing It was uite fast paced I found but I liked that for a changeIt was just un put down able The story line is very original which I loved and is about bats This is my very first bat fiction story that I've read and it had made me have a taste for bat storiesThis is a flawless and exciting story I found myself cheering and wishing Goth and Throbb would just hurry up and die and everyone should read itI am aware that it says I started it on the 30th August but I didn't actually start reading it until Saturday the 8th

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    275I saw this book recommended in a group recently and it sounded like it could be fun The fact that it fits an October month challenge along with the fact that my local library actually had it in the shelves pushed it up the line a bitIt was a cute adventure story about a runt silverwing bat who is smart and curious and uestions things when most of his colony goes along with the status uo out of justified fear His biggest adventure happens when during a storm he gets separated from his colony and has to find his way homeAs with many stories he makes friends and foes along the way and has to deal with various obstacles in his path There's also an element of some bats being tagged with bands by humans and released and a sort of cult that grows up around it This aspect made me think a bit of the Secret of NIMHI thought the author did a good job of anthropomorphilizing the bats enough to make them relatable but still bat enough to not come across as too cartoony Shade was a believable character complete with strengths and flaws and pretty easy to root for and Goth was pretty decent for a villain at least for a kid's book My major complaint about him is that he seemed to have a villainous version of Invincible Hero Also I kind of found the one cult group of bats frightening than the actual villainsThe ending was sweet but it's definitely a set up for a series Lots of threads left dangling to be continued on I'm not really decided if I'll continue though I enjoyed it well enough but it's not one that'll stay with me in the long term I don't think I couldn't really tell you why it just didn't shrugs

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    Being a fan of bats I was very pleased to find this new trilogy with bats as the main characters The hero's uest to find his colony as well as unraveling layers of legend and mystery surrounding an ancient prophecy was fun I especially liked the aerial action scenes and the description of echolocation

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    A message from my 10 year old self This is an excellant book It is all about the journey of a young bat and what he encounters I learned uite alot not like it's true or anything but it might and I didn't get bored I read it in approximately a day Bullies friends myths and lots fun stuff is jammed into this great novel Congrats Oppel

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    Charming animal fantasy for children readable for adults

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    I really like this book because it's full of adventures I was really impressed by the author as that he basically wrote a nonfiction book about bats into a fictional story Besides from that he descriptions are very specific If you have read the book you'll notice that he didn't use any colors to describe except for black and white I recommend this book to people who enjoy adventure stories

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    This is my favorite book EVER Kenneth Oppel is an amazing author and this fantasy is nothing short of AMAZING Although the characters and emotions are so realistic I can hardly believe it is a fantasy Bats are my favorite animals so you could see why I loved the characters But the characters' personalities and emotions will catch anyone's interest even a person who doesn't like bats A mixture of adventure friendship and thrill this novel left me hungry for so I went on to read the other two in the trilogy Sunwing and Firewing and I'm surely going to read Darkwing I highly recommend this book and if you read it and like it continue on and read the other books I'll always have a spot for them on my bookshelf